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Avoiding Injury on an Industrial Worksite

Anything can happen on a construction site. Accidents are unavoidable to a certain extent, but the regularity at which point these accidents happen can vary greatly depending on the rules and regulations that are put in place.

In order to avoid these potential accidents, which can be life-threatening, it is important to make sure that everyone on the worksite is educated in the potential risks that can occur at any given point.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that can lead to injury:


Construction sites will have to deal with heights regularly, and as a result construction workers must be educated in how to prevent them. According to OSHA, any platform over six feet high must be protected by either guardrails or wires. Furthermore, ladders must be able to support four times the weight that they are supposed to hold in order to insure the ladder does not collapse under a given weight.

Heavy machinery injuries

Heavy machinery is an inevitable part of a construction site, so it is no wonder they regularly lead to injury. This most commonly happens when people operating the machinery or those around the machinery are not properly educated in how the machine actually works. Precautions should be made to insure that accidents never occur, such as keeping a safe distance from the machine and never operating for a prolonged period of time.

Exposed wires

Exposed wires are inexcusable on a worksite, but the happen regularly. These can lead to serious problems, such as burns, power outages or even electrocution. In order to avoid these problems, it is important to cover wires whenever possible. For instance, if you have exposed wires laying around on the ground, especially where cars and heavy machinery are crossing, makes sure to a hose ramp or road crossing ramps to ensure nothing breaks.

Accidents happen, but they can happen less with a few precautions in place. The more cautious you are the less likely someone will get hurt, which can increase efficiency and decrease the likelihood of a lawsuit.

The Dangers of an Unprotected Hose Road Crossing

On a construction site or other industrial work area, the amount of hazards can be a bit harrowing to consider. But often, people are looking around and up at these dangers, when hey don’t realize that the scariest things may be below their feet.

Unprotected utility lines, which are typically temporarily placed alongside vehicles and employees, can be extremely hazardous. It doesn’t matter if they’re being used as communication cables, water hoses, electrical wires, or other process hoses containing oil and chemicals – all can bring an entire site to its knees, if they’re misused. Think about the lack of productivity when an employee takes a 10 minute break. Now imagine your entire workforce falling under Stop Work Authority following an injury on the site. It’s always worth being cautious at first, for a more productive workforce in the long run.

So what kind of roadway hose protector should you use? You most likely have a couple different options, so an important one to consider is how maneuverable it is. You don’t want to choose scaffolding boards which require multiple employees and a manager to just lay down, and remove. In addition, these unstable boards typically have difficulties performing admirably in long-term situations, especially when compared to a much better solution, such as Brahman Systems’ hose road crossing ramps.

The important thing to keep in mind in this and any situation is that ensuring your employees safety on a work site absolutely has to be 100% your top priority. You should enforce that every worker follows rules, and understands regulations. If there seems to be some confusion out there, go back to start training all over again. Education might seem boring, and time consuming, but compared to either a lawsuit or time lost after an inspection failed or an injury, the costs of training are really nothing.

Stay safe out there!

Performing a Crude Oil Tank Cleaning Efficiently and Safely

Anyone who has worked in the oil & gas industry for more than a couple of months, understands the importance of safety on the work site. Typically, what’s tied in with safety is a slightly overlooked factor: cleanliness.

The key here is: a messy work site, usually indicates a lack of care and workmanship on the job. Even more so, a messy work site can cause hazards to appear, when tools are put in unexpected places, or liquids drip through ceilings from floors above.

Those who deal with crude oil storage tanks in particular must deal with a special kind of challenge. Let’s face it: crude oil is absolutely known for leading to the development of sludge on the floor of its storage tanks. Leave that sludge alone for a while, and it’ll harden, preventing it from being removed by traditional pumping methods. Instead, a new piece of tank cleaning equipment had to be invented.

One of the companies that came up with such a solution – Waterline Tank Technologies, LLC – designed the patent pending submerged jet mixer. This item is a tank cleaning mixer, which has been specially designed to help refluidize what may otherwise be found on tank bottoms.

A solution like this represents what is great about traditional invention. It solves a problem that many in the past had to deal with: leaving the tank “offline” for a while in order to safety handle inspections, entry and exit. What’s amazing is that it works by directing a plume of the crude oil, which could come from an external supply or the tank itself, on top of the layer of sludge covering this bottom.  This way, the only thing you need is a feed pump.

For organizations that deal with crude oil tank cleaning, and their employees, you have to be thankful for the opportunity to finally be working in a safer environment.


Graphic Design Brisbane has so many different graphic design options that you can choose from for your website; the variations are almost endless. One of the first options that you have to choose from is choosing your graphic design work to be done at a fix priced hourly rate.

The company was founded by two different people who grew up in different countries in the world. They both had a simple goal and idea for developing a graphic design business. Logo design Brisbane has been around for about 7 years and has become the center of attention to many people who are interested in the fascination of it. Although it is 7 years later the company is still considered to be a small business web design. Many of the clients who come to Brisbane reside in Australia. Melbourne and Sydney is where many of them live.

Even though the studio is small Brisbane is quite content with that. The reason being is so that service is more personalized and people aren’t being treated like a number. Clients will be able to work face to face with the teams that are working with them on their logos and their graphic design. This will ensure that close attention and quality comes first when the work is being done.

Hourly rates are not charged to customers, which seems to make things easier, because prices are charged by the job that is being executed.


Master Hypnosis Training

Steve Roehm is the master behind this hypnotherapy training technique. He has a very humorous way of approaching those that want to receive the proper training for their benefits.

Steve Roehm has been working with others and training them for about a decade. He helps those who want to learn train for some of the finest techniques in the various different types of hypnosis.

By attending sessions at this institute you will be able to advance and raise your potential to have the best hypnosis learning experience ever. The attention for hypnosis is about 100% natural so that the mind can be clear and easily focused upon. There a plenty of exploring possibilities that you can take advantage of whenever you use hypnosis. For instance, conversational hypnosis is one of the most interesting types of hypnosis there is.

How Do You Break Down A Pool Table Into Its Parts?

One of the most delicate things to move around from one place to another is the pool table. The pool table is such a large thing to move around and is sensitive enough to be damaged immediately. Some delicate and careful attention should be done in order to assure that the table will not be damaged along the process of moving it from one place to another.

You got to break down a pool table into its parts and the process of breaking it down to its parts may take hours. A total of four to five people have to do the trick to complete the entire process. Usually, you can engage the service of some of your friends to do this if you want to avoid paying more than $500 to move the table.

  1. First, slowly and carefully remove the bumpers. Your team should remove the bumpers situated from all sides of the pool table. The bumpers are quite easy to remove. Your team will not have much problem with it. Yet, once you were able to remove it, a slate will come to sight, which later on will be discussed.
  2. Then, start moving the felt. The felt is usually either glued or stapled to the table. You should gently remove the felt and avoid ripping the felt which are located adjacent to the pocket area. You should remove the felt slowly by going either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  3. Next, you got to pick up the slate. After removing the felt, you can remove the slate. You can use a drill to remove the slate tables. Then you can use a screwdriver if your pool table has screws which are covered by beeswax. Don’t rush in removing the screws so that you will not damage the anything.
  4. The pool table may have two to three pieces of 3/4 to 1 inch thick slate. Please don’t force to lift it up on your own. They are fragile, yet also heavy. Moreover, when you transport it, you should use a crate or you should transport it flat and put some cushions or padding to protect it.
  5. Afterwards, you can disassemble the legs of the pool table. You can flip over the pool table and then take off the legs from the frame before you carry it inside the truck. You can also then remove the pockets while the pool table is flipped upside down.
  6. Lastly, before you load the pool table into the van or a truck, you should make sure that each section of the pool table is carefully wrapped and cushioned. Make sure that the table is already flipped upside down. Then make sure that you have secured all the items inside the truck. You can place the item on top of the pool tables for easy access and protection.

You may be thinking that the process may be quite taxing to you and requires a lot of effort from your friends. You got an alternative. You can either pay for professionals who can professionally break down the pool table and transport it to the place of destination safely and securely. You can do this by paying around $500 or more. By doing this, you can be sure that the process is professionally done and you are spared of the stressful process of breaking the pool table down by yourself.



Jason Mirth retired from Construction to go on to write for several home improvement companies like Popular Mechanics and Canadian Pool Table Moving Company. His extensive experience and knowledge of home repair and waterproofing has made it possible for him to bring his love of construction to others through his blog at

Injury Law Central

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Park Auto Mall

If you are searching for Tampa used cars then you might be interested in checking out the Park Auto Mall. The actual web address is Looking for used cars is very simple when you browse this page, because you can find the right type of vehicle that suits you. On the page you will find everything from Trucks, SUV’s, and sedans for an affordable price.

The first thing that would be required of you is a bit of information for a credit approval. It is easy to do, all you need to do is apply online; follow the simple directions given to you so that you  can be notified about whether you’re approved or not. If you are looking for a truck you might be interested in a Ford F 150. These are pretty common and great trucks that last for years; even the used ones drive like new.

The Park Auto Mall is the largest used car lot in Tampa Bay. You really won’t have a need to look anywhere else in Florida when it comes to buying a used car.

If you want to get better information about what the site has to offer you can visit the blog page at to have a visual of some of the vehicles that this Tampa lot has to offer.

Safety Sign

Safety signsare something that are very important to have out in public to give people directions on where to go, what to do, and what not to do. When you have a business of some sort or a road is being built, it is important to take responsibility and buy the safety signs needed to keep people safe.

At the safety signs website you will be able to find plenty of signs, most of the signs are those that you are familiar with. These signs are generally in stock and ready to be shipped out. You can even design custom safety sign of your own if the site does not have what you need or you can browse the site for the various safety signs website that are available.

There are plenty of sign categories to look through and you will notice how nicely they are organized on the front of the home page to help you easily find the signs that you are looking for.

Some of the categories on the site that you will find include:

  • Traffic Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Security/Property signs
  • Fire/emergency signs
  • Safety labels/tags

There are plenty to look through and the prices of the signs are reasonable too.