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3d Virtual Tour

Designing a home can be a lot of fun and stressful at the same time. If you’re in the real estate business or trying to buy a home without knowing what it looks like, then that is when it can become very stressful. The good news is, now if you are curious about what your future home looks like you can walk around it without even being there.
Technology has changed so much and helped us to where you can now walk around the inside of your home and view everything in a 3d Way. You can view things from the sky straight from your computer. You don’t even have to leave where you are to see what is happening.
Ordering and setting everything up is very easy. If you have any questions or interested in a visual tour online with your home feel free to contact us and be sure to visit our website,

3D Virtual Tours

It is a well known fact that the internet is the portal to buying and selling homes these days. Realtors always put pictures of the properties they are selling online because they know potential buyers are online looking. However, putting up a few pictures as everyone else does should not be the practice of top notch real estate agents. This is where the folks at Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing can step to make all real estate listings stand out. They offer a unique 3D Virtual Tour of the property that makes you feel as if you are in the home itself. The clarity and high quality offered by Pinnacle is second to none. After seeing the technology work in action, you and your clients will both know that a sale is virtually guaranteed. You can also choose a bird eye ariel view that shows every inch of the property to give potential buyers a better idea that the property is something that they have dreamed of. Check them out today to increase your sales volume and make all of your clients excited about the listings.

Analyze Your Real Estate Investments

It can be extremely overwhelming when it comes to analyzing real estate investments. If you’re new or even a pro at this, it can still be complicated. One of the best ways to make things simple is to analysis your decisions with using the Zilculator.
This is a tool which allows you to get the help you need instantly and investors will be able to make the decisions needed for their estate. Homebuyers and even realtors can take advantage of this tool to help them with their decision they need for their home. Real Estate analysis can be done within just a few minutes after checking out the Zilculator.
All you need to do is simply just browse the website and you will be able to understand how everything works. It really is the best way to remove aggravation and get down to business with real estate investments.

5 Awesome Tips for Buying a Condo

It’s 2014 and the American Dream has undergone a massive face-lift. It’s no longer just about picket fences, 2-car garages, and mowing the lawn on Sunday. More and more people are finding that condo life is much more suited to their fast-paced lifestyle, and to Baby Boomers who want to enjoy retirement and let go of time consuming lawn care and home maintenance, a condo is a great alternative to a single family home.

But shopping for a condo can be quite a bit different than looking for a traditional single family detached home, and Scott Forman of Royal Palms Realty has put together a simple 5-step guide to help you find the perfect condominium!

1. When you assume, you make an…well, you know how the saying goes.

Opting for a condo versus a detached home is not a decision to be made lightly. Prior to setting up a meeting with a lender, make sure to sit down with a list of the pros and cons of condo living to make 100% sure that it’s right for you. After all, purchasing real estate is a major decision and reversing the process can cost you an arm and a leg.

In a condo you won’t be directly responsible for exterior repairs or maintenance, but you will be expected to pitch in a monthly Homeowners Association (HOA) fee or maintenance fee. A big plus for a lot of urbanites and second home owners like we get in Key West, Forman [link] says, is the promise of never having to do yard work! But then again, you’ll also have very little control over landscaping and other aesthetics related to your building.

Mills Place

Not all condos are ‘building block” apartment buildings. The Mills Place condos in Key West’s Truman Annex were carved out of historic US Naval Officers Quarters. Royal Palm Realty recently sold a 3-bedroom townhouse in this condo development.


It’s important to remember that living in a condo means living in a community. While having neighbors that are similarly vested into the property brings an increased level of safety, community bonding, and responsibility, this set-up also means that you’ll have less privacy and need to adhere to a set of rules established by your HOA. But shared space also means access to great amenities. Condos in Key West often have a community pool, a BBQ area. It’s not unusual to find a gym in a condo, either.

2. Landing an FHA loan can sometimes be a little tricky.

It’s important to know up front that not all condos qualify for government backed loans. Not only does the building need to be on the list of approved condos, but at least 80% of the units must be owner-occupied. This is an important factor for second home owners who hope to gain a little help for the mortgage from offering their home as a vacation rental.

If the condo of your dreams is located in an area where there are a high number of real estate speculators and investors, it could be that you won’t qualify for an FHA loan. This doesn’t make purchasing the unit impossible, but it could mean a higher interest rate.

3. Check the building culture – and “government” — before diving in head first!

A great way to find out what your new neighbors might be like is to request to see a copy of the minutes from the most recent condo association meeting. Reading through a typical meeting can provide insight into any trouble-making or nosy owners, but more importantly you can get an idea of how the condo leadership operates. Every condo association will have its fair share of issues, and politics, but how the president responds and solves these problems is the bread and butter of what keeps a building running smoothly.

Similarly, ask directly who takes care of the building. In most cases the HOA will hire an outside company to do the maintenance, but sometimes tenants are expected to pitch in to try and keep costs down. It would be quite the rude awakening to find out that your Saturday morning sleep-in has been traded in for raking leaves.

The important thing is to consider not only the physical unit that you will be purchasing, but also the culture of the building. Neighbors will always be neighbors, but finding a place where you more or less fit in can make condo life a lot more pleasant.

4. Purchase the best condo that you can afford.

This is one area where condo buying differs from home buying. When purchasing a home it’s not always the smartest idea to stretch your buying budget to get the biggest house, but with a condo going cheap can bring huge disadvantages down the line.

Studio and one-bedroom condos are much harder to sell, as are units with no view, or even worse, a view of the dumpsters!

You really are better off buying the best unit in a slightly less fancy building than going for the runt of the litter in a more upscale development.

Plus, don’t pigeon-hole yourself into looking for one style of building. Be open to low-rise, high-rise, townhomes, and buildings with a variety of different amenities. For example, don’t get hung up on needing a swimming pool. Most residents hardly ever use this stuff, anyway!

5. A parking space is key, even if you are car-less.

Remember that even if you don’t have a car, a future buyer of your condo down the line might. You can always rent out the space to someone else to offset the costs, but unless you live in the heart of a truly metropolitan city where most residents use public transportation, not having a parking spot will make your unit a lot harder to sell should the time come that you need to.

Happy Condo Hunting!

5 Surefire Tips to Hire an Awesome Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home and want to hire an awesome agent? Of course you do! Some people get lucky and are recommended a stellar agent by a family member or friend, but if you’re stuck braving the search on your own, use these 5 surefire tips to help you determine if an agent is right for you:

1. Don’t be put off by a “salesperson” attitude and an office full of tacky awards.

Real estate agents often have the tendency to talk, and talk a lot. If you’re more of an introvert this unconcealed gregariousness can rub you the wrong way. Remember that a real estate agent needs to do two things in order to be successful. First, find clients. Second, sell houses. You aren’t looking for a new best friend, but for an experienced professional who can sell your house or help you get a great deal.

So, that fast talker who gave you his card in the check-out line and drives a cheesy German sports car? Don’t throw his details away until you’ve had a chance to dive deeper into his credentials. After all, you don’t win “Realtor of the Year” and drive an $80,000 car if you aren’t doing something right.

2. Personal references are the first line of defense.

Before you work with any agent, ask for the contact details for their previous three clients and call up each of these references. While clients won’t necessarily be able to provide answers about licensing and/or credentials, they’ll be able to give you a simple “yea” or “nay” and provide some insight with regards to what this agent is like to work with.

What you’re looking for is the right balance of personality and know-how. Don’t hire the friendliest agent who’s always on your side but never closes deals, and don’t hire the agency’s top seller that nobody can stand being in the car with.

3. You’ve got a computer, use it.

Prior to signing with an agent, always check their brokerage’s website to see what other types of properties they have listed. While it isn’t a deal breaker, an agent who is listing properties very similar to yours is far more likely to be a good fit for you.

If the price range, location, and property type of the agent’s other property listings are wildly different than your home, perhaps another agent who is more familiar with your neighborhood would be better. Have a close look at the functionality of the site, too. Does it have a search tool, such as the one on the Key Colony Beach Realty site (below) to make it easy for buyer’s to find what they want?

Key Colony Beach Realty website screenshot

4. Licensing and credentials…check ‘em.

Check with your state’s regulatory board to ensure that the agent is licenses to sell real estate where you live. Often time this can be done via online databases.

Also, here’s the low down on what all those extra letters stand for on your agent’s business card:

CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): In order to earn this distinction the agent will have completed supplementary training in handling residential real estate.

ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative): Additional coursework geared towards representing buyers is required for this accreditation.

SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist): Finished training designed to assist buyers and sellers over 50.

Plus, look to see if they spell Realtor with a capital “R”. This means that they are a member of the National Association of Realtors. About half of all agents belong, and in theory members of the association are more likely to follow the Realtor’s code of ethics.

5. Five years or more.

Ideally you’ll want to hire an agent who has been working in the industry for a minimum of five years. Of course there’s some wiggle room on this one, but there’s no question that giving a newer agent the shot to sell your house classifies more as “a nice thing to do” rather than “a smart business decision.”


How-to Guide to Buying an Historic Home

Key West Historic Home exterior The gracious gallery on this renovated Key West historic home provides outdoor living space.[/caption] Walls were stripped to reveal the original Dade County Pine walls typical in Key West’s historic homes. TKey West Historic Home interiorhe path to finding the house of your dreams is filled with windy roads, intersections, one-way streets, and roundabouts. There’s no single way to get there because each individual has got a completely different idea of what a dream home looks like.

For some it’s a modern custom-build on the lot of their choosing, but for the more discerning buyer, nothing beats the aesthetic beauty and charm of an historic home.

Owning an historic home comes with several key benefits. You’ll enjoy unequaled architecture that has weathered the test of time, and you may even qualify for tax credits or low-interest loans offered by local governments who wish to preserve and refurbish historic buildings. And above all else, you’ll enjoy the indescribable feeling of “home” that’s not always found in house designs of today, says Scott Forman, a luxury real estate broker in Key West, Florida, a city well known for its historic homes.

A step not to be taken lightly.

Making the decision to purchase a historic home is not one that ought to be made on the fly. Older homes are naturally more likely to have hidden problems, and so the inspection process is far more in depth. You’ll also want to bear in mind that any renovation work required on an older home will cost more than the standard rates.

“Of course, in Key West, which has more than 2,000 homes in its historic district, many of the homes have been renovated more than once and most problems have long been addressed,” Forman says.

But it’s always wise, prior to signing on the dotted line, to have your prospective home professionally inspected by an engineer who specializes in historic buildings. The extra cost of hiring a specialized inspector will pay for itself tenfold as issues with outdated electrical or plumbing systems can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars to rectify.

It’s not a bad idea to do a thorough inspection of the home yourself before you call in a pro. It could be that even with your untrained eye you can spot enough red flags to walk away from the deal before investing too much time and money. Plus, having your own private checklist on hand when the inspector arrives will better prepare you for asking pertinent questions.

Every inspection begins with the making of a list. Write down every element you plan to inspect so that you don’t forget anything. Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom. At the bare minimum your list should include: roof, chimney, interior and exterior walls, porches, windows and doors, foundation, fireplaces, attics and basements, and bathrooms.

Also, don’t forget to bring a digital camera and take photos of everything!
Begin your inspection from the outside. Major structural issues can often be noted by a sagging roofline or leaning chimney. Another red flag is a roof that is missing a lot of tiles or is heavily covered in moss and debris. A leaky roof can lead to rot in the rafters.

The same goes for the walls, both on the outside and the interior. While an older home can’t be expected to look perfect, large cracks and rot can mean serious issues with the framework.

As you go through the house, pay special attention to the basement and attic, as well as any area of the house where there could potentially be water damage. Again, this self-inspection is not meant to be the end-all be-all, but just a starting point to see if the house looks to be in good enough shape to move forward and call in a professional inspector.

A red flag worth surrendering the ship over.

The idea of this article is not to be negative, but instead to be practical. Purchasing an older home takes more foresight, that’s just the way it is.
Rule number one is to not let the charm of a particular house overshadow pragmatic decision making with regards to its condition. Purchasing an historic home that is in need of a major structural renovation may set you up for a protracted restoration period – and may exceed the budget you had in mind.

If you are buying a house in sore need of renovation, meet with a contractor who specializes in historic renovation before you make an offer, to get a good handle on what the restoration may cost.

Just because you own it doesn’t mean you can do anything you want to it.
If you’ve got grandiose plans of renovating or expanding your historical home, make sure that you check with the local bylaws ahead of time to ensure that there are not limitations to the changes you can make to the structure. Homeowners are rarely permitted to add extra square footage or an additional story to a home that is officially designated as “historic.”
In Key West,there is a Historic Architectural Review Commission (aka HARC) that oversees any renovations made to historic homes to ensure the preservation of the historic district. Most cities with sizable historic districts have similar planning boards. It can be helpful to spend time attending their meetings to get an idea of what is and is not allowed. Some areas allow no changes to the interiors of historic homes. Others, such as Key West, allow homeowners to make changes to the inside as long as the external historic integrity is preserved.

You’ll also get to know the local contractors at these meetings, and may have an opportunity to get acquainted with local residents who have faced some of the challenges you will face if you purchase an historic home.

You may also find other organizations in your community that support the restoration of local homes. For example in Key West, the Florida Keys Historical Society awards a Ceramic Star for its Historic Preservation of the Year Award to houses that have been renovated to their high standards. Key West’s Old Island Restoration Foundation (OIRF) provides grants for some restorations and your community may have a similar funding source.

There is considerably more to buying an historic home than your ordinary brick and mortar purchase, but the rewards of living in a home with a story may outweigh the extra time and expense.

Love this Life!

Thanks to Roman May

I love being a homeowner – I feel so adult! I knew it was the right time to buy because I’ve been monitoring home prices in this area for a couple of years now and it just seemed like they weren’t going to get any lower. I really wish I had bought a couple of months ago when I think they were at their bottom but you know, hindsight is always 20/20 and you don’t realize they’re going to go up quickly, either. I’ve been working hard to get this place in shape and it’s a lot more work than I thought it would be, to be honest with you. But I like working with my hands and all my friends and family tell me I have a good eye for design so I’m going to keep on keeping on until this place is exactly like I imagined it could be. I think it’s nice so many of my friends have volunteered to help me in some way or another…my brother sends me links to stuff like from out in Illinois and my mom has come down twice to help me do actual work, both tiling and laying down hardwood floors. My brother who lives in California is the one who hooked me up with my real estate agent and my dad has been the best – he’s been here just about every other weekend to help paint and do lawn care and things like that. I don’t know how I would have moved in without movers, though, even with all my friends, so that’s something I highly suggest people invest in. If you don’t have about 30 people willing to spend all Saturday moving things in and up your stairs you just need to bite the bullet and pay the moving companyto do it for you! I can’t wait to get this place perfect and call it home. That will be nice!

Ferns Residency Bangalore By Prestige Group

Prestige Ferns Residency is a make new residential project, upcoming like a shining star proffering people a luxurious living benchmark. Bringing noticeable the realty silhouette glowing of complete realty needs, this residential project will be prove to set up another milestone in the history of real estate. Due to the raising terms of living a profitable life with no hassles, people are looking forward for an incredible life. And hence, there are many residential projects approaching up in the city to fulfil it soon.

Sated with the nearly everyone exceptional of features, premium amenities and the extremely luxury specifications, Prestige Ferns Residency is featured with 2/3/4 BHK apartments in an area ranging from 1174 sq feet to 2572 sq feet. Extensive over 25 acres of land area, the apartments are planned out keeping in mind the changing expectations of people with present design features. The generous specifications that improve the interior looks are vitrified tile flooring in living/dining rooms, timber flooring in master bedroom, extra large balconies, modular kitchen, liberty for wardrobes and many more. Prestige Ferns Residency Price is a reasonable one that shapes the whole living status of people in accordance to the outstanding lifestyle.

With a total of 1300 apartments, there are many people whose dreams will be made true by this. Falling close to the finest of conveniences of Bangalore, this project is devoted to the greener landscapes and lush environs around. With 100% power back-up for common services, you can never face a hassle even in the black out days. Some of the favourite sport activities accessible for people are basketball court, tennis/badminton court, with a gymnasium to stay fit and healthy all time.

At the party lawn provided, you can organize all type of parties for any festive celebration, you need not search pout any place outhouse for it. With a contemporary exclusive clubhouse here, the residents can benefit from all sorts of delights. With all sorts of public requirements within your reach, you can be sure of enjoying every single moment of your life.  There are also various out of the box features that would draw you towards opting for this residence. Availing the very happiness of living, this housing is however best of all features.

With a very close locality to major professional pouches of Bangalore, Prestige Ferns Residency Bangalore is located at Harlur Road, Off Sarjapur Road at an excellent handpicked locality. Being much far from the hustle bustle of the congested city, this residence is just few kilometers far from the significant places like Koramangala, Wipro Corporate office, and major IT/ITES industry. The international airport and the electronic city is just an hour drive which adds an extra credit on the fame of this project.

In this world of fast pace developments going all around, every single individual wants their own living space that would witness their happiness and sadness. Hence, many of them are commencing towards opting for this renowned property. And also, this project is about to create landmarks.

Allcheckdeals is an expertise India Property consultant that brings the service to its customers to invest Prestige Ferns Residency.

Prestige Group Royale Gardens Bangalore

Prestige Royale Gardens is another grand residential achievement in the form of lavishness homes that are being offered to middle class families at an affordable price label. Being an original masterwork by the well-known Prestige group, this residential project is a future one with an aim of getting faster to heart of people offering a comfortable life. Touted as one of the newest destination in the city, the builders are result easier ways to proffer people a grand choice of chunk of many housing projects. These projects are usual to stand tall on the desiring aspirations of people.

Covering the very widespread facilities liable to make the festive at life, this phenomenal residential project launches people an grand choice of 1/2/3 BHK villas in the area ranging from 590 sq. feet to 1765 Sq. feet which is extend over 20 acres of rambling land area. With a best address of quality this is well-designed living for you and your family. For an broadly modern lifestyle structure, these homes are sacred with hi-end specifications like vitrified tile flooring in living/dining room, modular kitchen with exclusive features, a chimney with exhaust, clean and tidy color schemes, feeler controlled lighting in every living room, wooden flooring in master bedrooms and many more. Live the life like a king at Prestige Royale Gardens with all sorts of luxuries at doorsteps which will make a airy way of living.

Sport lovers can take pleasure in diverse delights like swimming pool, basket ball court, gymnasium and indoor-outdoor gaming activities. You can organize a meeting, party or an instance at the multi-purpose hall here where every required thing is provided. Surrounded by commercial complexes and many residential projects, these homes will act as the greatest destined place where you would love to be back home every day.

The various health care facilities, clinic & pharmacy are also an added advantage that will make sure of the comfort zone made for residents in case of emergency. The meditation centre and crèche are also add-on features here. People can have a peaceful night sleep with their family members due to the hi-tech security system maintained and having a lovelier life with fearless.

Situated at a very decent location close to the Doddaballapur Road, Bangalore yet much away from the noisy pollution of the capital, Prestige Royalee Gardens Bangalore is positioned at one of the most planned locations of Doddaballapur Road from which people can be bright to commute to major places in the town. This residential project is helping as the high-quality one option for many who are expecting a life with no hassles. So, come and skill the essences of a living at a place that will take you to a on top of world.

With better commuting amenities and a prime location, Prestige Royalee Gardens is all set to become one of the most excellent living destinations in the quick developing corridor in the region. It having fabulous amenities like, Club house, Swimming Pool, wonderful Landscaped Gardens which will be beautiful your eyes. Multipurpose Hall for a marriage party, birthday celebration and as well as get together, and many other functions which lot of people’s can take pleasure in their according to their taste, also having a huge Kids Play Area, to enjoy the lot of fun, Ample Car Parking, superb amenities of security, Round the Clock Security. It is the place where you can take effortlessness breathing. So invest fast and get fast to enjoy the luxury life.

Allcheckdeals is an expertise India Property consultant that brings the service to its customers to invest Prestige Royale Gardens.

Prestige Misty Waters Luxurious Residential Apartments

Prestige misty waters Bangalore is a luxurious residential property for those who desire for a living knowledge of royals and great luxuries at reach. Being a make new infrastructural development by the famous Prestige group. This residential project will have the make new luxurious living structures for an improved lifestyle amidst luxuries. And hence, these homes will be delivered as a finest benchmark of living options for many.

For the deserving selected few, this residential project is very well planned out with overwhelming lifestyle structures offering people a choice of 2 BHK ( 1129 – 1135) sq ft, 2.5 BHK (1292 – 1335) sq ft, 3 BHK (1991 sq ft) and 4 BHK (2423 – 2423) sq ft. apartments. Keeping in mind the values of living better than other housing plans, the add on specifications offered are vitrified tile flooring in living/dining room, modular kitchen, a chimney with exhaust, sensor controlled lighting in every living room, immaculate colour schemes, wooden flooring in master bedrooms and many more. Adding to it, Prestige misty waters Whitefield is excellent to even the very finest of living, makes accessible the finest lifestyle.

The residents living here can be certain of the quiet night sleeps with the hi-tech security systems maintained and a fresh morning witnessing the grand views of sunrise & sunset. The hi-speed lifts and ample car parking including the maintenance services are proved to be the most excellent one ahead of imaginations. The kids play area with a provision for indoor-outdoor gaming stuffs can also be enjoyed here. For a party or an occasion or a guest meet, there is a versatile hall that can be used by the residents living here.

In a modern clubhouse, people can enjoy diverse delights like swimming pool, spa, saloon, gymnasium, steam, sauna and many more. With landscaped gardens, greens and many luxurious eco-friendly environs, these homes are completely planned out at nature’s bounty. Some of the basic facilities offered are round the clock security, 24×7 powers backup and all time water supplies, including some of the recreational, fun and health amenities.

The location of the project plays a tremendously important role in attracting the home seekers and investors towards it. And so, the locality of Prestige Misty Waters Bangalore is a high-class one. Being sited at Hebbal, off ORR, at Whitefield, this residence is just few kilometres far from the places like Columbia Asia Hospital, Esteem Mall, Hebbal Lake, Hebbal flyover, Tumkur road, Manayata Tech Park and many more. Adding to this, the commutation amenities are also much spontaneous here.

With the fineness of living visible in concern of well-known construction, this builder has got an established track record with the unforgettable impression in the field of residential and commercial properties ahead. Being next to the very profiting advantages of Bangalore, this dwelling serves people an overwhelming opportunity to live the life of a king at a just reasonably priced price tag. So, if you are looking for a chance to spend in the finest piece of land, then the best choice will be none other than this project.

Allcheckdeals is an expertise India Property consultant that brings the service to its customers to invest in Prestige Misty Waters.