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Four Eye-Catching Characteristics Custom Labels Must Have

The very first thing that gets a customer’s attention when looking at an item is its logo. You only have about a split second to make them want to have a second look. Thus, the advantage of good logos shouldn’t be underestimated.

There are various ways to develop a logo. You can manipulate graphics software until you have a logo that’s attractive. Next, you can test the logo on a product sample; once you’re done, you can hire a manufacturer to mass-produce your branded products. You’ll most certainly keep these four things in mind to help you create that logo.


Go for this rule of thumb: if you can, resize it to the smallest size possible, or set it to grayscale mode; if your customers are still able to read it properly, it’s a good label. Use abstract concepts or objects that recapitulate what your company is all about; for example, if you market burgers, you can use a photograph of a newly-grilled, tender burger. If the product is new to the market, it’s a good idea to prominently exhibit your business name on the label, balanced with whatever picture you think represents your company ideally.


When you want to make your label noticeable, it may be tempting to make use of the fanciest graphics featured in your software, or the brightest colors in your palette. On the other extreme, you probably believe that black, 12-pt Times New Roman text against a white background is a great way to convey minimalism. If it’s clear to you what your company represents, it’s much better to strike a balance between these two contrasts.


Aside from quality products, the reason many famous brand names have lasted in the market for a long time is their memorable custom labels. Regardless if it is printed on metal labels, a logo with the right combination of hues, shapes, text, and images can be a powerful marketing instrument. The brand also needs to consider your customer’s sensibilities.

In Good Taste

Suppose you’re selling alcoholic beverages: Placing a image a nearly naked woman in a suggestive pose on your custom or plastic labels may get the attention of males, but you can also earn the disapproval of feminists, aside from the warning of regulatory boards. You cannot please everyone, but it will probably be difficult for your brand to get off the ground once it has been involved with negative publicity.

Don’t forget to follow the four P’s of marketing (place, price, product and promotion) alongside these tips for excellent identification labels. Who knows, your product just might be next iconic thing in the decades ahead. To find out more on the psychology of logos, go to