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Xcentric Mold & Engineering

Xcentric Mold & Engineering is a molding company that is based in the U.S. and

they offer injection molding services to those who need them.

One of the great things about the company is that they offer a lifetime guarantee

on the molding projects that they perform for you. Whether the task is small or

large, Xcentric Mold & Engineer is a licensed company ready to get the job done

for you. The plastic molding technique used has been offering services to a variety

of different projects that need to be completed, and the results are very high


The company has a high belief in quality which is why only the highest quality of

materials are used when executing jobs. CAD models are designed by the clients

or the clients can choose to have the business design the models for them.

Injection Molding

The process works by using high quality molds that are plastic. These parts are

basically made for the medical field, consumer items, and automotive; not to limit

to only these items, but just to name a few. The injection method that is used

allows the task to be completed quickly yet precisely.

Rapid Prototype

A CAD model is what is used so that you can design your parts or you can choose

the company to help you in designing them. You can have your plastic model

created and working quickly with this fast technology service. The parts can be

created in as little as 1-3 business days.

The Dangers of an Unprotected Hose Road Crossing

On a construction site or other industrial work area, the amount of hazards can be a bit harrowing to consider. But often, people are looking around and up at these dangers, when hey don’t realize that the scariest things may be below their feet.

Unprotected utility lines, which are typically temporarily placed alongside vehicles and employees, can be extremely hazardous. It doesn’t matter if they’re being used as communication cables, water hoses, electrical wires, or other process hoses containing oil and chemicals – all can bring an entire site to its knees, if they’re misused. Think about the lack of productivity when an employee takes a 10 minute break. Now imagine your entire workforce falling under Stop Work Authority following an injury on the site. It’s always worth being cautious at first, for a more productive workforce in the long run.

So what kind of roadway hose protector should you use? You most likely have a couple different options, so an important one to consider is how maneuverable it is. You don’t want to choose scaffolding boards which require multiple employees and a manager to just lay down, and remove. In addition, these unstable boards typically have difficulties performing admirably in long-term situations, especially when compared to a much better solution, such as Brahman Systems’ hose road crossing ramps.

The important thing to keep in mind in this and any situation is that ensuring your employees safety on a work site absolutely has to be 100% your top priority. You should enforce that every worker follows rules, and understands regulations. If there seems to be some confusion out there, go back to start training all over again. Education might seem boring, and time consuming, but compared to either a lawsuit or time lost after an inspection failed or an injury, the costs of training are really nothing.

Stay safe out there!

Performing a Crude Oil Tank Cleaning Efficiently and Safely

Anyone who has worked in the oil & gas industry for more than a couple of months, understands the importance of safety on the work site. Typically, what’s tied in with safety is a slightly overlooked factor: cleanliness.

The key here is: a messy work site, usually indicates a lack of care and workmanship on the job. Even more so, a messy work site can cause hazards to appear, when tools are put in unexpected places, or liquids drip through ceilings from floors above.

Those who deal with crude oil storage tanks in particular must deal with a special kind of challenge. Let’s face it: crude oil is absolutely known for leading to the development of sludge on the floor of its storage tanks. Leave that sludge alone for a while, and it’ll harden, preventing it from being removed by traditional pumping methods. Instead, a new piece of tank cleaning equipment had to be invented.

One of the companies that came up with such a solution – Waterline Tank Technologies, LLC – designed the patent pending submerged jet mixer. This item is a tank cleaning mixer, which has been specially designed to help refluidize what may otherwise be found on tank bottoms.

A solution like this represents what is great about traditional invention. It solves a problem that many in the past had to deal with: leaving the tank “offline” for a while in order to safety handle inspections, entry and exit. What’s amazing is that it works by directing a plume of the crude oil, which could come from an external supply or the tank itself, on top of the layer of sludge covering this bottom. ┬áThis way, the only thing you need is a feed pump.

For organizations that deal with crude oil tank cleaning, and their employees, you have to be thankful for the opportunity to finally be working in a safer environment.

Safety Sign

Safety signsare something that are very important to have out in public to give people directions on where to go, what to do, and what not to do. When you have a business of some sort or a road is being built, it is important to take responsibility and buy the safety signs needed to keep people safe.

At the safety signs website you will be able to find plenty of signs, most of the signs are those that you are familiar with. These signs are generally in stock and ready to be shipped out. You can even design custom safety sign of your own if the site does not have what you need or you can browse the site for the various safety signs website that are available.

There are plenty of sign categories to look through and you will notice how nicely they are organized on the front of the home page to help you easily find the signs that you are looking for.

Some of the categories on the site that you will find include:

  • Traffic Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Security/Property signs
  • Fire/emergency signs
  • Safety labels/tags

There are plenty to look through and the prices of the signs are reasonable too.

Tips For Choosing Your New Telephone Equipment Systems

Whether you are looking for telephone equipment systems for a new business or are simply looking to replace your current systems, there are several factors which must be considered during this process. After all, your choice of telephone equipment systems will be directly responsible for how effectively you are able to communicate with your customers and your suppliers. In order to help ensure that you are choosing the right telephone equipment systems for your business, I would like to take this opportunity to offer you some tips that can help you navigate this process.

Tip 1: Always choose a system that allows for the call volume that you would like to do, not the call volume that you are currently doing.

Very few businesses are operated without the hope of one day being able to expand, and become more profitable. In fact, the main goal of many businesses is often to do the exact opposite of this. The problem is, many of these companies will be unable to achieve this goal because their equipment is unable to grow with them. Without the resources to replace all of this inadequate equipment, the company will eventually fail at their attempts to grow. This is why it is so important for you to choose telephone equipment systems that will accommodate the call volumes that you hope your business will be doing in the future rather than the call volume you are currently doing.

Tip 2: Never choose a telephone equipment system based on price alone.

It is understandable that price will be a major motivating factor when choosing your new telephone system; however, choosing this system based on price alone is often a mistake. This is because if you purchase a telephone system that does not offer you all of the features you need, simply because it is the least expensive option available to you, you will often find that you lose business as a result of that decision. This loss of business may actually impact how cost effective your new system truly turns out to be. Instead, you will need to equally weigh both the cost of the system and the features that the system includes in order to determine which system is right for both your needs and budget.

Tip 3: Consider how you feel when calling a company who has an inferior telephone equipment system, and address those problems within your own system.

The most effective way to choose your new telephone equipment system is to put yourself in the position of a customer. By taking the time to think about the way you feel when trying to contact a company that does not have the right system to cater to your needs, you will be able to identify potential problems within the system that your company is using. Taking this approach to choosing a telephone equipment system will also allow you to identify features which may be able to create a more enjoyable experience for your customers, and ultimately result in more business for your company.

If you find that it is hard for you to put yourself in your customers’ shoes, you may also wish to consider conducting a short survey with your current customers. By asking your current customers to answer a few simple questions after completing their call with your company, you will be able to gather important information that can help you choose the most effective telephone equipment system. Be sure to keep this survey short and to the point or you may find that your customers become annoyed, and are not willing to complete the survey.