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Best Video Games for 2012

In the gaming industry, tons of games are developed daily. Materials are researched and wheels keep on spinning until developers produce a big hit. Some games are sequels of popular ones such as Call of Duty or Streefighter. But whatever it may be, players are constantly on the watch for the best video games of 2012. After all, an avid gamer takes only a couple of days to finish the game. But the real test of a game is whether people would keep on playing it after the hype is over. If you’re itching to know the best video games of 2012, here’s the list :

1. Diablo 3 – The overly-awaited series that captured fans from various age groups. Some were just kids when Diablo II was released. Now, these kids are teens who want to experience ultimate action and fantasy while battling hordes of demons and minions. Its diabolically artistic with secret levels that perplex the gamers. Blizzard has set the bar a notch higher again leaving competitors eating dust.

2. Total War Shogun: Fall of the Samurai – Sega Games has put this game on the top slot again through the expansion to SHOGUN 2. Choose from any of the six clans to choose from each with their own agenda. But aside from taking sides, you must also deal with foreign invaders such as Britain, America, and France. It all depends on what clan you want to join and what is your vision for Japan. Seems like too much burden for a player but this makes the game a runaway winner for this year.

3. Max Payne 3 – Another old-timer produced by Rockstar. It is heavily competing with Mass Effect 3 for the top spot. Pros includes great visuals and a wide array of weapons to bring down all your enemies. Much delight for first-person shooter games. However, the length of gameplay maybe quite disappointingsince it’s tops at 13 hours. It just shows that you can never have enough of a good thing.

4. Mass Effect 3 – The final episode in the trilogy that would leave gamers breathless. Talk about hard choices coupled with humor and sarcasm. Older players even feel emotional as the great characters of the game had to say goodbye after saving the galaxy. It’s something like Expendables meet Transformers so brace for action. Bioware has hit a homerun again.

5. Walking Dead: Episode 1 A New Dawn – If you love the series, you will fall in love with the game too. First, the story is great despite the depressing mission. Play the lead character Lee Everett and make choices that will spin the storyline as you meet other interesting characters. The visuals are gory and creepy so make sure you’re ready for such. Zombies are depicted in full glory in this exciting game by Telltale Games.

Currently, there are forthcoming games for the third quarter such as Call of Duty Black Ops 2 which can be unsettling for those in the top spots for best video games 2012. But whatever game you play, life becomes more enjoyable as you battle different opponents and save the planet once and for all.