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Auto Lighting Halo Accessories

If you are in need of PMLIT products then you are at the right place. We have a variety of auto lighting HALO accessories that you’ll find offered in plasma, LED and even ccfl plus many other things. We guarantee that all of our products and headlights that we offer will be of superb quality.

The lights that you receive from us will always be authentic and 100% made by Oracle Lighting. The packaging and the quality will also be fantastic and put together nicely. Another thing is that the Halo’s will always look bright and you won’t find that any sort of look that resembles bluefish.

Try out our auto lighting today and see what else we have to offer. If you have any questions before your order then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Carbon Fiber Auto Accessories and Parts

If you are in need of carbon fiber parts then you have come to the right place. There are lots of vehicles today that require these carbon fiber parts. Auto accessories and parts made from carbon fiber is considered to be new technology used in the automotive world today. However, one thing to note is that carbon fiber parts actually was dated back many years ago.

This new technology can help vehicles and even motorcycles in many different ways. They can run a lot faster and ultimately provide a better performance plus torque than ever before. If you compare this new technology to steel then you will notice right away that the impact resistance is better and it’s even lighter in weight.

If you want to have a car that runs faster and smoother then be sure to check out the carbon fiber car parts and accessories that we offer. You won’t be disappointed.


Canvas Print

If you are looking for some awesome CV products then we have them. We have a variety from CV Joints all the way to a CV Boot Machines. We even have products available for ATV Motorcycles. In some rare cases we might not have the item and if that happens then we can just manufacture and recondition the item that you need.

Call us today and let us go over the Canvas Print. We need to know the model and will need to talk with you about what we should make. We work hard and will get the job done on time but it is important that you tell us all of the details that we need to know.

 Shipping Containers can be a tricky business and this why you shouldn’t just let anyone do it. Only let a professional help you out in this area. If someone tries to help who isn’t a professional then something could go wrong and you might regret it.

Another thing that is complicated happens to be metal fabrication. You need to understand how fabrication works and if you don’t then you should let professionals help and that is what we are here to do so please contact us today with any concerns that you might have.

Vehicle Workshops In Auckland

alloy-wheels-Performance-big_lotusmags-repair-servicesThere are several comprehensive and low cost servicing vehicle workshops available in the city of Auckland. You can easily get Tyre replacement at the Manukao Auto center in Auckland. The Tyre and mag parts in a vehicle easily get worn out when you drive for a long time but you can  get good branded Tyres  Auckland. Good Tyre actually adds to your vital safety concerns. That is why the Tyre and mug must be serviced regularly and replaced at the appropriate time and the driver’s and the passenger’s safety are the biggest concern. There are excellent service specialists in Mag and Tyre, shock absorbers as well. You can get good budget high quality Tyre for your vehicle needs.

You can easily find high quality tires for your SUV’s, car and motor bikes. Some workshops also make financial arrangements for getting the services done. In these workshops one can get any brands of mag and Tyre. One should not forget that a worn shock absorber will take an additional 2.6 meters to stop in the case of an unusual emergency. There is a minute difference between stopping and an accident. A completely fine and tight bay ensures safety with your vehicle. There are also budget workshops for providing cheap services in Auckland.

Park Auto Mall

If you are searching for Tampa used cars then you might be interested in checking out the Park Auto Mall. The actual web address is Looking for used cars is very simple when you browse this page, because you can find the right type of vehicle that suits you. On the page you will find everything from Trucks, SUV’s, and sedans for an affordable price.

The first thing that would be required of you is a bit of information for a credit approval. It is easy to do, all you need to do is apply online; follow the simple directions given to you so that you  can be notified about whether you’re approved or not. If you are looking for a truck you might be interested in a Ford F 150. These are pretty common and great trucks that last for years; even the used ones drive like new.

The Park Auto Mall is the largest used car lot in Tampa Bay. You really won’t have a need to look anywhere else in Florida when it comes to buying a used car.

If you want to get better information about what the site has to offer you can visit the blog page at to have a visual of some of the vehicles that this Tampa lot has to offer.

Leasing a Motability vehicle

Disability should be no obstacle to getting around, and the Motability scheme has enabled thousands upon thousands of people to enjoy the benefits of their own transport over the years. The scheme has been credited with making a vast contribution to the lives of the disabled over the years, ensuring that they can go wherever they like without restriction. Various leading vehicle manufacturers have long been part of Motability, allowing disabled people to lease brand new cars without long waiting lists or other rigorous delays being a concern.

Tailoring for unique needs

People involved in the scheme can nominate two drivers to get behind the wheel of their vehicle, including themselves if they are able to drive. There are no credit checks to worry about, and most reputable member of the scheme will ensure that you are matched up with an appropriate car for your needs but that you can drive or be driven away quickly, allowing you to start using your vehicle at the earliest opportunity. Many dealerships and retailers employ staff specifically to deal with the schemes, which means that those opted into it can expect to receive accurate, up-to-date expert advice on finding the best vehicle for their needs. There are various modifications and adaptations that can be brought into place, which helps to ensure that the vehicle is fine-tuned towards your needs.

No barriers to getting around

If customers are unable to reach the premises of a car dealership, the vehicles can often be driven to their homes for a test drive to take place. Alternatively, disabled customers can sometimes have transport to the premises arranged on their behalf by the companies. The scheme works by allowing disabled people to use the mobility allowance to lease a vehicle. Some vehicles are completely covered by the allowance, whilst others may require an additional payment on top of the allowance rate. There are many packages on offer, but some of the most prominent include breakdown assistance, servicing, repairs and insurance. There are many factors to consider when deciding upon a vehicle, but a reputable firm will always be available to talk you through your options in order for you to come to an informed decision on your Motability vehicle.

Vauxhall are one of the most renowned global motoring names. Visit their website today if you’re interested in Motability.

Safety Precautions for Car Drivers While Driving on Dangerous Mountains

Driving through mountainous areas can be a lot of fun, as the scenery and cool air make your trip worthwhile. However, driving safely is even more important when you drive on dangerous mountains, as accidents can occur at all times. Here are some safety precautions you should employ when the road takes you to the mountains.

1.       Never go down fast on a hill

Your speed needs to be well adjusted when you are driving through the mountains. As the road takes you up and down through hills and valleys, make sure to never overstep your brakes. The rule of thumb says that it is best to keep the same speed you use for going up as for going down, as it will allow for smooth driving, without subjecting your car to wear and tear, and yourself and your passengers to potential accidents.

2.       Keep the car to the sides

Because mountain roads are usually narrower than your average interstate highway, you may have the temptation to drive closer to the center line. However, this is not a safe maneuver, as it can lead you to collisions to other vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Also, even if you do not end up involved in an accident, you may still irritate the other drivers.

3.       Always check the weather before leaving

Going through the mountains without having any idea about the weather can be a major mistake. As a driver, you need to be well aware of weather conditions, as wet roads or slush can create a lot of problems, especially when driving on dangerous mountains.

4.       Take curbs at a slower pace

Mountainous roads can be trickier to handle than normal roads. Curbs can be narrower, and the width of the road does not help much either. In order to prevent any accident from happening, make sure that you adjust your speed in order to take curbs in perfect safety.

5.       Leave word behind

If you are going to drive on unpaved roads, and take it on the less beaten path, make sure that someone knows about you and your return time. In case something happens to you, the people you left word behind for will be ready to call emergency and help you escape a dangerous situation.

6.       Keep enough water and snacks in your car

Being well hydrated is important at all times, but especially when you are driving through the mountains. As chances are little that you will encounter an urban setting too often, make sure that you have enough water and snacks for all the passengers.

7.       Run a maintenance check for your car before leaving home

In case of breakdown, and lack of phone lines and mobile coverage, you will have a hard time if you happen to remain stuck in the mountains. Make sure to run a maintenance check before leaving on a trip, so that you do not end up stranded away from home, because of a flat tire.


How to Keep your Vehicle Maintenance on Schedule

Your vehicle requires regular maintenance and upkeep to stay on the road and out of the repair shop. But, most of us ignore the maintenance part until the vehicle stops working. This important aspect helps in proper functioning of the car, and determines the performance as well as longevity of your vehicle.

Maintaining your car involves more than just taking care of exterior paint and shiny wax. It is a complete process that includes taking care of all the parts of the vehicle. Changing oil, regular servicing, checking brakes, changing tyres and lubricating the engine are some of the regular vehicle maintenance tips that can keep your car running longer, and of course you save money on unnecessary repairs. Let us have a look at the easy vehicle maintenance tips that will not just maintain your car but will also help in keeping your family safe.

1. Tires: Rotate the position of your tires every 5,000+. Keep the tires properly inflated to maintain proper pressure. Proper tire pressure not just increases the gas mileage, but inflated tires are safe and last longer. Regular cleaning of brake dust stuck to the wheels in important.

2. Engine: Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It keeps the parts of your engine running smooth and clean. Change your oil and oil filter every 7,500 miles.
High or low levels of oil can cause trouble to your engine. To check the oil, let your car run for a few minutes and then park on level ground. Wait for the engine to cool down. Locate the oil dipstick, and check for the level as well as the color of the oil. If the level is between the indicated high and low markings, you are fine. If the oil is dark colored, you need to change the oil and oil filter.

3. Hoses and belts: Check the hoses and belts for any cracks, leaks and loose connections. Change the belt if it becomes excessively slick or smooth.

4. Battery: Clean the battery terminals regularly and apply a light coat of grease. Always maintain the levels of distilled water in the battery.

5. Air filter: Salt and other thick debris can clog the air filter of your car. A clogged air filter can decrease the mileage and affect the efficiency of your car. The time of change of your air filter depends upon the miles covered, and the road and air conditions in which you drive. Usually the recommended interval for air filter change is 12,000 miles.

6. Coolant: Make sure the coolant levels are fine and change your coolant every two years. Check for any coolant leak at the place where your car is parked.

7. Brakes: This is one of the most important vehicle maintenance tips. Check the brake linings and brake pedals. Repairing brake issues regularly can keep your family safe.

8. Interiors and exteriors: Keep the interior of your car clean and hygienic by using car cleaners. Use quality paints and waxes to keep it shiny and polished. Wash it regularly to maintain your car as new.

Used Car Dealers Provide More Value for your Purchase Money

Shopping sojourns can be fun, exhausting, or fulfilling depending on how you look at them. The fun part comes when you have a lot of options to choose from. The exhaustion comes from the amount of time you spend doing this, while the fulfilment comes from accomplishing the task.

Likewise, buying a used car can be fun, exhausting, and fulfilling. While the same elements could be present as in shopping trips, buying a used car can give you a lot more value for your money. Used cars are definitely less expensive in terms of initial purchase price and insurance costs than new ones. They may be vulnerable to some problems new cars don’t have; but you can always reduce these risks by seeing reputable dealership such as those in Ajax, Ontario.

You can always get a better deal is by choosing a more recent model which is still partially covered by the original manufacturer’s or dealer’s warranty. This is usually the case for used cars that are less than three years old. However, you should also verify if the warranty is, indeed, transferable to a subsequent owner. If not, choose older, but better models.

You can make better choices for used cars by checking into CPOs or certified pre-owned vehicles. These are vehicles that usually have less than 50,000 miles and have undergone a variety of inspections in all levels of performance. You can be sure that they are well-maintained and that they carry an extended warranty advantage.

If you want to limit your option only to a particular brand you have been dreaming about, you should still screen your choice. The model may be great, but the specific unit you’re looking at may no longer have the same quality. If your preference is for a used Kia Ajax dealers offer, you should be sure that it is in tip top condition.

Used car units like a Nissan Ajax dealers provide should have passed all safety and emission tests and come with complete service records. The buyer should also take note of the VIN or vehicle identification number for more information on the vehicle. In this way, the buyer can make a more qualified assessment to render a better decision.

There are many types of used vehicles such as a Nissan or a Kia Ajax dealers offer to their customers. These are not just your ordinary run of the mill used cars. They have passed a lot of automobile tests before they have been included in the dealerships’ inventory. For quality used cars, it is best to contact your nearest dealer to provide you with the best choices. If you have further interest, you may visit the following website,

Easy Ways to Improve your Miles Per Gallon

Over the last few years, the price of fuel for our cars really influences many of the decisions we make. Not only does it enter into what kind of car we buy, but even how often and how far we drive that car.

You may not be aware of it, but there are many more ways to save gas than just to purchase a car that gets good mpg. That’s not to say that buying an economical car isn’t a good decision. It is. It’s just that there are more ways you can save even more on gas.

Here are a few tips to improve MPG:

*  Keep Your Car Tuned Up
Keeping your car well maintained will increase your mpg. For instance, did you know that just a dirty air filter and bad spark plugs can decrease your mpg by a whopping 32%? It’s true. So, be sure to keep up with your car’s maintenance schedule.

*  Fill Up Your Tires
Shocked? It’s a fact, under-inflated tires will decrease your gas mileage. By as much as 25%! Not to mention, tires that aren’t properly inflated can be dangerous. While you’re at it, keep your tires balanced too.

*  Do Your Research
Don’t let yourself be caught unawares. Rather than stopping at the first gas station you come to once you’re fuel light comes on, try to plan ahead. Go online and find the cheapest gas station in your area, or the area you’ll be in. There are plenty of websites that will let you type in your zip code and give you gas prices. Google “cheapest gas prices.”

*  Avoid Holidays
Gas prices tend to skyrocket right before a holiday, in anticipation of the increased amount of drivers on the road. Fill up your tank well before.

*  Avoid Traffic
If at all possible, try to plan trips to the doctor, grocery store, etc, during the times when the traffic is at its lightest. Constant stopping and starting is a great way to burn extra fuel.

*  Change How You Drive
In addition to planning trips at times when traffic is light, try to consolidate your trips. If you have an appointment, leave a little early so you have time to go to the drug store to pick up that prescription. You’ve just eliminated one whole trip in the car.

*  Empty Your Car
Of unnecessary junk, that it. You know that box of old stuff that you’re never going to use again that’s been living in your trunk? It’s stopping you from getting the best mpg you can. Did you know that for every 250 lbs. that’s in your car, it loses 1 mile per gallon?

*  Turn It Off
If you’ll be parked for longer than 30 seconds, turn the car off, rather than sitting at an idle. You’ll save more gas, over all.

*  Cruise
If you have it, use your cruise control. Consistent, steady speed is one of the best ways to improve mpg.

And there you have it. Some ideas, other than buying the highest mpg cars, to decrease your fuel consumption.