Simple Dog Training Tricks

Proper training is very essential if you would like to have a well-behaved dog. It really helps avert behavior problems like jumping and digging. Also, it boosts confidence in both you and your dog. Listed below are a few basic dog training tips that could help you train your lovely pet.

Potty training

As soon as you bring your cute German shepherd puppy to home, the very first thing you need to do is to potty train him. Take him outside the house to a particular location for him to potty every single morning, after meal, and prior to going to bed. He may not stick to the routine for a short while but with regularity, you possibly can make him learn.

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BEIJING, CHINA – JULY 11: A police dog walks with two legs (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Crate training

The next important step is crate training your puppy. You can start crate training when your puppy is about 3 months old. It is also essential for him to handle separation anxiety. In the beginning, this might be challenging as it may bring threat onto him. You can put some toys inside crate for him to play. You can even put some tidbits of food to make him motivated to get into the crate.

Training basic commands

You have to instruct him various basic commands like sit, stand, stop, down and quiet. This is essential because when he already knows the meaning of these mono-syllable terms, it’ll be a lot easier for you to handle him whenever he does something mischievous.

• Look

One of the most basic aspects of training a dog is ensuring that his complete focus stays on you. By teaching your dog the ‘look’ command, you could always get his attention on you, no matter what potential distractions are present.

• Sit

The sit command is generally the very first command the dog owners teach their pets. It seems like a pretty basic command; however it plays a huge role in dealing with dog’s undesirable behaviors. For example, a dog cannot sit and jump simultaneously. By teaching your dog to sit, you have started the work required to stop him from bouncing.

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English: German Shepherd Dog puppy Français : Chien Berger Allemand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• Lie Down

You should start teaching the ‘lay down’ command only after he completely understands the ‘sit’ command. This command is not as simple as the previous one. When he is in the ‘sit’ position, hold a treat in front of his face and ensure that the food has his complete attention. Then by giving the ‘lay down’ command and simultaneously moving the hand to the ground, you can make him to lie down.

• Stay

The stay command is very useful in several situations. It is not an easy command to teach as his curiosity and instinct may take over instead of staying when told. But, this command can save his life by avoiding him from running into risky scenarios.

Social training

It’s important to let your dog to mingle along with other dogs as well as people in your friends or family circle. You can take him for walks in the park, let him get familiar to your friends and family members, so that he does not behave ferocious to them in future.

In fact, training a puppy isn’t that hard. When your dog does anything that’s good on his part, give him treat and praise his actions. In this way he is motivated to do what’s right, and not to do what you say is wrong. You should understand that he cannot learn all the commands at the same time. Just, you need to have patience and also be passionate to your dog. By doing this, you’ll never fail to see a well-mannered dog you ever wanted.

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