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How to Cook Meals from Scratch

Cooking home meals from Scratch comes with a lot of benefits. It gives you the chance to enjoy a nutritious meal, and hence saves you from a lot of lifestyle diseases. You have the advantage of choosing your ingredients which gives you a sense of ease with your health knowing what you are consuming.

Homemade dishes usually make use of affordable ingredients and this saves your money. You also save the time you would have spent shopping for a good restaurant as well as selecting a delicious meal from the hotel. As an added benefit you will usually have plenty leftovers which provide meals for several days afterwards.


English: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, e...

English: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Simple recipes and tips for cooking healthy meals from scratch

Self-raising flour is essential for baking wheat based foods such as cake and bread. You can make your own flour by mixing the regular wheat flour with baking powder and salt. Mix one cup, one teaspoonful and half a teaspoonful of these ingredients respectively.

• Onion is a vital ingredient for stew and salads. This small ingredient has medicinal value, and is best known for its anti-fungal benefits. However, it releases some vapor that can irritate your eyes and nose. To minimize this effect, cut the roots and dip the onion in cold water for five minutes. You can also freeze the onion for 15 minutes prior to chopping in order to achieve the same effect.

Salad, turkey, sundried tomatoes, spring onion...

Salad, turkey, sundried tomatoes, spring onion, dressing of olive oil, lemonjuice, rice vinegar, wholegrain mustard, honey, pepper, salt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you are preparing vegetable salad and do not like the acidic taste, chop the onion and dip the pieces in warm water for about ten minutes. Sprinkle some lemon juice to make it more appetizing.

• Fruits and vegetables are important part of your daily meal plan. They aid in digestion and reduce the risk of developing flatulence and other digestive problems. Blend fruits from the various categories in order to achieve optimum health. Raw vegetables can be served as juice, dessert or salad. Be careful while mixing vegetables because some vegetables do not work together. For instance, beet and cabbages are a no-no. Serve fruits and vegetables 30 minutes before meals or after meals.

• Use the best food preparation method for your preferred recipe. Different preparation methods serve different purposes, and they are suitable for different types of foods. For instance, peanuts are better when roasted, carrots are better when raw, but tomatoes are better when cooked. Try to steam your vegetables, if you cannot take them raw. If you should fry them, use healthy oil such as olive oil. Shallow frying is better than deep frying because it is friendlier to your health.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt (Photo credit: Happy Krissy)

Salt is an important seasoning agent, but measuring the right amount is always hard. Always let it boil before removing the food from fire. If you use more salt than required, you need not worry. Dip a raw potato inside the food so that it may absorb the excess salt. It is better to use all natural sea-salt rather than processed salt with added iodine. Sea salt has all of nature’s minerals while processed salt loses its precious nutrients.

• Spices add taste to your food. Use natural organic spices which have lasting benefits for your health. For instance, garlic, coriander, and ginger instead of artificial spices. Avoid artificial flavors because they may harm your health. Adding cayenne pepper to your meals can improve heart health along.

• Always use a timer to check whether your food is cooked. Never leave it to burn, because this may affect your appetite. Avoid eating raw meat and milk by using the right gadgets.

While eating out and microwave meals have the convenience of being easy to prepare, ultimately you lose out in the very nutrition that makes eating an important part of our daily lives. With processed foods comes heat and added preservatives, artificial ingredients and chemicals. This not only damages the food, but can damage your bodies as a side effect. That is why eating all-natural whole foods can improve the quality of your life and your health, and save your money in the long run.