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5 Awesome Tips for Buying a Condo

It’s 2014 and the American Dream has undergone a massive face-lift. It’s no longer just about picket fences, 2-car garages, and mowing the lawn on Sunday. More and more people are finding that condo life is much more suited to their fast-paced lifestyle, and to Baby Boomers who want to enjoy retirement and let go of time consuming lawn care and home maintenance, a condo is a great alternative to a single family home.

But shopping for a condo can be quite a bit different than looking for a traditional single family detached home, and Scott Forman of Royal Palms Realty has put together a simple 5-step guide to help you find the perfect condominium!

1. When you assume, you make an…well, you know how the saying goes.

Opting for a condo versus a detached home is not a decision to be made lightly. Prior to setting up a meeting with a lender, make sure to sit down with a list of the pros and cons of condo living to make 100% sure that it’s right for you. After all, purchasing real estate is a major decision and reversing the process can cost you an arm and a leg.

In a condo you won’t be directly responsible for exterior repairs or maintenance, but you will be expected to pitch in a monthly Homeowners Association (HOA) fee or maintenance fee. A big plus for a lot of urbanites and second home owners like we get in Key West, Forman [link] says, is the promise of never having to do yard work! But then again, you’ll also have very little control over landscaping and other aesthetics related to your building.

Mills Place

Not all condos are ‘building block” apartment buildings. The Mills Place condos in Key West’s Truman Annex were carved out of historic US Naval Officers Quarters. Royal Palm Realty recently sold a 3-bedroom townhouse in this condo development.


It’s important to remember that living in a condo means living in a community. While having neighbors that are similarly vested into the property brings an increased level of safety, community bonding, and responsibility, this set-up also means that you’ll have less privacy and need to adhere to a set of rules established by your HOA. But shared space also means access to great amenities. Condos in Key West often have a community pool, a BBQ area. It’s not unusual to find a gym in a condo, either.

2. Landing an FHA loan can sometimes be a little tricky.

It’s important to know up front that not all condos qualify for government backed loans. Not only does the building need to be on the list of approved condos, but at least 80% of the units must be owner-occupied. This is an important factor for second home owners who hope to gain a little help for the mortgage from offering their home as a vacation rental.

If the condo of your dreams is located in an area where there are a high number of real estate speculators and investors, it could be that you won’t qualify for an FHA loan. This doesn’t make purchasing the unit impossible, but it could mean a higher interest rate.

3. Check the building culture – and “government” — before diving in head first!

A great way to find out what your new neighbors might be like is to request to see a copy of the minutes from the most recent condo association meeting. Reading through a typical meeting can provide insight into any trouble-making or nosy owners, but more importantly you can get an idea of how the condo leadership operates. Every condo association will have its fair share of issues, and politics, but how the president responds and solves these problems is the bread and butter of what keeps a building running smoothly.

Similarly, ask directly who takes care of the building. In most cases the HOA will hire an outside company to do the maintenance, but sometimes tenants are expected to pitch in to try and keep costs down. It would be quite the rude awakening to find out that your Saturday morning sleep-in has been traded in for raking leaves.

The important thing is to consider not only the physical unit that you will be purchasing, but also the culture of the building. Neighbors will always be neighbors, but finding a place where you more or less fit in can make condo life a lot more pleasant.

4. Purchase the best condo that you can afford.

This is one area where condo buying differs from home buying. When purchasing a home it’s not always the smartest idea to stretch your buying budget to get the biggest house, but with a condo going cheap can bring huge disadvantages down the line.

Studio and one-bedroom condos are much harder to sell, as are units with no view, or even worse, a view of the dumpsters!

You really are better off buying the best unit in a slightly less fancy building than going for the runt of the litter in a more upscale development.

Plus, don’t pigeon-hole yourself into looking for one style of building. Be open to low-rise, high-rise, townhomes, and buildings with a variety of different amenities. For example, don’t get hung up on needing a swimming pool. Most residents hardly ever use this stuff, anyway!

5. A parking space is key, even if you are car-less.

Remember that even if you don’t have a car, a future buyer of your condo down the line might. You can always rent out the space to someone else to offset the costs, but unless you live in the heart of a truly metropolitan city where most residents use public transportation, not having a parking spot will make your unit a lot harder to sell should the time come that you need to.

Happy Condo Hunting!

5 Surefire Tips to Hire an Awesome Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home and want to hire an awesome agent? Of course you do! Some people get lucky and are recommended a stellar agent by a family member or friend, but if you’re stuck braving the search on your own, use these 5 surefire tips to help you determine if an agent is right for you:

1. Don’t be put off by a “salesperson” attitude and an office full of tacky awards.

Real estate agents often have the tendency to talk, and talk a lot. If you’re more of an introvert this unconcealed gregariousness can rub you the wrong way. Remember that a real estate agent needs to do two things in order to be successful. First, find clients. Second, sell houses. You aren’t looking for a new best friend, but for an experienced professional who can sell your house or help you get a great deal.

So, that fast talker who gave you his card in the check-out line and drives a cheesy German sports car? Don’t throw his details away until you’ve had a chance to dive deeper into his credentials. After all, you don’t win “Realtor of the Year” and drive an $80,000 car if you aren’t doing something right.

2. Personal references are the first line of defense.

Before you work with any agent, ask for the contact details for their previous three clients and call up each of these references. While clients won’t necessarily be able to provide answers about licensing and/or credentials, they’ll be able to give you a simple “yea” or “nay” and provide some insight with regards to what this agent is like to work with.

What you’re looking for is the right balance of personality and know-how. Don’t hire the friendliest agent who’s always on your side but never closes deals, and don’t hire the agency’s top seller that nobody can stand being in the car with.

3. You’ve got a computer, use it.

Prior to signing with an agent, always check their brokerage’s website to see what other types of properties they have listed. While it isn’t a deal breaker, an agent who is listing properties very similar to yours is far more likely to be a good fit for you.

If the price range, location, and property type of the agent’s other property listings are wildly different than your home, perhaps another agent who is more familiar with your neighborhood would be better. Have a close look at the functionality of the site, too. Does it have a search tool, such as the one on the Key Colony Beach Realty site (below) to make it easy for buyer’s to find what they want?

Key Colony Beach Realty website screenshot

4. Licensing and credentials…check ‘em.

Check with your state’s regulatory board to ensure that the agent is licenses to sell real estate where you live. Often time this can be done via online databases.

Also, here’s the low down on what all those extra letters stand for on your agent’s business card:

CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): In order to earn this distinction the agent will have completed supplementary training in handling residential real estate.

ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative): Additional coursework geared towards representing buyers is required for this accreditation.

SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist): Finished training designed to assist buyers and sellers over 50.

Plus, look to see if they spell Realtor with a capital “R”. This means that they are a member of the National Association of Realtors. About half of all agents belong, and in theory members of the association are more likely to follow the Realtor’s code of ethics.

5. Five years or more.

Ideally you’ll want to hire an agent who has been working in the industry for a minimum of five years. Of course there’s some wiggle room on this one, but there’s no question that giving a newer agent the shot to sell your house classifies more as “a nice thing to do” rather than “a smart business decision.”


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8 Tips for Finding a Cheap Flight to Key West – or Anywhere – for Your Next Fishing Trip

What could be better than a fishing trip to beautiful Key West? A fishing trip to Key West that starts with an inexpensive flight, that’s what!

Thirteen airlines run services to Key West International Airport with Delta and American being two of the busiest transporters. There are always deals to be had, especially if you are flexible with your itinerary.

  1. Search engines are great, but never rely on just your favorite.
    What’s the most common way people look for flights? They look on what they perceive to be independent flight search engines. Over time I came to notice that my favorite search engine started favoring certain airlines.It turns out that quite a few of these seemingly independent websites are now owned by major airlines. If this is the way you look for cheap flights, always check a few different search engines. Try if you’ve never used it before, says Bill Hollingdger, an angler who frequently fishes with the captains from Charter Boat Row.

    panorama of fishing fleet

    Historic Charter Boat Row on Key West’s Garrison Bight offers more than 30 charters and captains and everything from party boats and deep sea charters to light tackle charters.

  2. Don’t tie yourself down to one airport. Often you’ll find you can get a cheap bus ticket to fly out of a different airport and save a considerable sum on your airfare. Smaller, no frills airlines often operate out of smaller airports and not the big one you’re used to using. Try flying into Miami or Key West and renting a car. The drive down the Overseas Highway is picturesque and there are countless great places to stop and taste the local seafood before you catch your own!
  3. Avoid the most popular flight times. Try not to fly when everyone else is hoping to start their Key West holiday too, namely Friday after work. The best time of the week to fly is midweek. This is great for fishing as you won’t have as many weekend fishermen in the water to compete with. Midweek boat hire may even be less expensive and getting a seat on a party boat will be easy.
  4. The early bird gets the worm. No one wants to start their vacation with a super early morning or a red-eye flight. That’s exactly why you should. These early morning/late night flights are usually a great way to save money.
  5. Consider a budget airline. There are plenty of no frills airlines opening up that offer great prices but no food or drinks. When priority is getting there cheaply and you don’t have a long flight ahead of you, you may want to give them some serious thought. After all, eating lots of carbs and drinking alcohol seated in a chair 35,000 feet in the air is not that great for your body. Going no frills is actually good for you.

    Runway approach for landing at Key West

    Runway approach for landing at Key West Airport (EYW).

  6. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Don’t discard looking directly at an airline’s website in favor of outside search engines. Often airlines offer discounted flights that won’t be advertised in other places. Expedia, Orbitz, and Hotwire all want to make you think they’ve got the hottest fare in town (and sometimes they do), but double-check every flight with the airline’s main page.
  7. Apply for a frequent flier card. It’s easy and membership is often free. Most airlines are in air point alliances which means your membership card is valid for a few different airlines. Along the same lines, some credit card companies offer free points if you sign up for a new card and make a pre-set number of purchases. Often these free points are enough for a free or heavily discounted domestic flight.
  8. Check alternative flight paths. Sometimes the cheapest way from A to B is not necessarily a straight line. If you are a little more flexible with time, you may want to look at flight paths to Key West via other major centers. For one thing, a Key West airport shuttle runs to both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, so there are two easy alternatives off the bat.

In short, whatever the most desirable flight is will also be the most expensive option. If you are flexible and not fussy about who you fly with, there’s no reason your fishing trip to Key West can’t start out with an inexpensive flight.


Simple Tips for Starting a Fishing Blog People Actually Want to Read

It seems like everybody and their mother these days has outlandish aspirations of becoming a professional blogger. I mean, wouldn’t that be the life? Sitting around in your underwear all day…writing about your lifelong passion…cashing the checks as they roll through the door!

Well, take a deep breath and don’t ring up your boss to voice exactly what you think of her just yet. This article’s not about making money with your fishing blog, it’s about making your fishing blog kick butt.

We’ll look briefly at monetization, but really the goal here is to help you start a fishing blog that people actually want to read. Let’s face it, most of the fishing blogs out there are downright boring, even for certifiable fish-a-holics!

I’m going to get right to the point here.

Call me crazy, but the number one mistake that fishing bloggers make is that they only write about fishing. “Huh?” you say. “It’s a fishing blog. Shouldn’t it be about fishing?” Yeah, mostly. But no more than 80% of your posts should be bona fide fishing articles.

The other 20%? Stuff that fishermen (and fisherwomen) are interested in.

You’re a fisherman, so you ought to have a pretty good idea of what other people just like you are keen to read about. Sports, technology, cars, hunting, travel…the list goes on and on. Add in there your favorite barbecued salmon recipe or hotel recommendations for Key West, Florida, the Mecca of deep sea charter fishing.

Fishing blogs that are nothing more than fishing report after fishing report ad infinitum can boring. Try to make your blog something that any angler would want to read, whether they’ll be fishing in your neck of the woods or not. Remember, readers will eventually tire of fly tying instructions and fish porn. Mix it up a bit.

Don’t be afraid to let it all hang out.

Too many fishing blogs are written in the same monotone droll as a 70’s newscaster. You’ve got a personality. Use it!

You’re not Jerry Seinfeld, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to write with a bit of a sense of humor. Regardless of the subject matter, every blog post should meet the following three criteria. It needs to be informative, easy to read, and entertaining.

captain's favorite post titles

The blog’s “fish hooks” are the captain’s favorite posts.

For a great example of a fishing blog that has personality and covers more than just fishing in Key West, read Captain Craig Eubank’s blog on (above). Captain Craig writes about hot topics, such as Cuban Immigration, and local Key West subjects. He even weaves the tale of the day his boat burned to the waterline. A harrowing tale.

Don’t write for your buddies, but do have your buddies write for you!

When you first launch your fishing blog, 99% of your followers are going to be people that you know. A.K.A.: your buddies. This is OK. You’ve got to start somewhere.

But resist the urge to consistently crack inside jokes that no one outside your inner circle will understand. If you want to expand your readership you’ll need to write for a broader audience. Write for strangers, not for your best mates.

It’s also easy to quickly pigeon-hole yourself into just writing about a handful of topics. After all, you’re not a millionaire and so naturally you’ll be fishing the same spots week in and week out. To help branch out your topic base, ask some friends with a different expertise write a few guest posts for you. Even if they’re awful writers you can clean up their prose and just stick with the meat. Same goes for your readers. Suggest that your followers submit articles for publication. Hey, free content!

Grammar and format matter. They really do.

In all likelihood you won’t be spinning this blogging gig into the publishing of the Great American Novel or ever win the Pulitzer Prize, but that doesn’t mean you can just post willy-nilly like you’re firing off an email.

Every single post needs to be properly edited prior to uploading. And it’s not just about making sure your 7th grade English teacher would approve of your spelling and syntax. Yes, that’s important, but also do a couple re-reads in general to look for opportunities to make your writing even better.

If you make money, great…but don’t plan on it.

I said that we’d talk briefly about making a few bucks on the side with your blog, so here goes. The short story is this: forget about it. If you’re starting your blog with delusions of grandeur, don’t do it. But if you love to write about fishing and don’t care if you make a dime, here are a few tips to cash in a wee bit once you’ve built a solid readership.

Ads and affiliate marketing – these are the old cash cows. With ads you get paid a few cents any time a visitor to your site clicks on an ad. Affiliate marketing works a little differently. You get a bigger cut of the pie, but only if the visitor goes on to actually purchase one of your advertiser’s products. Either way, you’ll need quite a bit of traffic running through your page to actually make real money with ads or affiliate marketing.

Selling information – If you’re such a guru that your insight will actually help people catch more fish, then you might be able to charge a few bucks for your fishing reports or a How To style e-book. But for this to work out, you’d better write an e-book that’s worth paying for.

Funneling – Just as advertisers pay you to drive traffic from your page to theirs, you can funnel your own visitors to a separate page where you can sell other products. Again, this only works if what you’ve got to sell offers real value.

Oh, and one more thing. The selling side of a blog doesn’t happen by magic. If you want to make money off your blog, expect to spend just as much time as you do writing doing marketing and “business” stuff.

But like I said, if the reason you’re thinking about starting your own fishing blog is early retirement, you’ll get rich quicker by cutting back on Starbucks!



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