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Caleb Laieski Anti-Bullying Youth Activist

Caleb Michael Laieski is an anti-bullying youth activist. He’s a national advocate for anti-bullying plus he also helps with suicide prevention. Caleb was an openly gay teen and had been thrust into anti-bullying problems because of his activism. President Barack Obama recognized his efforts. He was later appointed as the Youth and Diversity Liasion. Later on he went on to become a 9-1-1 dispatcher for Arlington County in Virginia. He also filed a lawsuit against the FDA for their lifetime ban that they have on gays that will not allow them to donate their blood.
Caleb Laieksi is an LGBT Activist with a story to tell and knows what it’s like for people to bully you with what you believe in. If you’re tired and frustrated and feel you’re alone for being gay or feel that you’re being bullied, you’re not alone. Stand up for what you believe in and know that others are trying to help out as much as they possibly can.
Caleb Laieksi is a wonderful example of a man who did not give up or quit during the time when he was being bullied and neither should you. If you’re struggling and need help, contact Caleb Laiksi.