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Hurricane Isaac Hits the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Isaac has reached Louisiana, only a day to Hurricane Katrina’s anniversary. With strong winds of 80mph, the hurricane made a landfall to the southeast of the state on Tuesday evening covering several towns.

The National Hurricane Center has classified the Hurricane Isaac as Category 1. They do not expect it to cause much damage but the hurricane is carefully being monitored and analyzed to prevent a recurrence of the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina.

Less than seven years since the Katrina disaster, this storm has caused anxiety in Louisiana. Both tourists and locals have heeded warnings and left town, while others have taken residence in boarded-up houses. Residents have been warned to be prepared as the hurricane is likely to be accompanied by stronger winds, heavy rains, storm surges and flooding.

METAIRIE, LA - AUGUST 28:  Louisiana Governor ...

METAIRIE, LA – AUGUST 28: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Mitch Landrieu, the mayor of New Orleans argued that this storm is quite a concern. This is because it is occurring during the night, which is hampering response units. It has also caught most residents by surprise.

Authorities are concerned at the slow moving pace of the storm. The model at the “National Hurricane Center” shows the storms moving forward at a slower speed and this should concern people living in Louisiana. They fear this could mean the storm hovering over the city for some time, causing heavy rains and much flooding. Officials are preparing for evacuation in case the storm continues unabated.

In Charleston, motorists were stranded as Hurricane Isaac caused heavy rains that flooded the streets. Flooding has also been reported in Mount Pleasant and North Charleston. It is believed that these rains will continue into Thursday but is expected to be less than what it is now.

Although authorities do not expect a Category 1 storm to cause a repeat of the Katrina, precautions are being taken to ensure there is less damage and loss of life. The residents of Louisiana have been told to keep off streets that are likely to be flooded.

President Obama has assured the nation that action is being taken to ensure resident’s safety. He has acknowledged that the nation was experiencing a huge storm. He urged the residents to heed directions offered by the “Federal Emergency Management Agency.”

Flooded I-10/I-610 interchange and surrounding...

Flooded I-10/I-610 interchange from Hurricane Katrina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the failure of the levees during hurricane Katrina, more than $ 13 billion was used in constructing floodwalls, gates, spillways and pumps in New Orleans. Officials expect the new levees to hold through this storm. However, nothing is being taken to chance and authorities are getting prepared in case of a need to evacuate residents.

Further, shelters have been set up in Louisiana. Millions of bottles of water, packaged meals and traps have been stockpiled in preparation for any eventualities. Residents can also get up to date information, developments of the storm and follow along through online resources and news websites. These are posts updated hourly as the storm develops. There are also safety tips, links and resources that can be accessed online to keep the residents informed and prepared.