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Apple IPad 2 Specifications and Features

Introduction to Second Generation iPad

Apple is been launching many new products with new upgraded technologies for the people. They have introduced Apple ipad which is loved by all and is getting very popular nowadays. But now Apple has launched a new Apple ipad 2 with more upgradable technologies and features in comparison to the other ipads.  The ipad2 is available in two colors and they are white and original black.

New Upgradation in iPad 2

It has entirely new in design compared to other ipads which is the main reason of attraction toward it. It is very light in weight which is always liked and preferred by people, especially youngsters. Moreover it is quite thin which makes its look more attractive and eye catching rather than other ipads. It is nearly 8.8mm thinner which is quite less than other versions and also 15 percent light in weight. So, today it is preferred rather than other and it is considered as the smarter phone.

The new processor is been used in ipad2 and it is liked by all. It is very speedy and also efficient in use. This processor is none other than Dual core A5.This chip allows you to fast downloading of all applications and it is very much beneficial to the one who likes to use this new ipad for internet surfing. It is also very fast in response which is very enjoyable. Thus the response time can help to gain speed. Thus it is very good and also offers high performance.

It has both front and rear camera which will help you to take pictures and also have a video conferencing in your phone. This proves to be very useful and enjoyable by all. The front is VGA which is also good for video recording. The rear camera is HD with 720 P. Thus the pictures would be very clear. The graphics capacity in these new ipad is 9 times more powerful in comparison to other. Here pictures look very real and you feel that you are touching it.

It is also much faster in uploading as it supports HSUPA. It is even faster than 3G in uploading so it is quite better. It has 9.7 inch LED touch screen. It is multi touch display which gives a good feeling while you touch it. Thus it is gives a very good experience of black wide screen. Its wide screen helps to look picture more clearly.

Additional Features

This new ipad 2 has many new features in comparison to other ipads. It also looks very stylish with many new technologies in it. This ipad with high features is very demanding but not very costly. Today it is the first choice of everyone. So, experience this new apple ipad

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5 Cool Accessories for the iPad

The Ipad, a cool, sleek and portable Apple device should be used with accessories that are equally cool and useful. Amazing ideas and concepts have led to the emergence of unique cool products tailored towards giving Ipad fans a whole new experience. After thorough and painstaking research, we have come up with a list of the top 5 coolest Ipad Accessories. These are products from which one must get value for their money from in addition to the very important function of helping them get the most out of their Ipad.

1. I- log for Ipad

It is a custom made charging stand made from reclaimed London wood. The wood is carefully selected and then its transformation into a top charging station is a task accomplished by gifted craftsmen. It offers the user a perfect way of turning the ipad into a slide show, a Television as well as photo frame for viewing photos. Your ipad will perfectly fit horizontally or vertically on the stand. This in turn offers an antidote to comfort and style both essential ingredients of techno savvy living.

2. The Typescreen

This is a keyboard few of us would ever have thought can be associated with an Ipad. The Typescreen provides you with a retro style of a typewriter that is fully and highly compatible with the ipad 2 as well as its precursor ipad. The typescreen is in many ways similar to a traditional typewriter. However, unlike the traditional typewriter that produces its output on paper, its output is on your ipad. The convenience and style such an accessory provides cannot be underestimated.

3. Leather Ipad case by temple

This is yet another of those must have cool ipad accessories. Being completely made of leather, this case has an internal pocket, a shoulder strap that is padded as well as a stand. The stand comes in handy when one wants to view things either horizontally or vertically. It is also compatible with ipad 2. Its dimensions of 10″ wide, 8″ tall and 2″ thick ensure your ipad or ipad2 securely fits inside. Its leather and canvas are also oiled ensuring the leather ipad case by temple ages gracefully.

4. JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick

This is a great accessory for enthusiasts of the games that are available on the ipad. It allows precise playing of games as it acts as a physical joystick. A soft suction cup installed with it makes it easy to remove as well as preventing damage to the screen. Any tablet with a compactive touch screen is compatible with this accessory. It is highly applicable for Chinatown Wars HD, Meteor Blitz, Super Mega worm, Madden 11, first person shooters, retro games among others.

5. Nomad Brush

This is an ideal tool for anybody who loves drawing on their ipad. It is a stylus consisting of paintbrush. Since it is made from excellent conducting materials, the nomad brush will work perfectly well. The bristles are soft and flexible containing natural as well as conductive fiber. These features make it very responsive and highly effective on the screen. The grip is soft and never scratches the screen in addition to being very comfortable to hold.