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Johnny Depp Attached to Cocaine,Pregnancy and Russian Roullette Video

A video from the unknown band, Pink Grenade, for their song “Let’s Take it Naked,” was released on Monday with an extreme desperation to go viral. The desperation for the video to create controversary is part of publicist and producer Jonathan Hay’s plan to make his group, Pink Grenade, the most famous band on the planet by July 14th.

The song, produced by Hay and featuring vocals by Pink Grenade band member, Bim Fernandez, isn’t just a bad rendition of a song produced on a $25.00 dollar Casio keyboard, but it actually hurt my ears to listen to it.

The video, however, is another story and much, much worse. In this attempt to get ‘famous’, this video features a pregnant, Fernandez, snorting cocaine, drinking alcohol, cooking crystal meth, and playing Russian Roullette. It is a disturbing video to watch, and it screams of ‘please write about me, I need the attention,” the whole time that you watch it.

The entire video is a publicity stunt, but why am I falling for the bait if the song is terrible, and this Pink Grenade group just wants attention? Because I am very concerned on why an actor with the high profile of Jonny Depp would lend his name to such a publicity stunt?

After a quick google search on Pink Grenade, I was very shocked to see the following paragraph in their official press release for their upcoming album release:

“Iconic film star, Johnny Depp, has three appearances on Fear of a Pink Planet. However, Depp’s involvement will be publicly non-disclosed and kept as inside information only, to make sure that the fanbase of Pink Grenade is able to grow organically and is not overshadowed by Johnny Depp, the brand. The foundation of Pink Grenade will be built on the music and the story of the group, and not on the strength of Depp. That being said, word of his involvement will inevitably spread.”

It was very confusing to see an actor as high profile and successful as Mr. Depp taking part in something so low ball and sleazy. After more research on Pink Grenade and their label, SMH Records, it became apparent that Depp was apart of this project due to a a family member, William ‘Billy’ Rassell, Depp’s nephew and his involvement with the upstart label.

Jonny Depp’s official involvement with this project isn’t exactly clear, and it might just be a ploy to create even more attention by using the Johnny Depp Brand. Let us hope that Depp isn’t stooping to publicity stunts to sell an album, and let us hope that this is just a very bad publicity stunt being thrown by publicist, Jonathan Hay. Hay has a long history of unsuccessful to mildly successful publicity campaigns. The biggest claim to fame for Hay is his own false, tale of how he broke pop star, Rihanna, with a rumor.

You can see the video online, but I am not linking it as that seems is all Jonathan Hay and Pink Grenade want me to do.

What Color of Wedding Dresses Do You Need and How to Get?

White wedding dress

The most normal color as for prom dresses 2013 UK is white. No matter in the past or now. White means classical taste and pure feeling. That’s why we always make wedding dresses white. Try to get an elegant white dress and some flashy accessories together. If you want to stick with white, you can use your bridesmaids to add color.

The tedious and tiresome accounting work constituted the least part of his suffering, for the family tragedy occurring in his twenties forced him to face a more terrible and immediate blow. His sister, Mary Lamb, suffered from a sudden fit of mental breakdown under the intense pressure of doing needle work to support the family.

Dresses for graceful evenings should be little less textured than they are for formal occasions. It does not mean a full-length dress but short ones also work.. appropriate pants and dressy jackets are essential part of Cocktail Dresses 2013. The popular material choice for Cocktail Dresses 2013 should be dressy like silk, velvet, cashmere, brocade etc.

Colorful wedding dresses

Young ladies with fair complexions like to look better in pink and lighter colors. Whites, ocean blues, soft raspberry, corals, and light tangerine are just some beautiful choices. If you have darker skin complexions, you can try bright ones such as vivacious thus you will not be becoming lost in them. Emerald orange, electric green, ruby red and midnight blue will definitely be attention-focus.

But in the US, a current fashion is to add a splendid element of color to the ceremony, starting with the evening gowns 2013 UK. People, who want to have a casual wedding ceremony, are going for colorful wedding dresses. Popular shades are pink-lilac of all shades. Light blue can make a back in shades from baby blue to light grey, especially lilac and lavender are purples. You can dress your bridesmaids in the same color but in other shades.” you can consider trying colorful prints. Prints dresses always say no to boring styles. Add ruffles, lace, and tinsel; these decorations mixed together well can show off a fashionable style.

Avoiding choosing colors you wear in your daily life and choose those special dress elements. Because it is the most important day of your life, you want to look special so there’s no point in just wearing a dress that you could wear on any night out with the girls. Never be tempted to too special in color.

It demands a genius of letters and a heart of tender love to trace and put into words their inconsequential but ingenious ideas on life. And Mrs. Battle was lucky to be on familiar and friendly terms with Charles Lamb, whose magical pen made her reborn on the paper and live a life of immortality in the words of Mrs. Battles’ Opinions on Whist.

As a writer of the early nineteenth century, Charles Lamb experienced numerous plights and extreme cruelty in his life. Yet, he understated his hardship in his essays by looking into the bright side of life. He is like a person living in a shabby shack with cracks on the roof. An ordinary person might lament on his misfortune when his shelter leaked in rainy days.

Red wedding dresses.

Casual occasion dresses are the most almighty one among all kinds of dresses. They show a complete free feeling in many occasions. As for styles, you can go for any dress style you like, for example, if it is a birthday evening you can choose knee-length one matching with beautiful upper-dress. If you go to attend parties on weekends, you can wear short dresses matching with high-heeled shoes or sandals.

Red wedding dresses 2013 online uk are popular in china. Red means for enthusiasm and wildness and true love. A well-designed red wedding dress even ignites the whole ceremony. Add some lacework over the dress to balance the harshness-edges of the dress and inject some softness and sweethearts into this color.

Obama wins 2nd Term as U.S. President

Barrack Obama becomes the fourth consecutive president to win a second term in office beating his opponent Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The statistics have it that Obama secured 303 votes against Romney who won 206 votes. With just 270 votes required to rule the White House for the second term, Obama pulled it through comfortably.

The popular vote count was put at 50.3% for Obama and 48.1% for Romney. Obama won Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Hampshire narrowly to return to the oval office. The results for Florida is yet to be announced but still it does not stop Obama from taking claim of the White House for the next 4 years.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

In his victory speech that lasted for 25 minutes Obama thanked his supporters and made it clear that “the best is yet to come but we have more work to do.” The president also promised to reduce deficit and reform taxation and plug immigration problems.

Mitt Romney called Obama to wish on his victory and in a media gathering he said, “I pray that the President will be successful in guiding our nation.”

Despite the prevailing doubts over Ohio results experts were confident of Obama capturing the office with Colorado and Virginia added to Obama’s tally. This gave the confidence to declare Obama for president without having to worry about Ohio result reversal. Romney was left behind in the race as the majority of American states decided in favor of Obama.

Obama drew support from blacks, Latinos and most popularly women who were responsible for giving him a second term. A tough competition when compared to the first term Obama stepped into the White House comfortably as Romney had only North Carolina to his credit.

Despite high rate of unemployment put above 7.9% Obama goes on to win becoming the second in the history after Franklin D Roosevelt who won a second term with unemployment rates above 7.4%.

Bill Gatson, former domestic policy adviser to ex-president Bill Clinton said that the victory is because of the improvement in the economic scenario in the past 6 months. He furthered that the unemployment rates are also moving downward and the housing market also has stabilized raising consumer confidence.

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaig...

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaign rallies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Romney was able to win North Carolina and Indiana two states that were under Obama during the 2008 election and he also managed to win strongholds of Republican states. But where it mattered most the Republican candidate was unable to secure and that was in Ohio and other states that worked in favor of Obama.

The results has it that the two parties hold 55-45 majority in the Senate, meaning the Republicans will rule the House of Representatives and are expected to finish with 242 seats.

It has been calculated that Obama and Romney along with their allies have spent around $2 billion on the presidential election especially on advertisements in swings states.

Can Obama’s victory be called a gift for his effort in bringing the end of Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attack?

Delighted supporters cheered and danced at the president’s victory bash in Chicago, and Obama thanked them for being sure the nation continues to go forward while forewarning the challenge for change they look for will still be difficult.

Hurricane Isaac Hits the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Isaac has reached Louisiana, only a day to Hurricane Katrina’s anniversary. With strong winds of 80mph, the hurricane made a landfall to the southeast of the state on Tuesday evening covering several towns.

The National Hurricane Center has classified the Hurricane Isaac as Category 1. They do not expect it to cause much damage but the hurricane is carefully being monitored and analyzed to prevent a recurrence of the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina.

Less than seven years since the Katrina disaster, this storm has caused anxiety in Louisiana. Both tourists and locals have heeded warnings and left town, while others have taken residence in boarded-up houses. Residents have been warned to be prepared as the hurricane is likely to be accompanied by stronger winds, heavy rains, storm surges and flooding.

METAIRIE, LA - AUGUST 28:  Louisiana Governor ...

METAIRIE, LA – AUGUST 28: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Mitch Landrieu, the mayor of New Orleans argued that this storm is quite a concern. This is because it is occurring during the night, which is hampering response units. It has also caught most residents by surprise.

Authorities are concerned at the slow moving pace of the storm. The model at the “National Hurricane Center” shows the storms moving forward at a slower speed and this should concern people living in Louisiana. They fear this could mean the storm hovering over the city for some time, causing heavy rains and much flooding. Officials are preparing for evacuation in case the storm continues unabated.

In Charleston, motorists were stranded as Hurricane Isaac caused heavy rains that flooded the streets. Flooding has also been reported in Mount Pleasant and North Charleston. It is believed that these rains will continue into Thursday but is expected to be less than what it is now.

Although authorities do not expect a Category 1 storm to cause a repeat of the Katrina, precautions are being taken to ensure there is less damage and loss of life. The residents of Louisiana have been told to keep off streets that are likely to be flooded.

President Obama has assured the nation that action is being taken to ensure resident’s safety. He has acknowledged that the nation was experiencing a huge storm. He urged the residents to heed directions offered by the “Federal Emergency Management Agency.”

Flooded I-10/I-610 interchange and surrounding...

Flooded I-10/I-610 interchange from Hurricane Katrina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the failure of the levees during hurricane Katrina, more than $ 13 billion was used in constructing floodwalls, gates, spillways and pumps in New Orleans. Officials expect the new levees to hold through this storm. However, nothing is being taken to chance and authorities are getting prepared in case of a need to evacuate residents.

Further, shelters have been set up in Louisiana. Millions of bottles of water, packaged meals and traps have been stockpiled in preparation for any eventualities. Residents can also get up to date information, developments of the storm and follow along through online resources and news websites. These are posts updated hourly as the storm develops. There are also safety tips, links and resources that can be accessed online to keep the residents informed and prepared.

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

As presidential candidates reach the end of their campaigns, the time comes for them to pick their vice presidential nominees. Choosing a running mate can have a huge impact on the outcome of the election. In the previous presidential election, McCain’s choice of a female candidate, Sarah Palin, seemed like a smart choice that was sure to court the female vote. However, Palin ended up hurting McCain’s campaign and contributed to his loss. The current Republican presidential candidate has learned from the past and spent a great deal of time and consideration in choosing his running mate.

After weeks of speculation, Romney announced that Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan would be his running mate. This choice makes a sharp contrast to President Obama’s bid for reelection, especially on the economy and the debt. Paul Ryan has gained a reputation for being a budget slasher and a firm Republican.

After announcing that Ryan would be the candidate, both men began a tour of the swing states Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina. In all of these stops, Romney praised Ryan for his leadership abilities and his strong stance on the budget. Romney also made it a point to hammer the president about his recent comments on small businesses in the now infamous “you didn’t build that” speech.

Romney’s choice for vice president is a strong move that he hopes will regain campaign points that he has lost in recent polls. The public seems to be focusing on his tax returns and his tenure at the Bain Capital equity firm. By choosing Ryan and pointing to his focus on building a balanced budget, Romney hopes to rid himself of scrutiny and move forward in the election.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Soon after the announcement, Democrats were prepared with statements on Ryan’s budget proposals which the Democrats declared would help millionaires and hurt the senior population. The most common statement was that the balanced-budget plan proposed by Paul Ryan would increase the taxes on the middle class. They also declared that Ryan’s conservative views were not in line with most American’s values and would hurt the country in terms of women’s health and civil rights. The upcoming election is going to be focused on the budget and the economy and will certainly be one to watch.

Whether a Democrat or a Republican, it’s easy to see that Paul Ryan makes a formidable political opponent. As a seven-term congressman, he is used to the rhetoric used among politicians and is a gifted public speaker capable of showing a strong public image. After being introduced as the GOP vice presidential nominee, Ryan made a speech that admitted President Obama had inherited a hard situation. He went on to state numerous failures in President Obama’s agenda. Ryan is a sincere candidate who makes harsh criticisms, however, he presents a mature and measured person to audiences, a sharp contrast to the often awkward Biden.

Paul Ryan is a strong candidate for the GOP party. He contributes strongly to the Romney campaign and the election is going to be a close battle.

Iraq ends Earthquake Rescue

Hundreds of villages in Iran were flattened by an earthquake that occurred yesterday in the northwest. Today, the country wrapped up rescue efforts to save the people who were affected by the incident. Officials came up with a new toll of 1,380 injured and 227 dead in the incident.

Moustafa Mohammad Najjar, Iranian Interior Minister, told state television that rescue and search operations were officially stopped. He added that the government was now committed to ensuring the survivors’ needs in terms of food and shelter were going to be handled. He further conveyed the newer and more precise toll than the one provided by his ministry earlier. Meanwhile, local officials were verifying information that was gathered initially during the first hectic hours after the disaster occurred yesterday.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the first earthquake had registered on the moment magnitude scale at a strong 6.4. The US Geological Survey is used to monitor international seismic activity. The second, registered at 6.3, followed about 11 minutes later.

The largest city in the area, Tabriz, and surrounding towns were lucky to experience relatively minor damage. However, a large number of outlying villages which are mainly made of weaker materials like concrete bricks and mud were decimated.

The Interior Minister said that out of the 600 villages found in the zone, about half of them were destroyed or damaged. He added that the President had given orders for the reconstruction of the homes to begin. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said it was important for home construction to be started immediately to prevent locals from exposure to harsh winter conditions which normally occur in the region towards the end of the year.

The earthquakes left homeless an estimated 16,000 people. Roads in the area were seen to be congested with a wide range of emergency vehicles including ambulances. At the same time, Red Crescent trucks ferrying tents were seen plying the route.

A highlight by rapid rescue operation showed village residents knew each other quite well. Though the buildings were small, they knew exactly where to look. All the same, there were many tragedy stories.

In the village of Mirza Ali Kandi, a 13 yea-old girl (by the name of Zeinab) outside a Red Crescent tent told AFP her experience during the earthquake. She said she saw her 16 year-old sister and 8 year-old brother die in front of her eyes.

Zeinab said she was outside their home playing when the first quake hit. She ran inside the house to look for her brother only to see him under a huge a pile of rubble. She tried to get him out of the rubble in vain. During her rescue efforts, she heard her sister scream. When she turned, she saw her sister had a big stone on her head and this is when she decided to run outside their home. She continued by adding that she wished she was in the same predicament as her brother and sister. In conclusion, she said other people who experienced the disaster were more fortunate. There were other horror stories being told by survivors who were able to coherently recount what happened during the disaster.

Airport X-Ray Scans Causing More Problems

Getting through security at an airport in America can often be a huge task to take on. Not only do we have to take our shoes off and make sure there are no pennies in our pockets, we also have to limit the amount of liquids we bring on board. The x-ray scanners that are now popping up in more and more airports are causing more problems. The main reason for this is the risk of radiation and people who don’t want it.

These scanners are currently used in 36 airports throughout the United States. There have not been any long term studies done to show whether or not they are safe, which is why so many people opt for a pat-down instead. Although the T.S.A. says the scanners were assessed by the FDA and public health offices, a lot of scientists think they pose as quite a risk to individual health.

X-ray machines and metal detectors are used to...

X-ray machines and metal detectors are used to control what is allowed to pass through an airport security perimeter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even when these are functioning properly, they still beam radiation for a short amount of time onto the person being scanned. The T.S.A. also hasn’t released full information about how they work, which worries a lot of people. One scientist in particular has a problem with the number of times these machines are checked for problems. The T.S.A. says they are checked once a year while x-ray machines at hospitals are checked on a daily basis. This could mean thousands of people per day being scanned with large doses of radiation and not even being aware of it. This could prove to be extremely unsafe for children, pregnant women and many other types of people.

The good news is that there are optional pat-downs people can choose instead. These are going to require a lot of touching, but they don’t carry the same risks as the x-ray scanners do.

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Significant flood catastrophes all over Asia

Monsoonal rain fall along with a exotic storm trigger major flooding inside the Philippines. Another typhoon in 5 days strikes China. Weeks of rainfall and flooding have wreaked damage to regions of Korea.

The current uptick in warm activity creates the Western Pacific exotic cyclone period look out onto average following a slow start. But a number of latest flash-flooding activities from higher-than-normal periodic rain fall in the southern area of Japan, in addition to Northern Korea, have remaining soils filled with moisture and susceptible to extra flooding if typhoons and exotic storms monitor their way.

This can be an extremely real risk since the Western Pacific exotic season works year-round, but includes a seasonal high around Sept, reflecting tropical Atlantic. We’ll likely see much more flooding catastrophes close to Eastern Asia within the following month or two because the tropics warm up and cyclones navigate these hard-hit places in the Philippines up to Northern Korea.

Residents are beginning to see the scope of the destruction and work to fix what remains of their villages and homes. If you live in the areas being hit with rains and flooding be prepared to seek higher ground, and be sure to stock up on food and supplies.

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The 2012 London Olympics

The 2012 Olympics, being hosted in London, England this year, is set to begin Friday, July 27, 2012 and go through August 12, 2012. The famous London Tower’s Bridge is now displaying the symbolic multi-colored five circles, representing the Olympic Rings. It marks the upcoming event. Everyone is gearing up and making plans. Coordinators are finalizing the details such as times and dates and who will compete when. Spectators and fans are downloading apps on their SmartPhones so they can be kept up-to-date on the latest news surrounding this awesome annual event.

The opening ceremony kicks off on July 27th with a showcase of the best atheletes of the Host Country, which this year is England. A parade with all the competing nations and the Olympic Flame and the Cauldron will be featured during the opening ceremony.

The UK is full of beautiful architecture which will be seen throughout the coverage the 2012 Olympics. Danny Boyle, Artistic Director, and his team will open the world to the cultural and artistic expressions illustrated in the sculptures and buildings throughout the UK. Fewer continents are more breath-

London 2012 banner at The Monument.

London 2012 banner at The Monument. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

taking than the UK. The ceremony will kick off with the ringing of the European bell. Her Majesty the Queen will make an appearance to signify this special event.

After the parade concludes, there will be speeches made by the chair and coordinators of the Olympics, Seb Coe and Jacques Rogge. The Olympic anthem and flag for each nation will then be displayed. The national anthem for each country will be broadcasted while the respective flag for that nation is proudly flown over head. Oaths will be collected by the judges. And, as traditionally happens, the torch is passed through the athletes and presented to the final one who will light the caldron with the torch, marking the start of the Olympic Games. The light from the cauldron will continue throughout the entirety of the 2012 Olympics.

An estimated four billion people will watch the 15,000 participants who will be in the Opening Ceremony.

Danny Boyle is a well known British filmmaker who has won the Academy Award for Best Director for his production of such movies such as Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours. Bradley Hemmings and Jenny Sealey are part of his creative team this year for the Olympics.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 27:  British Olympic di...

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 27: British Olympic diver Tom Daley (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Although subject to change, Archery is the first sport which will be featured on July 27th. All four archery events will take place on this opening day, men’s and women’s both individual and team play. The athlete to watch for in the archery events is Korean athlete Im Dong-Hyun who has broken two world records.

On Saturday July 28th there will be a total of 19 sports participating that day including seven medal events. The medal events held on July 28th will be archery, cycling, fencing, Judo, shooting, swimming and wrestling.

Good luck to all athletes and all coaches on all teams in all countries! Everyone is proud of each and every athlete and prayers go to all for safe and fruitful accomplishments. This year will prove to be a great year for the 2012 Olympics.

UK’s House of Lords Reform Plans Might Help in Better Economic Analysis

No Check Payday Loan Borrowers Should be addressed for Greater Security

United Kingdom is all set to go for a major revamp in the performance of the ‘House of Lords’ and one can consider the probable changes in the political class as the most drastic step. The House of Lords Reform plans can bring a total change in the economics of the UK. The working group in the ‘House’ makes a huge difference in bending the policies on various issues. The house is the nerve-centre to shape-up the drafts tabled for discussion. Further, the House makes recommendation and also raises objections on unacceptable tabled laws. A strong body of Representatives in the House of Lords can help in framing sensible laws on study and send back to House of Commons. This can be slated as the best moves ever in the history of democratic world. Highly educated people will have to charter the laws at the micro and macro levels for better productivity of lives. Another important issue that should be put on serious discussion is ‘no check payday loan’.

Payday Loan Lenders’ Providing ‘No Credit Payday Loan’ should be scrutinized

Economic slump has created a great loss to the lives of people in the UK. At the first stance, working middle class got badly affected and people in the time of recession had faced miserable time and it is still continual and to save themselves, situation compels them to go for personal loans. Banks and Credit card companies were the first to withdraw their support to consumers, personal loans and emergency cash taken from banks and private lenders become difficult. During 2009, even payday loan lenders had to think over giving no credit payday loan as economy was due. People had to take balanced measure, cut spending on luxuries and keep a check on the spending. But, few UK payday loan providers did bank on the situation and did ugly businesses, so got referred as Loan sharks. Their numbers in the UK gradually increased and government and non-governmental agencies took up adequate steps in devising techniques to control the loan sharks from unethical practices.

Like Reforms for ‘House of Lords’ – Payday Loan Advances Reforms Is Must

The reformation of the House of Lords is done in quality and quantity. Earlier, the chamber comprises of 826, and now it is turned to 450 members. The members of the House of Lords are not elected but selected by the political party from the public or the independent House of Lords Commission does the selection process. Now, things are most likely to get reshaped. 20 per cent of the Lords will be appointed by an Appointment Commission on a non-party basis. The elected peers will be serving non-renewable 15 years term instead of life time membership. The participation of the Bishops in the House of Lords will be reduced from 26 to 12. The members of the chambers will not be claimed as Lords, or Baronesses. Yet, the term lord will be still attached to the House of Lords and individual members will be assigned with newer names constitutionally. Will such a change bring any change in the policy framing since economy is on fall, Parliament will have to act fast in order to help in catering the requirements of different section of the consumer finance products. Payday loan advances have become a great hinder to the low-income group because borrowers are increasingly finding it difficult to make repayments on the taken loans. In the future, a proper discussion should be slated in the House of Lords for benefiting the people for the emergency cash. However, the move for reformation is fine and things can produce the best results for better economic position.