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The Dental School Parody

If you’ve ever been to dental school before or if you’re in your first year then you’ll find the Dental School Parody extremely funny. Going to dental school can be rather a challenge at times just like any other occupation. This video is a great reminder that you can actually have some fun when you’re in dental school.
One thing that’s important to note is that with this video is only just for fun. The actors don’t actually believe in the behavior or beliefs in this video. Everything is just a joke as it’s a dental parody. You might want to watch it a couple of times in order to fully appreciate and catch all of the humor in the video.
I know that this video is a great way to start the day and I plan on sharing it and letting my friends know about it.
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The Big Wide Calm, by Rich Marcello

The Big Wide Calm, by Rich Marcello is a fantastic book! It will surprise you when you read it. You’ll fall in love with Paige, who is the main character in this book. She’s full of charisma and much more. Another important character in the book is John. You will really love both of them.
I don’t want to give the story away but I loved the team work that happened together in this book. It is a very good reminded that no matter what your dream is or no matter what you might want to do in life, if you work together as a team, then things can be accomplished. It might not all happen at once but in time, it all comes together.
Paige really has a lot of goals in life but she needs help with accomplishing her dreams. This book is about failures, success, love and a tale all about coming of age. There are many surprises in this book and it’s worth a read. The fact that it had so many surprises also makes the book unpredictable. These days many books are predictable and you find yourself getting bored with it half way but that is not the case with this one.
When you finish reading the book you will see Paige as a heroine in many ways. She’s just so unique, memorable and very strong considering all that she has experienced so far in life. The story is deep and you’ll be amazed at how it might even inspire you to go after the dreams that you have. If Paige can do it, then you can do it regardless of how big or small your dreams might be in life. This is a great new author that I highly recommend.

Begotten Son by Danny Darren Book Review

The book Begotten Son by Danny Darren is a fantastic book. It will pull at your emotions. Throughout the book you will feel both love and sorrow. Robert Agnoli is a very wealthy Italian merchant and after his wife passes away, he really does work hard on making sure that his son is protected and has the best life.
Halfway during the book you’ll start feeling the suspense and mystery that happens. It is a little slow in the beginning but that gives you time to fall in love with Agnoli and help you understand all that he is experiencing in life.
I highly recommend this book. Once it starts to pick up you’ll find that you won’t be able to put it down. Don’t get discouraged at the slow parts in the beginning. They are important will help you with falling in love with the book even more.