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Fun Kitchen Accessories Online

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Buy British Food Online

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There are days when you go to the market and unable to find the things that you need or maybe you just don’t feel like going out to get the food items. The best part with buying online is you can avoid crowds and still even get good deals. Stock up on your favorite British food items and know that when you finish them, you can come back online and order some more.
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6 Places That Would Gladly Welcome Your E-Cigarettes

In some countries, smoking is banned at a large number of public places. In others, governments could probably do more to enforce such bans. However, if you are a die-hard smoker, consider switching to e-cigarettes, which may be better received by the public, especially at some of these places.

Coffee shops

These are located mostly indoors, and feature a clientele comprising primarily of students and yuppies – the demographics that form the majority of the anti-smoking crowd (aside from parents of young children of course, who may or may not be yuppies). E-cigs are less likely to hamper other peoples’ enjoyment of their daily cuppa as it does not produce odorous fumes, and it goes without saying that your fellow patrons’ risk of cancer and other diseases associated with second-hand smoke remains unaffected.


One of the main reasons for banning smoking in eateries, aside from health reasons of course, is that the smell of cigarette smoke sometimes tends to overpower the delicate aroma of food. Also, the carcinogenic particles in cigarette smoke have a higher chance of landing on food, which augments the dangers of secondhand smoke as these particles are then ingested by unsuspecting customers. Hence, for the health maximum enjoyment of all patrons, smoking is often banned at eateries. On the other hand, e-cigarettes have no such olfactory issues – they do not produce smoke, much less carcinogenic airborne particles.

cigarette électronique

Theme Parks

Theme parks are particularly susceptible to the above-mentioned risks associated with secondhand smoke due to the large crowds that populate theme parks. Additionally, most theme park goers tend to be young children and teenagers, who may not have immune systems as strong as that of adults, which then makes them more susceptible to the risks associated with passive smoking. Another issue associated with smoking that theme parks face is the defacement of rides and displays when smokers accidentally brush their lit cigarettes against these structures. It is common in some parts of the world to see figures and statues in theme parks covered with cigarette butt burns.

Educational institutions

Educational institutions are more often than not populated with bright young minds, especially those at an age when they are particularly prone to the various allergies and diseases that exposure to cigarette smoke can trigger. Educational institutions, especially public ones, are also often tasked with promoting the health and wellbeing of its inmates. Clearly, allowing cigarette smoke to drift in the air is inimical to such interests. This is where e-cigarettes may come in handy – they would allow the nicotine-needy to get their fix, without endangering the health of those around them at the same time. An added bonus that e-cigarettes provide is that they do not need to be lit, hence eliminating the risk of fire.


Like theme parks and educational institutions, beaches can have a rather high population density especially during summer. What this means is potentially more smokers in a packed, public area.
The crowds also means that there is a high percentage of exposed skin in close proximity. E-cigarettes would be welcome at the beach because they do not pollute the fresh sea air; and bikini wearers are spared the horror of getting accidentally burnt by cigarettes. Another advantage that e-cigarettes offer is that they produce less waste. Many types of e-cigarettes have refillable cartridges, which means that there is no need to discard anything after a smoke. The clean-up crew will appreciate this point especially after a beach party.

Sports stadiums

Sports stadiums are usually packed to the brim during game season, which makes traditional cigarettes both a health hazard and a nuisance as well. Imagine if half the population in the stadium began to smoke. What would that bode for athletes, who are probably breathing deeper and harder than most? Or the cheerleaders, who have to inhale deeply each time they scream at the top of their voices? Take into account the fact that sports stadiums are often enclosed areas and you have a recipe for immediate smog. E-cigarettes would be welcomed with open arms in this case.

Being a huge fan of electronic cigarettes, Jayden feels that electronic cigarette starter kits should be put in every smoker’s Christmas stocking.