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Education in Delhi

Delhi is the hub of reputed educational institutes, colleges and Universities. The city is known for offering quality education, which entice students across India.With no dearth of premier universities, Delhi has always been a preferred destination for education seekers in the country. The city offers excellent educational facilities for primary, secondary and higher education. The education hub is home to a number of premier academic institutes and colleges like IIT Delhi, Delhi University (DU), Lady Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi Public School, JamiaMilliaIslamia, All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Delhi. Whether it is an engineering college, medical college, or management college, Delhi is the most sought after destination for students in India.

List of Reputed Universities in Delhi

Delhi includes a large number of reputed universities that are preferred for higher education by national as well as international students. Some of the top universities in Delhi include:

  • University of Delhi (DU): Delhi University offers an entire range of lucrative undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different fields like medical science, arts, law, commerce, fine arts, ayurveda, science, technology, social science, and architecture.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU Delhi): JNU is one of the most reputed universities in India. Through a wide range of schools, the university offers education in different fields, including Biotechnology, International Studies, Law and Governance, Life Sciences, Arts and Aesthetics, Language Literature and Culture Studies. JNU Delhi offers postgraduate, undergraduate, Research and M.Phil. courses through these schools and centers.
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS): AIIMS is a premier medical institute of national importance. It offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses like M.Sc., MBBS, Ph.D. and B.Sc.
  • Amity University of Delhi- Amity University isa well-known educational institute in India, which is dedicated to offer quality education that is at par with international standards. Industry oriented teaching facility; hi-tech campus, experienced faculty, and excellent placement are the unique features of the university.
  • JamiaMilliaIslamia University: JamiliaMilliaIslamiais the central university in Delhi. It is one of the most prestigious universities in India that attracts students across the nation for higher studies. Courses in different fields such as Social Science, Dentistry, Natural Science, Architecture, Information Technology, Mass Communication, etc. are offered by it.
  • Indraprastha University: Also known as Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, the university offers degree in various lucrative courses such as B.Tech., MBA, B.Pharma, B.Ed., M.Tech., LLB, MBBS, etc.
  • JamiaHamdard Deemed University: It is anotherpopular and most reputed university in India, which offers undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and Ph.D. courses in Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, Medicine, Management Studies and Information Technology, among others.

Such popular universities in Delhi offer a wide range of career-oriented courses that offers excellent job opportunities to them. The excellent faculty, teaching methodologies, infrastructure, extra-curricular activities and career opportunities in these prestigious universities holds importance in the life of the students.

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Make Studying for College Exams a Breeze with these Tips

Preparing for exams and test is commonly filled with anxiety and stress due to the pressure of passing those exams. Getting good grades translates to having a good job and simply having a good life. Therefore it becomes important for college students to formulate ways in which they can study easily and understand completely their notes. The following are some of the college study tips that will help you pass your exams and have a bright future. These tips include the following:

The first thing you need to do is establish successful habits that allow for a good learning conditions. This is quite easy to understand because unsuccessful habits will lead to failure and vice versa. Having successful habits includes eliminating distractions, when you learning you turn off your phone and dedicating all your energy to learning.

Student preparing for exams

Student preparing for exams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Preparing before the lecture is another tip. This is means that you read the course notes before the lecture. Therefore, if you have not purchased the course book you better. You will have the course material during the lecture; which will help you determine the important topics by just noting where the lecturer puts more emphasis.

Another thing to remember about lectures is reading your day’s lecture notes at the close of each day. This helps in getting a full understanding of what you learnt that day. Using this method rarely will you forget what you learnt. Additionally, it helps you maintain a visual image of the lecture thus help you remember. Still on notes, you should write notes as you read in order to write down the important aspects. After which you can use these notes to revise for your exams.

Studying in groups is very effective method in studying in college. You should form groups with students that you have the same goals and objectives. Group discussions reinforce the reading materials through clarifications and discussions. Additionally, the fact that people are relying on you to be there, makes you commit to a place and time to study.

Be sure to use a planner where you can list down your study assignments,

Students studying in the new Aderhold Learning...

Students studying in the new Aderhold Learning Center on the Georgia State University campus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

exam dates and a time breakdown of your activities. This will help you organize your time effectively. Additionally, it will ensure that you carry out all assignments on time and read on time for exams. You will always know what is next in your agenda.

It is important to create a study environment that is comfortable yet promotes productivity. You should go for an environment that has no distractions. However, the study environment should work for you despite how strange it is to others. For example, some students study well in a quiet room and dimly lit while for some they study well in a well light room with music in the background. Therefore, it is imperative that you identify your comfort zone when studying.

All the above mentioned studying tips are effective and will surely change your grades positively. Therefore, try them out and identify the ones that work great with you and stick to them.