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Baccarat History

Baccarat is a very entertaining casino game which is played with cards and has certain similarities with other card games such as blackjack and pontoon. This game is played by one player who tries to beat the dealer by scoring the highest possible hand, which is 9, in the game. One unique feature in baccarat are the face cards Jacks, Queens and Kings that are valued as nothing as well as the tens which also do not have any card value. Baccarat has been played for so many years and it is very popular in both online and land based casinos because it is easy to play and luck has a big role in it.

History of the Name
Baccarat was first played around the 15th century in France and Italy. This name was used because baccarat in both French and Italian means zero (nothing). Those who know the rules are aware that tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings do not have any value when counting the total hand points; hence why the game was called zero. However, there are several variants of baccarat that were invented throughout the years. The most popular baccarat variant is punto banco, also known as American baccarat.

Baccarat Rules and Variations
Baccarat has very simple rules. Both the player and the dealer get two cards and then according to their hand they can draw another card or stand. The one to be closer to 9 is considered to be the winner, whereas there can be also a tie if the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand have the same value. However, certain variants have different rules. For example, the most commonly played baccarat game today, called punto banco, does not give players a choice; every hand is played by predetermined playing rules in accordance with the hand’s total value.

Evolution of Baccarat
Similarly to all other popular games, baccarat had to evolve. Not only people invented various variants which are all very similar and yet different, but also the game started being offered at online casinos. Online baccarat is extremely popular and played by millions of people all around the world. The latest improvements made it possible for this game to be played with live dealers hosting the games instead of computer systems. So, while an online casino would require beating the system in order to win, players at NetBet Live Casino blackjack tables get a more realistic experience facing their dealer.
The whole purpose of offering live dealer games is to introduce an element of land-based gaming paired with online casinos’ benefit of accessibility. Still, this requires some investment on the part of the operator, as live dealers need to be fully equipped and situated in actual locations. All kinds of digital cameras, broadcasting devices and additional tools are needed to make live dealer games come together, which is why they are considered indicators of an operator’s reliability and dedication to its players.