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What types of Videos are Popular on YouTube

YouTube is the most viewed Video website in the World which means there is a lot of money to be made on their network. It’s not easy though, and the reason is due to the amount of publishers using YouTube to broadcast their content to subscribers.

If you want to be successful with YouTube then you have to appeal to your subscribers and regularly upload fresh videos that others would like to share. This is what will bring your most traffic is referrals from sharing through social sites. If your video is spammy or not entertaining then no one will want to share it and your view count will remain stagnant.

Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube are music videos and not all of them are from major Record labels either. If you are a talented musician then I would highly recommend browsing the most viewed Music Videos on YouTube to get ideas about what people like.

It is important to become familiar with YouTube and stay up-to-date with trending videos. See what’s popular and what people are commenting about on other videos to see how others react to new content.

One topic of interest that people never seem to get enough of is Funny videos. If you have animals then film them goofing around and maybe you will record something hilarious that others would love to see. You can also prank one of your friends in a unique way which is something that always gets views. Take your video camera to family gatherings and other group get-togethers where alcohol is served and you will most likely get some comedy gold on tape.

Whatever type of videos you like making, you can definitely make a profit using YouTube to share your work. Once your videos start getting enough views then YouTube will invite you to become a Partner which means you can share revenue generated from Advertisements on your Videos. Just remember, that the goal is to entertain people. Upload videos that you like to watch and maybe others will too.

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