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Learn Drawing with these 7 Tips

Important factors that must be taken into consideration before you even pick up a pencil or paintbrush.

Tip 1 – You must know that your brain is the center of everything

There is no point having a next-generation computer, tablet, master painter, illustrator and photoshop or have a very complete palette of pastels and watercolors if you have no idea, nor the correct ‘posture’ at the time of creation. Reflect on the subject, seek references, do your own design variations;

Tip 2 – Know the technique and material used in your drawings

We can only produce good drawings and paintings when we know and master the techniques and materials used. Whether it be the pencil, watercolor or PC and tablet, use them a lot, know its possibilities and limitations. The intimacy with the material is very important for the end result of a design;

Tip 3 – Start with a basic material and evolve

Have you thought about researching the origin of the pencil, types and techniques? Yeah, I guarantee you’ll feel somebody else from the moment you begin to know the material thoroughly. Then go, learn and test the watercolor, the gouache, pastel, some types of paper, etc..

2 woodless graphite pencils in plastic sheaths...

Different types of Drawing Pencils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tip 4 – Do Exercises

Make several exercises before starting to draw. Fill out a few sheets of paper with ovals, trying to keep them the same size, parallel lines, circles, squares. This releases the line and develops your motor coordination. And whenever you can, keep a small sketchbook and pencils [2B or 4B] at hand. Doodle, take notes, draw how you see and stylize.

Tip 5 – Check out the color and strength in visual communication

The colors are a very important component to the success of an image. I’m tired of ruining my design because I used the wrong colors. Study color theory, do coloring exercises that make the same design [single] with different colors and compare the results. First understand how color works alone, then see the power of combinations;

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 15:  London based ar...

London based artist Stephen Wiltshire puts the finishing touches to a drawing (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Tip 6 – The location is very important to draw

I always wanted a place just for me, a little corner where I could draw and make things for a while until I have time to finish everything. The place where you make your designs is also very important. Lighting, ventilation and comfort are important factors at this time. Remember, right-handed light from always above the left [or window fixture], the stubs, the reverse, the supporting surface must be stable at the height of the stomach, a slightly inclined [5 ° -15 °]; and comfortable chair in a height that you can keep your feet on the ground.

Tip 7 – Do not go straight to the computer

When using the computer in the process of creation, the first impulse is to go immediately to the mouse and start working. In the beginning, the brain has to know our purpose and the possibilities of achieving it. Without a previous study begins the “Why Not” Syndrome, or begins to apply filters, change colors, change layout, and “why not …”, “well why not?”.

Remember: your computer is just a TOOL. No use looking for watercolor effect without knowing watercolor. The filters will not make you a better designer.