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Take The Shuttle Bus

If you’re visiting Prague and leaving from Cesky Krumlov then you might want to look into taking the private shuttle bus. The reason why a shuttle bus transfer might work out the best for you is because you is because you won’t have to travel across town with your luggage or worry about how you’ll get from different points.
The Shuttle bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague is also very much affordable. It doesn’t matter if you’re going alone or with friends. If you’re going with a small group you might even want to look into the shared shuttle Cesky Krumlov to Prague and see what discounts you might can get as a group.
Being able to take the private shuttle from Cesky Krumlov to Prague is a wonderful experience. It can really reduce the amount of stress on your trip. Enjoy your trip without worrying about the pick up points.

How Bulk SMS Marketing helps to Grow Business by Retaining Old Customers

These days it can be hard to grow your business. You tend to have a lot of competition from the web and other sources. One of the best ways to help with ensuring that your business will grow is to retain your old customers.
SMS Marketing focuses on doing just that and keeping your old customers happy. You can easily send bulk sms text marketing messages to your contacts, stay in touch with them with using the email you prefer and much more with the right kind of mobile software.
Growing your business is much easier when your old customers come back because they will then go and tell other people how happy they are with your business. All it takes is proper communication and knowing you’re there to answer any questions whenever they have them.
Store up those email addresses easily, stay in touch and watch your company grow. These are just a few of the options that comes with SMS marketing.