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Hunting Tools 2015

Like any technology, hunting techniques and gadgets evolve with each passing season, which is why it is important to stay up to date on the latest hunting technology. Often, newly released guns and advanced types of ammunition are the sole focus, but the list below offers you a sneak peak at 2015’s must-have hunting gear. Materials such as blinds, scents, optics, cameras, and knives are equally as vital when it comes to tracking and taking down quality game.


This year Nikon came out with the Pro-Staff 7i Rangefinder. This rangefinder is the most advanced and capable that Nikon has ever created. It is capable of readings from 8-1,300 yards! This version records its measurements in half-yards and has angle compensation technology built-in. Not only is it impressive technically, the rangefinder is also waterproof. When it comes to power, the device runs on a CR2 battery. With all of these new advancements and a two year warranty, the price is worth it for serious hunters.


Oftentimes, hunters allow the quality of their flashlight to take the backseat. This can be a major misstep when one considers that a premium flashlight is oftentimes a necessity. Tactical-style flashlights are staples in many hunting circles, but they are lacking when it comes to battery sustainability. The Streamlight Protac HL USB flashlight provides an alternative solution to the problematic high-output bulbs. This new model can be recharged using a USB outlet, something that can occur in your vehicle’s outlet. The Streamlight Protac utilizes lithium ion batteries and runs for 90 minutes at a time with over 350 lumens!


Countless companies are selling blades, suited for a number of occasions. The knife business is booming, so it would only be right to name this year’s best hunting knife, the Buck Knives Open Season Line. The brand new Open Season model is a perfect example of Buck’s excellent capability in the hunting arena. This knife offers exterior rosewood beauty, and fits comfortably in your palm. The 2015 lineup contains a total of ten styles of blades, crafted for carving, skinning, boning, and small-game workings. The steel blades are sure to impress, with both S30V or 420HC blades available for purchase.


This product is especially effective for any serious whitetail bow hunter. Ramcat broadheads are at the top of there game. There drafting technology eliminates wind planning. With its all stainless steel construction, makes ram cat the one to get! The top four most accurate broadheads on the market were tested for accuracy including the Ramcat, NAP Nightmare and the Rocky Mountain Blitz. Ramcat came out on top! I have personal tried these broadheads and will not use any other. They say, “It hits like a Ram and Cuts like a Cat” and it does.

Scent Elimination

Carbon Skin Products, is launching there product line this year. Field testing on this product has shown not disappoint hunters this season. This patented Nuetra-Plex System, developed by Cryogenics, Inc. has been lab tested and has been given this lab’s stamp of approval. The company’s representatives vouch for there product line, which have been proven to work in the field. Carbon Skin Products, also offers a wind checker. This wind checker is one of a kind. Get this, it glows in the dark. Charge by light, via pocket, pouch, hand muff or any other carrying case you might have. Basically, if you have any light source in these compartments along with this wind checker, it gets charged. You pull out your wind checker and walla “Glow Smoke”. This wind checker can be also used during the day just like any other wind checker. Wow, that is some cool stuff. Wish hunting season was hear now!