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Oral Mart Sports Mouthguards Amazing Deals

If you’re involved in any kind of sport rather that be boxing or something else, it’s important to have a sports mouthguard that will protect your teeth and mouth. The problem is when you’re looking for something like this, the price can become very expensive fast and you might find yourself frustrated from it.
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Safety Tips for a Safe and Fun Key West Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Vacationers are notorious for checking their brains at the airport and forgetting to pick them up at the luggage carrousel. After all, a holiday should be about daiquiris and sunbathing…not critical thinking!

But while a week away from working your noggin at the office is just what the doctor ordered, you’d better slap that thinking cap back on before heading out on the open seas. Remember, you’ve come to Key West, Florida to shout “Fish on!” and not “Man overboard!”

Into the deep! Respect the power of the ocean.

All jokes aside, deep sea fishing does present a higher level of risk than boating within the relatively safe confines of protected bays and harbors. Ocean waters are susceptible to being more erratic and unpredictable, not to mention a whole lot rougher.

Keep your wits about you and give the sea the full respect that she is due. Two miles off shore is not the time for an “it won’t happen to me” attitude.

Never fish alone.

Outler Limits Underway

The Outer Limits offshore Key West.

Solo fishing excursions aren’t generally a big concern in Key West as most visitors enjoy deep sea fishing with the help of a professional captain and charter service, says Captain Jay Miller, owner of the Outer Limits and the Z, a pair of deep sea fishing yachts docked at the A&B Marina in Key West. But, if you do tow your own boat down, remember that you don’t have extensive experience sailing in these Southernmost waters. If your buddy decides to take the day off, you should, too.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.

Don’t blindly trust that every charter boat is kept in tip-top condition. Some skippers definitely take better care of their vessels than others. The decision to traverse rough waters in a boat that’s not seaworthy could end with disastrous consequences.

Don’t be shy when interviewing prospective charter boat captains, ask them what they do to ensure that their boat and engine are kept up to snuff.

Life jackets, flares, and a working radio.

With luck you’ll never need to use any of these items, but a life jacket does you no good sitting on the dock!

Safety equipment should be routinely checked, not just to ensure that it’s in place, but also that it’s operational. After all, what good’s a flare that won’t light? Think about all the potential accidents that could take place on a fishing boat and pack a first aid box that’s kitted out accordingly.

No secret fishing trips!

We know that your wife was hoping to spend the day with you at Hemingway House and lunching at café off Mallory Square, but this is no excuse for sneaking out at 5am down to the docks for a rendezvous with a mystery skipper.

Always make sure that someone on shore knows where you are going and at what time you are expected back. Should things go awry, you’ll want the rescue search to start in the ocean, and not at Sloppy Joe’s!

Speaking of bars…take it easy on the sauce.

It’s hot, you’re on vacation, and that cooler is just begging to be jam packed with brewskies on ice. While there’s nothing wrong with throwing a few back on your fishing trip, it’s important to drink responsibly.

It’s one thing to have one too many and fall down on the sidewalk, it’s a whole other animal to be rumblin’, bumblin’, stumblin’ across the deck of a charter boat! You want to be very aware of where your fingers are when you pull in a hammerhead shark like the one below.

hammerhead shark

Hammerhead shark caught aboard the Outer Limits.

Finally, remember it’s safety first and fishing second.

Any experienced angler knows that it’s easy to let the excitement of fishing overcome safety precautions. In the heat of the moment anxious fishermen have been known to make all kinds of bonehead decisions.

It’s better to let that one be “the one that got away” rather than navigating into rocky outcrops or staying out in dangerous weather because the boat has yet to limit up.


How Do You Break Down A Pool Table Into Its Parts?

One of the most delicate things to move around from one place to another is the pool table. The pool table is such a large thing to move around and is sensitive enough to be damaged immediately. Some delicate and careful attention should be done in order to assure that the table will not be damaged along the process of moving it from one place to another.

You got to break down a pool table into its parts and the process of breaking it down to its parts may take hours. A total of four to five people have to do the trick to complete the entire process. Usually, you can engage the service of some of your friends to do this if you want to avoid paying more than $500 to move the table.

  1. First, slowly and carefully remove the bumpers. Your team should remove the bumpers situated from all sides of the pool table. The bumpers are quite easy to remove. Your team will not have much problem with it. Yet, once you were able to remove it, a slate will come to sight, which later on will be discussed.
  2. Then, start moving the felt. The felt is usually either glued or stapled to the table. You should gently remove the felt and avoid ripping the felt which are located adjacent to the pocket area. You should remove the felt slowly by going either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  3. Next, you got to pick up the slate. After removing the felt, you can remove the slate. You can use a drill to remove the slate tables. Then you can use a screwdriver if your pool table has screws which are covered by beeswax. Don’t rush in removing the screws so that you will not damage the anything.
  4. The pool table may have two to three pieces of 3/4 to 1 inch thick slate. Please don’t force to lift it up on your own. They are fragile, yet also heavy. Moreover, when you transport it, you should use a crate or you should transport it flat and put some cushions or padding to protect it.
  5. Afterwards, you can disassemble the legs of the pool table. You can flip over the pool table and then take off the legs from the frame before you carry it inside the truck. You can also then remove the pockets while the pool table is flipped upside down.
  6. Lastly, before you load the pool table into the van or a truck, you should make sure that each section of the pool table is carefully wrapped and cushioned. Make sure that the table is already flipped upside down. Then make sure that you have secured all the items inside the truck. You can place the item on top of the pool tables for easy access and protection.

You may be thinking that the process may be quite taxing to you and requires a lot of effort from your friends. You got an alternative. You can either pay for professionals who can professionally break down the pool table and transport it to the place of destination safely and securely. You can do this by paying around $500 or more. By doing this, you can be sure that the process is professionally done and you are spared of the stressful process of breaking the pool table down by yourself.



Jason Mirth retired from Construction to go on to write for several home improvement companies like Popular Mechanics and Canadian Pool Table Moving Company. His extensive experience and knowledge of home repair and waterproofing has made it possible for him to bring his love of construction to others through his blog at

The 5 Basic Elements Of Keeping Any Sports Team Drug Free

In this day and age, sports is very big business. This means that when you are in charge of any sports team such as one in school, you need to keep an eye on a number of things that might otherwise end up jeopardizing the success of your team. One of the most common in this day and age is the use of drugs. There are many athletes who normally want to try using performance enhancing drugs in order to become better sportsmen. However, this is normally more than detrimental to the success of the team, so it’s something that you need to sort out. Some of the things you can do to reduce the incidence of such issues include:

  • Provide psychosocial support for the team members

One of the reasons why most sportsmen resort to drugs is because they feel the pressure of being considered among the best. The pressure to perform is sometimes so overwhelming as to force them to try out other methods of pushing the envelope. Most of the time, providing proper psychosocial support can help avoid this. It provides a means for such people to vent, thus steering them away from drug use.

When you are in charge of a team in school or college, you should therefore consider spending some money providing such help to your team members. It might not seem to have much of an effect, but in actual fact it’s one of the best ways of averting the issue of drug use in such an environment.

  • Try to engage in your team members’ social lives

Most team managers only engage with their team members when it comes to issues to do with the sport in question. However, this is not ideal. You will find that there are other social issues that might end up affecting their performance in the sport, and which might also push them towards drug use. One of the most effective ways of averting this is making sure that you are involved in your team members’ social lives as well. For instance, if they have any family issues that might make them depressed, knowing about this can help you come up with strategies on how to provide support for them such that they won’t try to engage in drugs as a way out. This might also foster team spirit, since it will make all the team members feel like part of the unit.

  • Consider investing in drug testing facilities

One of the best ways of making sure that your team members do not use drugs is to screen them for this on a regular basis. When they know that they will be checked, they are more likely to avoid using any drugs. Doing the screening will also help catch any cases of drug use so that you can deal with them in house, rather than having an external body do the same. Normally in the latter, your team might end up getting a very bad reputation, even if the incidence of drug use was minimal.

Setting up a drug use screening facility is not necessarily expensive. You could buy dipstick urine tests that can be used to test for most of the common drugs used in sports, since these are usually cheap. Alternatively, you could buy more advanced equipment such as HPLC machines which can detect the tiniest amounts of such drugs.

  • Enforce stringent anti-drug use penalties

One of the reasons why many people consider the use of drugs in sports is they think that the pros of doing so far outweigh the cons. One way of discouraging the habit from your team is making sure that the disadvantages of using the drugs far outweigh the benefits of doing so. Some of these include making sure that you strike out any drug users from your team with no chance of ever getting back to the team in future. This way, they will be more careful with this issue.

  • Don’t demand for more than you should from team members

When running a team, the default method of management for many coaches and managers is to push their team members too much. While this may be necessary to get the most out of them, you need to understand what the boundaries are so that you don’t exceed them. If you think that a particular player has reached his peak, for instance, there is no need to push him further since this can force him or her to try using drugs to exceed their limits.

With the above tips, it will be easy for you to keep your team drug free, and therefore become more successful in your endeavors.




John is a team management expert who specializes in providing guidance on avoidance of drug use in such settings. He has provided many forms of support including donation of HPLC equipment to teams in a bid to combat drug use in sports.

Sushil Kumar Brings Home a Silver Medal

It has been a summer of mixed feelings. India, a country whose voice is always ready to reverberate in the world, has put up a hit-and-miss show at the London Olympics 2012. But while there has been much to decry, there is much to laud as well. As the parties begin tonight after the closing ceremony, India raises a toast to Sushil Kumar. This young and dynamic freestyle wrestler may not have struck gold by losing to fellow-finalist Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu. However, he has nevertheless made his nation proud by winning the Silver Medal at the final. Indeed, all that glitters is not gold.

For Sushil Kumar, it has been about living up to expectations. Hailing from modest origins in a village near Delhi, Sushil had always nursed the dreams of making it big as a wrestler on the global stage. Since 2003, the 29-year old wrestler had tried his best to be a part of the global events. His run at Athens Olympics in 2004 was terribly lambasted. However, it was four years later when he returned with a new power and responsibility. With all his dedication and determination, he fought back hard at Beijing Olympics and won the Bronze medal at the end of the series.

Indeed, since then, the expectations have been high. Sushil Kumar, along with boxer Vijender Singh, was touted as one of the most sought after players. People had placed their expectations on him for his run in the London Olympics this year. He delivered it bang for the buck when he ousted gold-medalist Ramazan Sahin in his first confrontation. This was enough to propel him into the quarterfinals of the event. Thus, this was how Sushi Kumar proved to the people that he is worthy of being in the limelight for his immensely powerful feats.

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 12:  Tatsuhiro Yonemi...

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 12: Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu of Japan in action against against Sushil Kumar of India during the Men’s Freestyle (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

His second bout saw him locking horns with Uzbek star Ikthtiyor Navruzov. This was in the quarterfinals. While the ace Uzbek wrestler was a formidable opponent, Sushil’s determination and dedication won out. This again made him a sensation and it catapulted him into the semi-final confrontation with yet another ace player. This was Akzhurek Tanatarov of Kazakhstan. Tanatrov turned out to be a hard nut to crack. However, with India’s support and devotion with him, Sushil Kumar emerged as the victor again. This soon left the Indian fans and devotees euphoric. Thus, they were soon sure that their blue-eyed boy in blue would bring home a lot of glitter.

Indeed, it was a match that was being hotly anticipated. The rival to the headfast Sushil was Japan’s most loved hero. The tussle began ambitiously and it looked for a while that Kumar may do it again. However, for some reason, the Midas touch was missing and the brilliant Yonemitsu made the most out of it. He notched up his score while Sushil valiantly tried his best, albeit in vain. However, this is not a time to be depressed. It is a time for us to raise Sushil high in the air and welcome him with his Silver medal.