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Basics of Basketball – History and Gameplay

Basketball is one of the most amazing sports that almost anyone can play. In what other activity can you bounce a ball while dodging and jumping through opponents on your way to a hoop just out of reach but you can throw it in for the score. If you are a superstar you might just jump off someone’s back for a Slam Dunk like Jim Carrey in “The Cable Guy“.

Dr. James Naismith, a physical instructor at a YMCA centre in the United States, discovered the basketball game about a hundred and twenty years ago. Despite the changes that have been seen in the game over time, the basics of how the game is played still remain the same.

The object of the game is about scoring as many baskets or ‘goals’ as possible. There are two teams with five players in each. The duration of play can change depending on the type of competition and organization.

The starting point is a jump ball. This where a individual from each team moves to the middle of the court, the referee throws the ball straight up and the two jump to tip the ball to their teammates. The aim here is to through the ball in the direction of your team.

Every basket earns two points. Though, if scored away from the 3-point line, the goal earns the team 3 points. A free throw that results into a goal is worth one point.

Freethrows take place when a player is fouled and given 2 attemtps to make a basket from the Free-throw Line.

The game of Basketball has offensive and defensive sides. The side with the ball is on the offence, with an aim of scoring by shooting the ball into the defensive basket. The defending team must prevent the offence from shooting and also get the ball to attack.

You can dribble the ball when on the offence which involves bouncing the ball incessantly and enhancing forward movement. It is of importance to note that after dribbling past the half court you cannot go back. Passing on the offence side ensures forward advance. Power is increased when passing by stepping forward and followed through with the hands.

Defence is the most important part of the game. It is said that the offence puts you on the seats while defence wins the game. When defending you should ensure that: your feet are one further in front of the other, your hands up and arms up, keep the feet a shoulder apart and knees a little bent.

The Slam Dunk became famous in the 70’s courtesy of the legendary Julius (Dr.J) Erving.

The common dunk is the two-handed slam and can be performed in different ways. The 360 slam requires a perpendicular dive. The team member goes up, spins 360 degrees and slams the ball into the basket.

In the alley’oop slam, the team-mates throw the ball in the direction of the basket. The dunker jumps up, gets the ball in the air and slams it before he reaches the ground. The reverse slam is another of the one-or two handed dunk-with no major difference, only that it is with the player’s back against the basket.

This is just but a few of the moves in dunking. There are diverse moves which can also be combined with the dunk like the under-handed slammer.

Basketball is about speed, skills and more important focus. Emphasis should be put in ensuring teamwork and communication among the members especially on the offence. In order to gain good basket shooter abilities, a player must get his elbow in, line up his hips square, and the ball should be released from the fingertips.