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The Walking Dead Season 3

The Walking Dead on AMC has become a worldwide hit and fans are anxiously waiting for what lies ahead. The show started off as a comic book series and is currently in its third season. The series is focused on a group of people that are trying to survive after the downfall of mankind. There are now “walkers” or zombies everywhere and the group needs to find a way to simply find a way to keep living. The season is very addictive and here are some reasons why the show continues to get more fans.

Different From Other Zombie Movies

Unlike the typical zombie movie, the audience is not able to really “feel” for the characters because the movies are only about 2 hours long. However, the Walking Dead has gone through numerous shows and people are able to really follow their favorite characters. Most zombie movies will not be able to develop their characters enough for the audience to feel anything when the character dies. This is why the show is so addictive because you simply want to see your favorite characters survive.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (Photo credit: andres musta)

Very Film Like

The TV show also has amazing cinematography and so you will feel like you are watching one long movie. The TV show will continue to grow and the effects will be just as good. The nice thing about the show is that they obviously put a lot of effort into the script, the effects, and the overall quality that the show gives. AMC has done a great job of simply putting something on TV that deserves to be in the theaters. The show is very well-done and it is among the best shows in recent years on TV.

The Acting Is Superb

The show is directed well and the script is amazing, but it’s the acting that really brings it over the top. The actors were chosen perfectly and it seems like they really learned how to play their characters from the get go. The characters continue to go through different emotions and they are perfectly acted on a daily basis. It is a big surprise for most people who weren’t expecting much from the show since it is mainly on TV, but the producers, directors, and the show’s writers have been able to really prove every critic wrong.

Overall, the show is very addictive and it can be a big hit if people continue to watch. People are now able to watch their favorite characters go through life with very little resources. The nice thing about the show is that it seems too “real” to be on TV as the acting, writing, and directing all work together to give the audience an emotional ride that will last all throughout the Fall. The next season will start in October of 2012 and fans simply can’t wait anymore. The trailers are showing that they will be in the prison portion of the story and so it is getting very exciting for The Walking Dead fans from all over the world.

The Best TV Shows of the Year 2012

Need to know best 2012 television shows to watch? As the year really starts to kick off people anticipate new things in terms of entertainment, fashion, and clothing. When you switch on your TV randomly, you will watch whatever is on at the time, and you may get bored or enjoy it. Hopefully we can save you some time in figuring out what you would like to watch with these Top 2012 TV Show Trailers and Reviews.



If you like watching shows with mystery and sci-fi, Alcatraz is one of the best shows to watch on TV right now.

If you ever watched lost, then you will fall in love with Alcatraz. It’s about prisoners who mysteriously disappeared from the prison and no member of the public knew what happened as the story was covered up by the government.

After 85 years, one of the inmate who had dissappeared shows up and many other inmates resurface. A special team is placed to investigate the whole thing as the series continues.

House of Lies

Hilarious comedy about a cutthroat consultant who will do whatever it takes to get his way with his clients. Created, written and executive produced by Matthew Carnahan from the hit book ‘House of Lies” do not miss this new series.

Are you There Vodka? It’s me Chelsea

If you are comedy lover, this is a must watch show. The show is based on a book written by Chelsea Handler. It’ s about a young woman ages 20 years trying to get along with every day ups and downs. She works in a bar and its funny that she calls God Vodka. The show is downright hilarious and you will enjoy every part of it.

The River

Amazing new show about an explorer who gets lost in Amazon river together with his crew members. His family get news that he is alive and they search the vessel to know what happened to him but they are shocked as something strange was happening. If you are afraid of watching horror movies, you better get a company while watching the trailer.

Jane by Design

New Series about a girl who juggles between school, politics, work and her real place in the world. Her dad died while young and her mom is missing, his brother who is now her guardian and doesn’t have a stable job. The show demonstrates real life experience, but it is also a comedy.

Good Christian Belles

This Comedy/drama TV series is based on the novel Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin. The Show is about widowed woman who moves her family back to the upscale Dallas, Texas, neighborhood where she grew up.

Life’s too Short

It is satirical program acted by Warwick Davis that centers around his day-to-day life and the frustrations he encounters. Some say this is one of the funniest tv shows on air right now and others will tell you that is not the case. Either way, watch it for yourself and see.

Napolean Dynamite

If you are a Fan of Napolean Dynamite the movie, then check out this animated tv show that was inspired by it. It’s about a goofy highschool nerd and his interesting daily encounters.


If you are musical fun and glee lover, then Smash is the show for you. The show is fascinating as there is drama, acting, and flirting as Karen tries to show her talent in a new Broadway musical based on Marilyn Monroe.


Called a Drama that is blended with Spirituality and science do not miss out on this amazing tale. A single-father who is recently widowed discovers his emotionally-challenged son can actually predict events before they happe.
It’s important you have an idea on what show to watch so that you can enjoy and have fun as you rest. It’s time to ditch those old movies and series you watch out of boredom and pick something new that will captivate you. If you like comedies, drama, mystery or science fiction, 2012 series are great to watch.