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From the Vine to the Glass – A History of Wine

Like beer and champagne, the discovering of wine was a happy accident. There are many people all over the world that enjoy wine, and make it their passion. But just how long has wine been around? There is reference to wine being in the Bible, but wine has been around for a lot longer than anyone can possibly imagine. Archaeologists have discovered fossils of grapevines that could be as old as sixty million years old, so clearly wine making has been around a very long time. Wondering just how long wine has been around? Here are some interesting tales of wine that show both its age and origins.

The Holy Bible

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A man named Noah, who was famous for building an ark and putting two of every animal inside of it before a big flood hits, is also the responsible for wine making. In the Old Testament, there is passage that talks about Noah the wine maker. He planted grapes, tended them, then picked them when they were ripe, and made wine.

Ancient Persia

The Middle East has claimed to be the first place that both discovered and made wine. There is a tale in Ancient Persia of a Princess who decided one day to end her life in a rather unusual way. The story goes that this Princess was so distraught after losing the King’s favor, that she decided to commit suicide. The Princess decided to poison herself and grabbed a handful of grapes that had grown rotten. After eating many of these rotten grapes, the Princess became very happy and giggling, then finally she passed out. Many hours later, the Princess awoke and to find that she felt wonderful. The young woman was so happy that she went back to the King, who was pleasantly surprised by her change in attitude, and welcomed her back with open arms. When the Princess told her father the King about what had happened, and everyone began producing spoiled grapes.

The Greeks

Around 1600 BCE, wine made its way to Europe courtesy of the Greeks. The Greeks were huge fans of wine, and even Hippocrates prescribed wine for medicinal purposes. Wine can even be found in both famous Greek poems, The Iliad and Homer’s Odyssey.

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Applying pressure to extract the juice from grapes with a basket press (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How is wine made?

Back in the early days, people used to stomp on grapes for their juice. However, some places do use giant wine presses to squeeze the grapes for their juice. After enough juice is squeezed out, its time to start the fermentation process. Yeast is what is used for the fermentation process, but its not the yeast you normally use to bake with. Wine is made with special champagne yeast so the wine can be drunk; people who use bread yeast will soon discover that the wine will have a horrible flavor. Wine can be left to ferment in a barrel for at least a month for that great flavor and color.

Wine has been around for a very long time, dating back thousands of years. There is even a reference to wine in the Holy Bible. Wine was an accidental discovery, supposed in Ancient Persia when a distraught Princess ate a handful of grapes and became intoxicated. No matter how it was discovered, wine is a delicious part of our culture, and drinking this fruit of the vine is truly an art form.