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Baccarat History

Baccarat is a very entertaining casino game which is played with cards and has certain similarities with other card games such as blackjack and pontoon. This game is played by one player who tries to beat the dealer by scoring the highest possible hand, which is 9, in the game. One unique feature in baccarat are the face cards Jacks, Queens and Kings that are valued as nothing as well as the tens which also do not have any card value. Baccarat has been played for so many years and it is very popular in both online and land based casinos because it is easy to play and luck has a big role in it.

History of the Name
Baccarat was first played around the 15th century in France and Italy. This name was used because baccarat in both French and Italian means zero (nothing). Those who know the rules are aware that tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings do not have any value when counting the total hand points; hence why the game was called zero. However, there are several variants of baccarat that were invented throughout the years. The most popular baccarat variant is punto banco, also known as American baccarat.

Baccarat Rules and Variations
Baccarat has very simple rules. Both the player and the dealer get two cards and then according to their hand they can draw another card or stand. The one to be closer to 9 is considered to be the winner, whereas there can be also a tie if the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand have the same value. However, certain variants have different rules. For example, the most commonly played baccarat game today, called punto banco, does not give players a choice; every hand is played by predetermined playing rules in accordance with the hand’s total value.

Evolution of Baccarat
Similarly to all other popular games, baccarat had to evolve. Not only people invented various variants which are all very similar and yet different, but also the game started being offered at online casinos. Online baccarat is extremely popular and played by millions of people all around the world. The latest improvements made it possible for this game to be played with live dealers hosting the games instead of computer systems. So, while an online casino would require beating the system in order to win, players at NetBet Live Casino blackjack tables get a more realistic experience facing their dealer.
The whole purpose of offering live dealer games is to introduce an element of land-based gaming paired with online casinos’ benefit of accessibility. Still, this requires some investment on the part of the operator, as live dealers need to be fully equipped and situated in actual locations. All kinds of digital cameras, broadcasting devices and additional tools are needed to make live dealer games come together, which is why they are considered indicators of an operator’s reliability and dedication to its players.

Enjoy your card game with card shufflers

If you’re serious about your card game playing and want to venture into something new, you should check out the automatic card shuffler. You won’t have to worry about the cards flying out of your hand and can enjoy the game like you never have before.
One of the best things about using the card shuffler is that they are easy to use. It does not matter if you’re even a newbie because you will be able to easily understand how to use the shuffler. There’s a variety of shufflers available so be sure to do your research about what one would fit your needs better.
Host a night that you and your friends won’t ever forget when you work with something like this. It makes the evening fun and exciting. The automatic card shuffler is really worth considering regardless of your gaming experience.

Kevin Hart, Tarik Freitekh celebrities Plays $100K Super High Roller at PokerStars Championship Bahamas

There was a huge poker tournament going on in the Bahamas and the excitement could not get much higher. Not only was there poker players from all over the world, but also some well-known celebrities taking part in the EPT 100k High Roller series. Some of the notable celebrities to take part was comedian Kevin Hart as well as celebrity producer and business man Tarik Freitekh. Both men love poker and both dropped huge bets in this tournament. First off, lets discuss Kevin Harts tournament. The Hollywood Star took part In three big Poker Events At The PokerStars Championship Bahamas and was down over $300k. No matter how much of a celebrity poker player you are, this amount is huge! Kevin Hart, although getting bad draws, was still a poker player through and through as he still did the buy in each time.

How Much Money Can You Really Make Playing Online Poker?

Playing poker online is a lot of fun. Believe it or not, you can also earn a lot of money playing online. It does not matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, you will find that Poker is easy to understand.
Poker for beginners might be the best to start off with playing online. Even if you’re an advanced player you might want to start off at entry level until you fully understand the features of the game. You can make money playing poker online once you get everything.
If you’re wondering how much money can you make playing poker online, will that varies. It all depends on what site you’re playing on, how much time you put in with studying things.
How to play online poker is simple. Just browse and find a poker site you enjoy and have fun.

Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe

Novomatic just recently released the second version of The Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe slot machine. This is a game that’s a lot of fun and very addicting. You will find it to be extremely like the first game with the features and the gameplay. There is one ultimate difference between this game and the first one that stands out the most.
The pay-line system and how many is available currently is the one thing that is different and that you might enjoy as you’re playing the game. It might not be noticeable at first until you start playing it. One thing that you might not even be aware of is that you can play this slot game for real money. To play the game for real money you will need to sign up at the Novomatic casino online.
You will find that the Novomatic casino online offers a variety of other games that tend to be well known. Some of the games include Dolphin’s Pearl, Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot. When you are playing these games you might find yourself surprised at the payouts with each one. The payouts vary depending on what game you are currently playing.
The Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe slot game is one of the first games you should try. It’s not only easy to understand but so much fun you might find yourself just sticking with this game. You will feel as if you’re at the casino when you play this game. You will even get a free spin round that makes it more addicting. You have a chance of doubling your win when this round comes up. This is another reason as to why you should go ahead and give this game a chance because you could win a lot with it.

Online Lottery Shop

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How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a game of cards that is very simple but quite interesting. It’s one of the favorite games for advantage players who use professional gambling systems. Some people view it as a chance and luck game, but there is more to it as one needs to be very strategic when playing. It is also referred to as twenty-one and is defined as a comparing card game. Blackjack frequently involves two groups of people, a dealer and a player whereby the players don’t compete against each other but against the dealer.

When playing this game, you should know that your objective or goal is to be as close as possible to 21 and not above it, the real aim, however, is being able to beat the dealer. The game comes with simple rules but always ends up being quite thrilling as it offers one a chance to think critically for them to be as strategic as possible. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games even for beginners because casino odds are usually less. In casinos, you will notice that the dealer is the house and is always in charge of managing all aspects of the game including dealing the cards to handle bets and shuffling. This is a bit different from the home game where you find that all players are given a chance to be the dealer.


See updates for casino players at By knowing the basics of blackjack then am sure you will have an open mind on what to do and what not to do making you a master player. The primary goal as mentioned is ensuring that you attain a hand value that is very close to 21 than that of the dealer but also being keen to keep it within that limit and not allowing it to exceed. It is therefore of essence that you master the card values whereby you have an ace being counted as 1 or 11 where it is mostly 11 but counted as one if it puts you above 21, all number cards are valued with the cards own face number, and the face cards are counted as 10.

One never has to worry much about the other players on the table but instead, focus on competing only with the dealer’s hand. Another thing to put in mind is that there is no risk if other players or the dealer see your card because there are strictly dictated rules and no decisions are left for the dealer to make. This is why you will find that at a shoe game all cards are usually dealt while facing up. Having understood the card values then you already have an idea in mind of how the cards play about. It is important to note that a ten card and an ace make for 21 in two cards, and this state is called blackjack or natural. Another commonly used term is “soft” hand which refers to a hand that has an ace which can be counted as 1 or 11 without exceeding 21. This means that the hand is soft and can’t be broken if you draw another card. You should also know that the cards suiting has totally no meaning in the game and that the only important aspect is the card values.

The Game

As a player, there are usually two main playing options, and this includes “hit” where you can get another card and can do it until the 21 mark, and also stand which is an option to keep your cards and do completely nothing which means you won’t receive any more cards. These are commonly made decisions during the game and are announced using hand signals. What happens is that if you exceed 21 or bust then your cards are removed from the table and cards collected. Depending on how the game is dealt there are high chances of it giving rise to more possibilities and these include the following:

Taking insurance: this is a move that can only be made when the dealer shows an ace and you get to place a bet in new that pays at 2-1 if the dealer has a blackjack. In this case, one wins the insurance but loses the other bet that would have paid at 1-1 and thus achieving a breaking even.

Double down: it’s only an option when a person’s first cards are equal to 8-11 or soft 12 to soft 19. In that case, one can, therefore, double their bet getting only one card.

Split: this is all about splitting a hand from one if you have cards of the same value. In the case of kings, queens, jacks or tens then you should know these are to be counted as 10 each. Another thing is that when both hands are to win then your amount of money will be twice as much but if only one has winning potential then you break even. When it comes to losing, when both hands lose that doubles your loss. One, therefore, has the chance to split the hands by putting the cards separately and then having a duplicate bet placed.

Even money on blackjack: in times when you have a blackjack and the dealer has an ace turned up then they can offer even money instead of the insurance bet. By accepting, the dealer takes your blackjack and you are paid the amount of money that equals your original bet. This happens before he checks under his ace to confirm whether he too has a blackjack.

Surrender: this is a move worth taking when the dealer flashes a 9-A, whereas the player has a 12-16 or 5-7. One can decide to surrender before playing and after knowing whether the dealer has a blackjack and by surrendering you give up half of your bet. With an early submission, one steps down before the dealer confirms whether there is a blackjack.

How to Be Game Smart

There are some specific rules and strategies that will allow you to have an upper hand as you play in different casinos. These are necessary as they enable you to have a deeper understanding of moves to make and where your winning chances stand if you make those moves. They are briefly explained below:

• You need to understand house rules as they are known to vary from casino to casino. The rules vary regarding doubling down, splitting and insurance, and this entails how and when they can be done.

• You should always be in a position where you have in mind the consequences or rather implications of taking moves like doubling down, splitting, insurance and surrender. This is necessary because most of these actions are known to go in favor of the house if not used correctly.

• To increase you winning chances, you need to understand card counting, and this is where you have smart players counting the value of the deck or the tens and aces that are yet to be played.

Foolproof Roulette Tips to Make a Winning Bet

Every roulette player is looking for a way to win and to have fun. Here we will walk you through roulette systems that can help you beat the wheel.

Given the current number of people who would love to win at roulette, it is surprising why a lot of players can’t beat roulette wheels. When you search roulette tips for instance, you would get a lot of results. There are thousands if not millions of websites where you can find advice on winning this casino game.

But, what most people forget is the fact that in roulette, there are methods that are ineffective and would only make you lose. In fact, there are a lot of people who believe that they are using a great technique just to realize later on that all these years, they have been doing it wrong.

We will cover some of the best tips for playing roulette for those who wish to beat the odds in roulette and to beat the wheels.

Popular strategies are not necessarily effective

If something is getting so much attention there must be a reason for it. It does not mean, however, that it is effective. In fact, anyone who has been spending much time playing roulette is familiar with Martingale and other strategies. These strategies would call for increasing or decreasing the bet depending on the result of the previous bet.

The proponents of this strategy are so convincing that these strategies have a lot of supporters. But, if you look at things clearly, you would think that this is not the best system to use when playing roulette. Mathematics will tell that this will not result to getting better odds. Hence, you will not have greater chances of winning when you apply this system.

Good bankroll management will not make you win

There are a lot of people who propose managing bankrolls to be one of the most vital winning tips for roulette. But, the more accurate way to put is that managing your bankroll is required to stay longer in the game.

In fact, some progression strategies are, in a way, a bankroll management strategy. Using your bankroll effectively would also mean that you can limit the amount of money that you can spend in betting. This is good since you won’t lose your entire fortune in betting on the wheel.

As far as winning is concerned, good bankroll management does not change the odds and your ability to tell in which slot the ball falls on will not improve.

Spending a lot of time observing a wheel may be required

More often than not, you need to spend so much time studying a wheel. Understand why you shouldn’t focus on the roulette table, and why to consider the wheel. But, be reminded that not all wheels are the same. It is possible that one wheel is much easier to beat than the other. Hence, you need to invest time and effort to see if the wheel can be beaten or not.

This is where the boring part comes in. You would have to observe not ten or twenty but hundreds of spins. This is true if the strategy that you are planning to use would be effective.

In roulette, the wheel plays a very vital role and understanding how a particular wheel behaves should be a prime concern.

Using a system based on Physics is a must

Among the most useful tips to play roulette that you would be coming across are those that are backed by Science. To those who are beating roulette on a daily basis, knowing this is essential.

When someone says that that physics is needed to beat roulette, a lot of people freak out. There is a common misconception that the process is very complicated. Just imagine taking all the factors affecting in which slot the ball would fall in using a formula. It can be overwhelming and too tedious for common players.

But, you should not feel discouraged by this. In fact, even someone who is not that good in physics and math can use this system to their advantage. There are actually clues and hints that can help you make the right bet and win the game.

It takes time to master a winning roulette system

Winning roulette constantly is possible. Many people have proven that time and again. But, if you are trying to beat a normal roulette wheel, know that it takes time to learn the process.

At first, you might feel as if you are at a loss with this kind of system. You might even feel that it is taking too much of your time. But, you should master it.

It may take a thousand spins before you master the system and choose the sector where you can place your bet. The process is certainly much more difficult than popular roulette system that relies on the pattern. But, if you are using a winning system by following a good set of roulette tips, you should be prepared to put in a lot of effort.

In roulette, beating the wheel may take time but once you get the hang of it, the only thing left to do would be to evade detection.

Secrets to Winning at Blackjack Revealed

Believe it or not, Blackjack is not the gamble that you might think it to be. There are a lot of ways that you can twist the odds in your favor, netting you a solid win. However, there is no magic button that would enable you to become rich overnight and you should be thoroughly informed that these secrets are going to require some work on your behalf. In any case, if you follow the following tips and tricks, you’d be able to significantly reduce the edge that the casino initially has on the game to a tiny amount that won’t even matter. For more detailed information see professional casino gambling systems.

1. Playing hard hands

You’d want to follow these particular rules when you play your hard hands. If your hand totals 5 through 8 you want to hit against any dealer. If it totals 9 you want to double against dealers who hold 2 through 6 and only hit if he has 7 through Ace. At the same time, if you have a total of 10 you want to double against 2 to 9 and if you total an 11 you want to double against 2 to 10. If your hand totals 12 to 16 you have to hit against a dealer who holds 7 through ace and stand in other situations. You should always stand if your hand totals between 17 and 21.

2. Splits are crucial for your game – here’s how to play them

You should never split your 4s, 5s and 10s. You should always split your aces and your 8s. If you are plating against 7s, 10s and aces then you should consider splitting 9s. If you have 2s, 3s, 6s and 7s you should split them against a dealer with a 2 to 7.

3. Play your soft hands carefully

Playing your soft hands is also crucial. Follow these instructions to increase your edge dramatically. If you have a total of 13 to 15 – always hit. If you have a count between 16 and 17 go for the double against a dealer with a 2 to 6 and hit in other situations. If you total 18 you should stand against a dealer with a 7 or 8 and hit against an ace, 9 or 10. Double against a dealer with a 2 through 6. If you hold between 19 and 21 – you should always consider standing.

These were the more mathematical and practical secrets that you have to be aware of. The following lays down some basic do’s and don’ts that would enable you to reduce the edge of the casino even more.

Always DO:

– Blackjack is an overly fun game and you should stay positive because this allows you to focus properly.

– Memorize the positions listed above and implement them in your game properly and exactly as described.

– Raise your bets when you are winning but do so slightly without overdoing it. Getting overconfident is something that will have a significant negative impact on your game and you should try to avoid it as much.

– Pre-set a win level and quit whenever you reach it. This is directly related to the above rule of getting too over-confident. Set achievable goals and quit when you reach them if you want to stay ahead of the game. You should also quit immediately if you experience discomfort or start feeling frustrated.

– Remember that you are the only one who controls the period during which you play and you can get off the table whenever you feel like it without feeling obligated to move on.

Never DON’T

– Take insurance. You should avoid doing this unless you are currently sitting on the table with several people and you see no 10s laid on the table. In any other case you should forget about this particular bet.

– Surrender. Forget about surrendering unless you are in the following situation: you have a total of 15 against a 10 and you have a 16 against an ace, 9 or a 10. In any other cases you should never surrender.

– Be rude. You should absolutely never be rude to anyone on the table. This includes the dealer and the other players surrounding you – they are trying to enjoy the game just as much as you are. You should also remember that the dealer has absolutely no control over the cards and you are the one who is controlling your bet as well as the time you spend on the table.

– Bet more if you are losing. The worst thing you could start doing is bet larger amounts if you are losing in order to chase what you’ve already lost. This is a sure recipe for disaster and you should know better. You’d quickly see your bankroll melting away.

An Additional Bonus Tip

You can win at blackjack, but a much greater edge is possible with roulette. Learn more about beating roulette here. While your attention should be focused on the game, you should consider ordering something to drink or to have the occasional bite. You may not find this ground-breaking but the most important factor for you to win is to feel comfortable. Eating and drinking will get you to that sweet spot. It’s highly counter-productive to play when you are hungry or thirsty because this would reflect on your thought pattern and you’d get easily distracted.

In any case, following these secrets is going to get you the winning streak that you’ve been waiting for. However, make sure to understand that you should be laying out a long-term strategy instead of seeking for the hit. Remember that people who look for the big hit once in a while are the people that the casino is making its profit from. They go in with the sole intention of finding their miraculous win. While there might be some of them who succeed, when put into prospective, you’d quickly see how tiny the chances of this to happen. These secrets are going to highly increase your chances to win at blackjack and if you implement them properly you can be sure to win significant amounts of money in the long-run.

Strategies to Win European Roulette

Roulette is a betting game so knowing the techniques will set you in good stead to making some money at the table. You can learn the rules for roulette here. Betting at Roulette and more betting at European Roulette Online, has many options that are simple to understand. The secret to Roulette betting are the inside and outside bets. See explanation of the roulette odds and you’ll see the house edge is much the same for any bet. These bets are determined by the number of numbers allowed for bets. Inside bets are done with the smaller amount of numbers, or cluster of numbers as a bet, and also individual bets with single numbers.

Bets at any Roulette Table has a minimum and maximum limit depending on the individual and the category of players at any table at any time. The minimum bets placed is dependent on what is categorized as profitable losers at the Roulette Table; while the maximum bets are to prevent the casino from losing a sizable sum to rich players who are able to make large bets. For European Roulette Online these strategies are also applicable.

Betting at The Roulette Table

See the recommended guide for playing roulette. Some persons believe there are no limits to betting at the Roulette Table, but this is not true. The more money you are tempted to bet may have you incurring heavy losses. Betting at the Roulette Table for the beginner is advised to start betting from the outside. This strategy may afford you winning in small portions, but you are sure to not lose your money. Keeping your bets to red/black, high/low or odd/ even is sure to have you winning 1:1, which ensures a friendly wheel. The house edge is at the same, and your odds of winning have gone up by 50%. The fewer numbers you bet on may not ensure a huge win, but the secret is to not bet on five numbers as you may end up with a probability of 00-0-1-2-3 which will give you 7.89% odds for losing. These odds are not good for a beginner.

Betting small portions at a Roulette Table and wanting to Double Up is a strategy that will NOT work. Betting black/red and odd/even is NOT a winning strategy. Bet the same over a period of times even if you lose, as the probability of you winning is terrible. This strategy in Roulette is called the Martingale Strategy, which can also be used for persons betting on European Roulette Online, but it loses the same anywhere. See layout diagram for the roulette table so you can become familiar with the types of bets in roulette.

The Martingale Strategy in Roulette

Say you bet $10 dollars on red, and it lands on black; on your next turn it is safe to bet $20 dollars on red as it will ensure you win your money back and make a profit. If it lands on black again then bet the same again, continue with this strategy as the wheel will eventually land on red, and you win your money back and make a profit.

Here is where low betting is advisable, which the minimum betting amount that the Roulette Table allows. When betting, it is advised you have the amount of money to double up, and so ensure you win and make a profit at the Roulette Table.

The Grand Martingale Strategy in Roulette

This strategy in Roulette is similar to the Martingale Strategy with a slight twist. In betting the Grand Martingale Strategy; instead of only doubling up your betting’s, the player doubles up and adds another “unit” to their strategy. The “unit” is the first color and amount you started betting with. Apart from the Martingale System and the Grand Martingale System there are others which players of Roulette have used, they are:

Labouchere’ System; which is not that different from the Martingale System of betting, is increasing your betting size on losing your original betting amount.

D’Alembert System is designed to help the player hold on to their winnings. When you win you reduce your betting amount, and when you lose you increase your betting amount. This is simple betting strategy, but not as restricting as the Martingale System.
Who or What is The Croupier

The Croupier or Dealer; is the person employed by the Casino to serve at the Roulette Table. His job is to spin the wheel, distribute bets and make payouts on winnings. These individuals are not generally experts at Roulette, but they are trained also to spot professional Roulette Players, and to ensure the house’s advantage.

The Philosophy of Roulette

Because the game of Roulette was invented by a Physicist, it is generally believed that Roulette is played and won on Physics. The most direct use of physics involves the use of hidden cheating computers. A lot of Mathematics is involved and because it is a game of chance, the odds of winning are greatly against the player. Many persons have done considerable research to be able to bet and bet intelligently so as to beat the Roulette Table. This strategy at betting at Roulette takes a lot of planning and they have won greatly, and also lost greatly.

There are many systems of Roulette, but the two main systems are The American and the European Systems. The American System of Roulette on the wheel, apart from the 36 slots there are “00” on the wheel; while on the European Roulette Wheel there is only one “0” slot, along with the other 36 slots. Knowing how to manipulate the system based on where you are playing the game of Roulette, will enhance your chances of winning.

Players who choose to bet online and are using the European Roulette System, are able to log on and just bet from any chosen table from anywhere in the world. Some players may choose to use other online players’ signature to widen their chances of winning. They will, however, have to split their winnings with this player. Regardless of what system you choose to use, taking your chances at Roulette, and especially European Roulette Online, the tables may be tipped in your favor.