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Nick Festari

I came across an artist named Nick Festari a few weeks ago and his style of music has really grown on me. This style that is popularly known as Eurodance or Italodance, has been around for a long time, but Nick has really put a unique sound to the genre. His newest cut is She’ll be wild and it is an awesome display of musical talent that must be heard. The cut clocks in at 6 minutes and you will be bopping around the entire time to the up tempo beat that you would normally find in Eurodance. I was pleasantly surprised though that not only is there then song She’ll be wild on Spotify, but also a fully instrumental version as well as a bonus Cappella version which is indeed a rare treat to hear. Please be sure to visit Nick Festari at his website to hear this new song as well as links to his many other music creations.

Nick Festari

Nick Festari is an accomplished writer, producer and singer known throughout Japan as well Europe. As a young teen, his musical talents started to catch the attention of players in the music industry which played a role in his developing producing career even to this day. Although his music writing actually started in early 1992, it was the birth of the HI-NRG ATTACK label that really propelled this talented producers career to the next level. Nick has proven himself to be a guru in The Euro Beat genre as he has close to 800 songs that he personally wrote and that is not including cover songs and compilations that includes his songs. Now that Nick has started NIckthebeat music,his creative style of Eurobeat is now the of his solo career as he is producing more of his own unique sounds and music. If you are an inspiring musician, a record label or anyone that has a love of music, feel free to visit Nick Festari at his website or find his music on Spotify.


If you are like me, then you enjoy a wide range of music, but also have great respect for musicians that take music to a entirely different level. One of those that I have quickly become a fan of is Mayden Hollywood. I am sure you have heard of this spectacular artist, but if not, I will give you some background. Artist Mayden HollyWood is not only a musician but also a producer, singer and songwriter who cut his teeth learning the music business by working for a production companies go to guy talent scout. His passion for Hip Hop and ear for music has propelled his sound that not only appeals to the lovers of music and hip hop, but also bridges into the commercially viable casual music lover. You can find more information on him by visiting his website and his Facebook page as well.

Award Winning Drummer Justin D. Charney

Award Winning Drummer Justin D. Charney has performed in front of a live audience with thousands of people watching. He’s not only performed in front of a live audience but he’s also performed for people online and millions have watched him.
He’s making his way through life with the drumming and music that he does. He’s extremely gifted for his age. He’ll get you up and dancing on your feet in a few seconds. He is one drummer to follow. His popularity will increase fast due to his talents. You can easily follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
He’s always practicing and working on his skills. If you have a chance to see Justin D. Charney performing live then I highly recommend it. It’s one live performance that you won’t forget. Invite your friends and family to watch him live with you or either watch him online.

Daniell Nelson Tasteful Music

Daniell Nelson has a great mix of both pop and hip hop. His song tomorrow produces a great message about all of the things that people face with today and there are lots of questions about the future and this song covers all of those questions.
If you think that you are alone with some of your struggles and trails in life, the song Tomorrow by Daniell Nelson is a clear reminder that you are not and that there are lots of other people out there who also struggle and experience a lot of the same trials that you do. After you hear this song by Daniell Nelson, you will want to hear more of his music.
Every word in the song gives you something to think about and this is another reason as to why you’ll want to hear more of his music. Just listen to it once and you’ll fall in love with it.

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A Matter of Time: The science of rhythm and The Groove Review

If you are looking to read a book that is from the musician’s point of view on rhythm plus how people process and use it in order to enjoy their music then look no further because this book is for you.

The one thing that I appreciate about this book is the author is a drummer and shares his personal experience in regards to rhythm. You will not be disappointed by the book as subject  is very intriguing as well as informative.  If you want to learn more about just how important music is in our life daily then this is a great start. You will learn that and so much more.

It does not matter what type of browser you have if you would like to buy this book then you can open the book from any browser. After you have purchased it you will get instant access to the book and can start reading it right away.