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The Walking Dead Season 3

The Walking Dead on AMC has become a worldwide hit and fans are anxiously waiting for what lies ahead. The show started off as a comic book series and is currently in its third season. The series is focused on a group of people that are trying to survive after the downfall of mankind. There are now “walkers” or zombies everywhere and the group needs to find a way to simply find a way to keep living. The season is very addictive and here are some reasons why the show continues to get more fans.

Different From Other Zombie Movies

Unlike the typical zombie movie, the audience is not able to really “feel” for the characters because the movies are only about 2 hours long. However, the Walking Dead has gone through numerous shows and people are able to really follow their favorite characters. Most zombie movies will not be able to develop their characters enough for the audience to feel anything when the character dies. This is why the show is so addictive because you simply want to see your favorite characters survive.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (Photo credit: andres musta)

Very Film Like

The TV show also has amazing cinematography and so you will feel like you are watching one long movie. The TV show will continue to grow and the effects will be just as good. The nice thing about the show is that they obviously put a lot of effort into the script, the effects, and the overall quality that the show gives. AMC has done a great job of simply putting something on TV that deserves to be in the theaters. The show is very well-done and it is among the best shows in recent years on TV.

The Acting Is Superb

The show is directed well and the script is amazing, but it’s the acting that really brings it over the top. The actors were chosen perfectly and it seems like they really learned how to play their characters from the get go. The characters continue to go through different emotions and they are perfectly acted on a daily basis. It is a big surprise for most people who weren’t expecting much from the show since it is mainly on TV, but the producers, directors, and the show’s writers have been able to really prove every critic wrong.

Overall, the show is very addictive and it can be a big hit if people continue to watch. People are now able to watch their favorite characters go through life with very little resources. The nice thing about the show is that it seems too “real” to be on TV as the acting, writing, and directing all work together to give the audience an emotional ride that will last all throughout the Fall. The next season will start in October of 2012 and fans simply can’t wait anymore. The trailers are showing that they will be in the prison portion of the story and so it is getting very exciting for The Walking Dead fans from all over the world.

Guide to the New Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was officially launched at 10am PT, 1pm ET on 12th of September. The new iPhone 5 has come out with a larger screen with 4G connection and providing a tweaked design. This update was developed as a thinner smart phone which is at 0.3 inches (7.6mm). iPhone 5 is totally built of glass and aluminum. It is considered that the new iPhone 5 is unlike anything that has been made before. It also has a new deck connector port, high megapixel camera and with LTE support.

Review on iPhone 5:

With fantastic design, shape and size, Apple’s newest iPhone has already won most of the fan base’s favor. With the screen giving more fantastic effect and iOS6 gave the wealth to the new features. Price of 16GB iPhone 5 may be $199 whereas a 32GB iPhone 5 will cost you $299. A 64GB iPhone 5 is also available for those who like to have more storage space and more activity. This would cost you around $399.

iphone 5 black bezel

iphone 5 black bezel (Photo credit:

Specifications of iPhone 5:

It has a bigger screen for visualization than the earlier versions and it gave a pretty look with the latest features and designs on the iPhone 5. iPhone 5 touch has come out in multiple colors and features that attract many users. Upon all the above iPhone 5 gives support to LTE, DC-HSDPA as well as HSPA+ for networking capability of DPRS, EDGE, HSPA and EVDO. admiring glances

The camera fixed in iPhone 5 comes with 8- megapixel that has a lens cover. To have wider shots, Panorama feature is also included in camera app of iPhone 5.

A new A6 processor powers the new iPhone 5 which includes image signal processing for high quality images and photographs.

iPhone 5 also uses in-cell technology that takes away the touch- sensation layer directly under the glass rather than into a liquid crystal display. It is heard in the world news that the new iPhone 5 will have nano Sim card. This nano SIM card is designed about 40 percent smaller than the previous iPhone versions.
When the shipping process starts, iPhone 5 will run on iOS6. This is considered as the next version of Apple mobile OS. iOS6 is a free update that is available to iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS as well as in third and fourth-generation iPods. However, till now Apple didn’t come with iOS6 in the mobile stores.
CMDA or GSM for iPhone 5 in U.S

Shipping on any of the two CMDA or GSM the price will not affect on the new handsets. Depending on the data required the price of iPhone 5 will range from $199 to $399. Generally, for countries like UK and Germany the new iPhone 5 is available only in single GSM model. The price of the iPhone will vary from country to country as the shipping and other taxes varies.

How to Create Viral Ads

The goal of all advertising campaigns should always be to gain as much exposure to your products and services as possible. On top of that, it’s important to direct your marketing efforts towards your most targeted audiences to ensure maximum interest in what you have to offer.

That being said, there is another side to advertising that has lately become even more popular than in past times. There has always been the benefit of word-of-mouth advertising which spreads like wildfire through-out the communities. In order, for “viral marketing” to be effective there has to be some object of interest that promotes discussion amongst peers.

Funny ad of the day

Funny ad of the day (Photo credit: Gene Hunt)

The most obvious tactic in the advertising world has always been Comedy. If you use humor to get people’s attention you can slip a suggestion about what whatever offer you are promoting. This is wonderful for getting your Brand recognized and will also get shared via social networks.

The idea with viral ads is give your loyal customers a reasonable motive to promote your business for you. The absolute BEST WAY to make this happen is to provide Outstanding Service at Low Prices. That is without-a-doubt a guaranteed way to get long-term customers to your business and promote discussion of your services.

The next step is to create an amazing deal for a limited time either via coupons or posting Deals on your Twitter and Facebook page. People will start visiting your website and stores wanting to buy whatever you are offering at such a great deal. While they are in your store you can hand out fliers and other promotional items like pens, magnets, etc. to plant even more seeds that could be seen by other potential customers.

Customers are Ignoring You

Customers are Ignoring You (Photo credit: ronploof)

Give away something free to sign-up for your business’ Newsletter and reward your subscribers with tips, freebies and important news first about new features your company is offering. As long as you remember to keep your customers engaged and up-to-date with the latest in your niche then you are good to go!

Don’t ever stop coming up with new and creative ways to advertise your business, and continue to research better ways to operate. Over time, your advertising efforts will multiply into loyal customers who are happy to refer new clients to you because you help them out so much.

You can Create a Free Ad on and receive millions of REAL visitors to your website by only referring a few people to this free service. This is an excellent way to start generating viral traffic to your websites right away that can multiply day and night.