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Home improvement is a multi billion dollar business not just in the USA, but also worldwide. Whether you own or rent a home, making the place you live beautiful and more pleasant to live in is important. Although you could pay someone for their expertise, why not get ideas for free? Mabledesign is a home improvement and interior design site that offers many tips and ideas on what to do with the space you have. From paint colors in different rooms to how to pick out the best counter tops, they have it all. Not only can you read different articles from builders and professional designers, but also everyday, average people share the success stories they have from taking doing the designs and remodels themselves.

Pebble Tec Repair Kit

Cracks in the surface of your pool can occur, even though most pools are made out of the strongest types of material. At some point in time whether it is from weather conditions or other common situations that cause cracks in surfaces, you will need the right type of repair kit to fix the issue. If you aren’t certain of where to go and what product to use, you might want to consider a Pebble Tec Repair Kit Phoenix.

The Pebble Tec Repair Kit allows you to use the perfect mixture of pebbles that blends in well with your pool surface, to cover any cracks, dents or holes in the concrete. There are various ingredients blended together to create the sturdy repair that you need.

There are 3 different types of pebble surfaces available to choose from on the site:

  • Caribbean Blue
  • Tahoe Blue
  • Sand

You can choose from a large selection of colors that will best blend in with the surface that you have. Quality is important, so you are certain to be satisfied with what you are getting. You also have the option of choosing what bucket size you need. Buckets are available in 3 pounds, 10 pounds, and 50 pounds.

Clarifying Effective Buy Modern Abstract Art Painting Programs

Abstract art is completely different from other art forms which may have changed of their representations of individuals, places, and objects, and instead have the ability to encourage the two senses and also the intellect without creating any attempt at such representation. It is called non-representational art with this, among numerous reasons. Paintings is likely to begin to possess elements of abstraction on the centuries which could ultimately result in abstraction changing into an art form of its own. Sun Setting more than a Lake, a painting by William Turner, among Britain’s best artists in 1840 used colors to be able to conjure emotional state while he would probably infuse light and clouds of atmosphere into numerous of his paintings, notably this. McNeil Whistler, another painter whose creativity also was ahead of his time, painted the Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket in 1874 utilizing colour to evoke both energy and dynamism with approaches that others is likely to only use a century afterwards. With its eternal beauty, abstract art has even gone beyond being art work and has seeped into modern popular culture. Abstract art reproduction paintings may be seen in most residences while an excellent deal of record covers and posters is likely to also feature a number of concepts that stemmed from abstract art. Since the boom of their popularity inside mid-90s, abstract realism has changed into a marketing style in addition to being art work.

Of the many art forms, abstract art is perhaps considered one of the most accessible styles when it comes to painting. Abstract art might be valued most through the modern household as decor instead of being restricted to appreciating them in galleries. While most others could readily overpower an area, abstract art rather readily lends depth and character to any room with little difficulty. One could even put together a few abstract art reproduction paintings or originals quite readily without concern for any specific style but still achieve attractive results. Still, should you be trying to achieve an unified look when decorating your house there are three distinct varieties of abstract art which have formulated within the years: Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, and Neoclassicism.

When you are looking at buying abstract art to set around the residence, you will have to establish the place that the piece will go and what sort of atmosphere you are searching for. It may possibly do well to coordinate the pieces using the other decor within the room since abstract art is very expressive while using use of colors. Since most abstract paintings are dominated by one or perhaps a couple of colours anyway, accomplishing this is amazingly simple. If you can’t quite afford modern day originals merely yet, prints are an excellent starting point into starting out introduce art into your home.

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Introducing Modern Oil Painting Gallery Website

You can get beautiful original, abstract, modern, oil painting and paintings by famous, lesser known and in many cases little known artists. They are available on the internet and the wide array of art collections will leave collectors and art buffs spoilt for choice. You can buy beautiful contemporary stuff for wall art directly from artists. There is a huge collection from which to choose depending on individual aesthetic tastes and preferences. There is good quality oil on canvas and modern oil paintings which are large enough to adorn walls of big and spacious living spaces. They can fit well and blend with almost any d?cor which range from the traditional towards the modern and eclectic.

Framed paintings will almost always be sought after and you will fine tune what you can do from the range of artistic frames available. In recent times there has been a surge in demand for handmade stuff and people love the originality and private touch that retreats into producing them. Modern oil paintings include the hottest trend in interior planning and they are actually old favorites using a twist. They make for contemporary sketches in homes and no matter what the themes of interior d?cors are, there is something for everyone. Modern abstract painting and expressionist art can be matched with assorted colors making to blend while using shades with the rooms.

For art connoisseurs, the option is enormous and you’ll find something interesting from a whole lot of choices. You can also decorate your living space with modern canvas art painting at the same time. Abstract oil paintings are a different art altogether and incredibly few art experts can really judge the stuff. It is one in the weariest forms of painting since it requires a serious amounts of dry. An abstract painting is difficult to judge too and it has a sharp aesthetic sensibility to catch the nuances with the strokes.

Some works of art are also able to hang like sketches if they are done. The great thing about oil along with the texture of the oil on canvas come out brilliantly in oil on canvas paintings. Experienced fine arts providers online will offer you seascape, landscape, flower, flora designs, tree and also sell feng shui items too. They can also be 100 percent hand painted and also the beauty with the ocean, the beach, sunset, sunrise are captured using the help of palette knife paintings also.

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Vinegar as a window cleaning solution!

Clean windows would make any house owner proud. It is very important to keep the windows of your house clean. Windows become speckled over time due to dirt and grime and no body wants to look at the world through dirty windows. There are many household tricks to clean windows on your own. These are natural and help  Christchurch Cleaning its atmosphere. Some people also believe that vinegar does not clean the windows properly. So the trick is to mix it with some other products and create a perfect eco friendly solution to clean the windows.

If you are cleaning your windows for the first time with vinegar and have been using synthetic products available at Christchurch cleaning stores, then you need to create a strong solution to use for the first time to combat the residue left over from previous cleaning exercises. You can use a mixture of vinegar and dish soap. It creates a strong solution to cut away the dirt and grime. Use this solution to clean your windows to make them shiny and sparkling. You can put this solution in the spray bottle, which will make it easy to use. Spray the window with this solution and wipe it with a lint free cloth. This is a quick and easy way to get clean windows.

Window Cleaners Christchurch residents recommend use off the shelf-products, which may or may not be eco friendly. However, when you use home made cleansers to clean the windows of your house, those products are natural and help maintaining and cleaning Christchurch environment. Once you have cleaning the stubborn muck and grime, cleaning windows becomes much easier. Next time you need not use vinegar and detergent mixture for cleaning your windows. You can just use vinegar diluted with water in a spray bottle as your environment friendly solution for window cleaning Christchurch residents say. For windows that are extremely dirty you just need to use full strength vinegar, which means you don’t need to mix it with water or liquid dish soap. Just spray the vinegar on the window and wipe.

When you are wiping your windows make sure you use lint free cloth because other materials leave lint on the glass, which doesn’t make the windows appear clean. You can also use paper towels but they prove to be expensive. Some people also use newspapers to wipe the windows because they are super absorbent but they leave ink on your hands, which some people do not like. The best way to get streak free windows is to use micro fiber cloth. It is absorbent and does not leave any lint or streaks on your windows. If you still feel it is a tough job for you to do on your own, you can always hire professional window cleaners Christchurch has.

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Bathroom tips to use to stay on a budget

When remodeling the bathroom in your home you might keep in mind what all you have to do in order to spend as little money as possible. There are plenty of tips that you can use to help keep the cost low. Staying on a budget is not as hard as it might seem when you get ready to do some remodeling to your bathroom.
Generally when a new homeowner goes to remodel their home they tend to find out things about their bathroom that they didn’t know before. For instance they start to notice more areas of their bathrooms that need repairs than what they thought needed fixing up. There could be plumbing issues or just cosmetic issues that need to be worked on.
When remodeling your bathroom you will realize that everything that you purchase for it adds up quite quickly. It is a good idea to do some calculations and estimate the cost of how much you plan to spend when remodeling your bathroom. You don’t want to find yourself in a bind to the point where you have a half-finished project from having limited funds available.
Below are just a couple of tips that might help you to save more money when you get ready to remodel your bathroom(s).
Don’t buy new cabinets
Firstly, if you have wooden cabinets you might want to consider just painting them instead of replacing them. You could save hundreds of dollars if you could just get a bit creative and paint them make them look new again. After all, paint is cheaper than buying replacement cabinets.
Water damage within the dry walls
In showers and bath tubs often times you will find that there is damage done within the dry walls. If you end up needing to replace your dry walls you might consider getting water resistant drywalls instead of just ordinary dry walls.
Choose linoleum
Nowadays you can purchase linoleum flooring or countertop squares that look just as good as tile! Plus by doing this you can save a lot of money since tile is quite expensive. If you want to enhance the realistic look to your countertops or your floors, you can purchase a counter top enhancer spray to spray on them; they will have a more sleek realistic look; you can use this on a regular basis every time you clean the countertops.


If you are looking for a place where there is a large selection of tarps available, then you might consider an online store called MyTarp. On the website you will find a large category list located to the left of the page which cover various different tarps; all of the different types of tarps that exist are available.
There are literally thousands of options to choose from; it is the biggest online tarp company, and you won’t have to look elsewhere for your needs.
Are you looking for a drop cloth?
If you need a drop cloth then MyTarp is the place to get it; buy a cheap drop cloth from this website. The prices are unbeatable and it is highly likely that you will find the drop cloth that you are looking for. All you need to do is look under the Drop Cloths category and you will be able to choose the cheap drop cloth option from list of those that are available.
There are many other types of cloths available as well such as the floor cloth canvas. Just browse the website and look through all that is available and you should be able to easily find the type of tarps you need.

7 Ways Homeowners Can Keep Winter Energy Costs Down

As fall changes to winter, one thing you can expect is high utility bills. It is when most homeowners rely on space heaters and furnaces to keep them warm and cozy. Keeping a home warm consumes a lot of energy, resulting to high electricity bills. Nevertheless, high utility bills are some of the things that all of us can manage. There are many ways we can do to make the most of our heating system while keeping our utility bills low. Below are the seven easy to follow ideas for getting started.

1. One best way to get it started is by reducing the amount of cold that gets in and the amount of heat that goes out. Look for cracks around and below the window frame throughout your house. Cracks, holes, and little fissures can form over time as the window frames swell and contract with the changing temperatures. Dash a bead of caulk, a sticky stuff used for lining the base of shower bath stalls, all over the cracks. Close off all unused spaces at home like storage areas, spare bedrooms, basement, garage, and attic. Heat only the rooms that are being used. If your heating unit has vents, close those vents in the unused room. This helps reduce the heat loss and drafts that come into your home.

2. When buying a heater, choose electricity-saving and energy-efficient models of heating systems. There are plenty of them available in the market today. Do some research before getting one and find the best one that suits your needs. Also, make sure that the heating system that you choose is tested, approved, and absolutely safe for use.

3. The heating system should be placed on a stable and flat surface on the ground to ensure that the unit provides consistent heating without any interruption.

4. Set your heating system according to your requirements and your household needs. For instance, if you are using the unit to heat up a small room, use the medium setting. Lower down your thermostat by at least 1 degree during daytime. Each lowered degree helps save 1-3% off from your heating bills.

5. Refrain from turning on the unit in full blast when it is cold. Turn the unit off when it is too hot. Let your heating system run at a consistent heating temperature. This ensures a long life span for your heating system and helps conserve electricity. Unplug your heating system when not in use. Also, always keep in mind to turn off the unit when leaving the room or the home. This helps reduce your electricity bill while ensuring safety to your home.

6. Have your heating provider conduct a tune-up or check-up of your heating system. Do not wait for them to call you about scheduling this check. Make sure that this service is done annually before the winter arrives. Doing so helps reduce your heating bills of up to ten percent.

7. Most heating providers offer budget plans to their customers. If possible, sign up for these plans. Though these plans do not reduce the actual yearly utility bill, they make the bill-paying more controllable when spread over the entire year or 12-month period. Also, ask for energy audits. Some local heating providers provide several energy saving devices and they install them for free. Typically, lower income households qualify for such devices and services.

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Parking Structure Crew Beats the Heat

Nash was under pressure to complete the rooftop parking structure at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center during one of Southern California’s hottest and longest-lasting heat waves. Did they beat the heat and get the job done. Saddleback Memorial Medical Center is a world-class medical center located in southern Orange County, California. Saddleback was recently named one of the top 100 hospitals in the United States by Thomas Reuters, an independent health research organization, and is ranked Best Hospital in several medical specialties by U.S. News & World Report. But according to John the heat wave brought unseasonably high temperatures for weeks on the end. Nash of Nash Deck Coatings, the three-level parking structure at the medical center was no living up to expectations.

“There was sever peeling and flecking of the existing top coat on the access ramps and roof deck of the parking structure,” explains Nash.” It seems like an inferior product was put down very thin on the deck, and it was peeling pretty badly.”

Something needed to be done to the 15,000-square -foot access ramp and roof deck area to restore safe and functional parking. This is where Polycoat Products’ Polyprime Uand Poly-I-Gard 246SC came into the picture.



A peeling top coat was not the only issue with the roof deck. Send had not been broadcast into the existing coating system, making the deck extremely slippery when wet.

“When it rained, cars and people would go skidding and sliding around,” Nash says. ,” In addition, the hot tires of the cars that drove up the access ramps and onto the roof deck took the material with them, leaving a peeling and slippery mess. To make sure everyone remained safe, the top level of the parking structure had to be closed whenever it rained.”

While Saddleback Memorial Medical Center staff felt it necessary during inclement weather to close the roof of the parking structure to ensure patient and visitor safety, they realized doing so was not an acceptable solution.

Nash performed a number of adhesion tests to make sure that the Polyprime U and Poly-I-Grad 246 SC would properly adhere to the existing urethane base coat. “If we had adhesion tested it and the primer lifted, we would have had a problem,” says Nash. “But that was definitely not the case with the saddleback project.”

Since the polycoat products coatings passed the adhesion tests by adhering to the existing urethane base coat, it was determined that only the top coat needed to be completely removed the base coat could remain on the concrete substrate – thus saving the client a great deal of money and time.

“At that point in time, we were ready to apply Polyprime U directly to the existing base coat,” says Nash

Adriaan van der capellen, southern California sales manager for polycoat, agrees that Polyprime U was the right choice for the job.

“Polyprime U is an intercoat adhesion primer for existing urethane systems,” explains van der capellen. “It really takes a hold of and bites in to the existing urethane.”




According to Nash during the late summer and early fall of 2012 there were many days temperatures soared to above 100 F (37.78 C) in southern Orange County, California, which is quite an unusual occurrence.

“It was 109 F (42.78C) outside, and the temperature would be even higher on the roof deck, ” says Nash. ” It was ridiculously hot.” It was decided that postponing the job might be the best option. By the end of the two week period, Nash and his crew were eager to get started on the job, not to mention eager for the weather in southern California to return to normal. With no end the heat wave in sight, Nash had to pull the trigger.

“We had to go in on the third week regardless of the heat wave,” Nash says. “The job had to get done!”

After making the decision to go ahead with the job. Nash and his five man crew began the surface preparation. The entire roof deck area and all access ramps were power washed using a power washer.

“We power -washed the deck on the Sunday before we started surface prop and coatings,” says Nash. He and his crew needed to be finished with the job within five working days, so they took advantage of the slower vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the weekend to get a jump on the first step of the process.

“Since the hospital never closes, the parking structure needed to remain open,” Nash says. “The two lower levels were open even while we were doing work on the roof.

Once the deck was power-washed, the crew got down to the business of removing the existing top coat using a grinder. The deck was divided into three sections and each section was preppes, repaired (if necessary), primed, and coated before moving onto the next section.

“The very last section was into he worst condition”, says Nash.” It was the largest section and had the most traffic come across it, so it makes sense that it was the most damaged”.

In all the sections, the crew made concrete repairs as necessary before moving on to priming and coating. Depending on the severity of the cracks, the crew used gun-grade urethane, embeded carbon fiber tape, and/or caulking to bridge the gaps.




With surface prep and repairs made, the crew was ready to apply the Polyprime U.Using squeegees and rollers, the Nash Deck crew applied the high-solids primer to the roof deck at 3 mils (76.2 microns), DFT. Under typical circumstances, Polyprime U should be coated within 12 hours after it has becomes tack-free; however, because of the extreme heat, the primer cured much faster.

“We were able to apply the Poly-I-Gard 246SC within three hours after we laid down the primer,” Nash explains.

Poly –I-Gard 246sc is a single component ,moisture- cured, aromatic polyurethane waterproofing membrane.Poly-I-Gard 246SC is designed for use in Southern California to meet the region’s low volatile organic compound (voc) requirements.These requirements are set forth and regulated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD),which encompasses most of Los Angles, an Bernardino ,Riverside, and all of  Orange Counties. The SCAQMD regulates all sources of stationary sir pollution for the aforementioned regions.

The crew poured and rolled the Poly-I-Gard 246SC at a thickness of approximately 10 mils (254 microns).Nash credits the Polycoat materials for performing incredibly well under unusual circumstances.

“I was a little worried about gassing because of the high temperatures,” Nash says.” It wasn’t a problem with the polycoat Products coatings. There were no

bubbles and no gassing.” Nash did, however, make some adjustments. Both the Polyprime U and the Poly-I-GARD 246SC are sensitive to heat, so Nash was very careful with batch sizes, especially the primer.” I mixed the two-part Polyprime U primer in half batches-we mixed two-and-a-half gallons, sometimes less, at a time instead of the usual five gallons.” Nash says.




Working feverishly, the Nash Deck crew broadcast Cemex-brand Lapis Luster 2/16 sand onto the wet coating.

“We needed to have a fairly aggressive non-skid component added to the coating system,” says Nash. In the highest traffic areas, there was adouble broadcast, ensuring excellent non-skid properties. Two final coats of 10 mils (254 microns), DFT, of Poly-I-Gard 246sc were then laid on the entire deck area. In the areas of highest vehicular traffic, the coating systems has a thickness of over 40 mils (1016 microns) that protects the existing urethane base coat and underlying concrete substrate. The non-skid component of the system ensures that cars and pedestrians do not slip and slide in wet conditions.

“We finished on Friday and the stripers came in on Monday,”Nash says.” The roof deck of the parking structure was open to pedestrains and vehicles on Tuesday.” Throughout the project, Nash and his crew followed all standard safety procedures.




Polycoat Products made a great work on this parking structure roof. Polycoat’s Vander Capellen is extremely happy with the outcome of the job.

Nash is quick to point out he is impressed with the coatings and his crew.

“I’ve been doing this a long time -25 years -and I am really happy with the way the Poly-I-Gard 246SC performs,” says Nash. Although this was Nash Deck Coatings first job for Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, with the way his crew beat the heat to recoat and reopen the parking structure, Nash bets it will not be the LAST!

Recover the Look of Your Wooden Deck by Helpful Cleaning

Owning a backyard wooden deck involves a big challenge in cleaning and preserving its look to make sure that it remains an enticing platform for various celebrations and other family activities. You want to preserve its attractiveness for as long as the defensive gloss could continue, and do as little harm to it during clean-up. This is the reason professionals have highlighted the significance of making use of the appropriate instruments, washing tools, and proper techniques to keep the reliability and endurance of the timber on your deck. Here’s how to carry out an efficient deck clean-up:

Prepare for the Cleanup

Before cleanup, get rid of anything, like furniture and all potted plants. You want to be sure no furniture or home items will get completely tainted or destroyed once the cleaning procedure starts. Put them in a protected spot, out of anyone’s way. Remember to cover the subtle plants and potteries on the ground deck to secure them from disruption.

Collect the Equipment

The tools you’ll require are dustpans, brooms, long handled scrubbing brush (preferably with bristles) and a slender tool or stick, hose with sprayer, trash bag, pressure water, and a bucket. You’ll also require a good commercial deck cleaner, laundry detergent, oxygen bleach cleaner, and a deck preservative. You may not make use of all of these so put together only the ones you’re planning to make use of.

Eliminate Debris

Start the deck cleaning Charlotte NC residents learned after a period of preserving their own decks. Take away any large dirt (plastics, leaves, and trash) using the hand broom and place it in the garbage bag. Utilize the broom to sweep all the dirt in a single pile. You’ll likewise require the thin stick or tool to get hold of particles that’s been contained under and in-between the deck planks, and place them all in the trash bag.

Utilize the Hose and Put on the Solution

You’ll have to use a garden hose with a squirting accessory, as stated by a deck cleaning St Louis MO professional. Water will spew and drench the whole deck surface, so direct the garden hose in strong muddied areas to free them of unnecessary debris. Apply cleaning solution or soapy water to carefully take away spots from the wood.

Reseal the Deck

After washing the deck, the ultimate phase is the putting on sealer. According to a deck cleaning Topeka KS specialist, never apply a sealer on soaked area because it won’t adhere properly and secure the wood. Wait until the entire deck area is entirely dry before you apply sealants. Visit to read more.