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Amazing Art Galleries

If you want to check out some incredible art galleries then you might want to look into the artwork of Ismael Cavazos. Ismael is an artist that comes from Austin Texas. He looks at everything in a different way and his talent really shows in the two art galleries “Peanut Carvings” and “Scribbles & Drips”.
The “Peanut Carvings” is exactly what it sounds like. He takes peanuts and turns them into amazing carvings and creates stunning artwork with them. “Scribbles & Drips” is very fun and also a unique line of artwork. You’ll be able to really see the pareidolia resemblances in all of his artwork.
If you’re looking for some new artwork to put up in your home or office, then you will for sure want to check his work out. His work would even make a great gift to someone. Enjoy looking at things in a different way with his artwork.