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Top 5 Most Important E Cig Safety Tips

Electronic cigarettes have gained a lot of popularity over the recent past as being a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. They have also been shown to be much cheaper than them as well, which makes them the logical option for people who are interested in smoking with less risk. However, there are a number of issues you always need to keep in mind when using them. Though the electronic cigarettes are touted to be safer, there are a few things that you always need to do when using them to make them safer. Most of these are simply logical issues, but ignoring some of them could lead to problems later on. Some of these include:

  • Being careful when replacing the nicotine vials

Electronic cigarettes normally have a vial of liquid nicotine which is vaporized and inhaled. Most of the e cig companies try to design their cigarettes in such a manner that it is very easy to replace them without facing problems such as spillages.

However, you still need to be very careful when doing this, especially when you consider the fact that nicotine spillage onto your skin is associated with a number of risks. Since nicotine dissolves in fat, any of it that lands on your skin will be rapidly absorbed and could cause toxicity. Being careful when replacing the vials can reduce the chances of this happening. If you end up having the liquid spilled on your skin, you should always wash it away as fast as you can, and go to hospital for treatment just in case a lot of it has been absorbed.

  • Smoking the cigarettes responsibly

When you are a smoker and you are introduced to electronic cigarettes, your first instinct may be to use the vials with the highest concentration of nicotine in order to get a high faster. However, such vials can prove to be too powerful for you, and may even end up causing you more harm than good. The best way to use them is to start with the least concentrated vials, and then work your way up by switching to stronger ones after every few days. When you find a concentration that provides the best satisfaction, you can stick to it for long. This also reduces the chances of you developing resistance to nicotine too rapidly, which might make it harder for you to gain any satisfaction from both electronic and regular cigarettes. This is what often makes people become chain smokers.

  • Use of proper batteries

If you are interested in buying extra or replacement batteries, making sure that you get the right one is also a way to make them safer. The low quality batteries can leak and cause contamination of the nicotine vapour, and may even explode and harm you when using them. Ideally, you should only buy batteries from the outlet that sold you the electronic cigarette. You could also buy the replacements from the official vendors as well.

Even after you buy one, you have to take measures to take care of it well to reduce the chances of them getting damaged and causing the same problems as the fake ones.

  • Keeping your starter kit away from children

Children are likely to imitate you smoking the electronic cigarettes, and may even try it out when they find them lying around. Due to issues such as smaller body volumes and more delicate physiology, even a small amount of nicotine could end up hurting them more than you could imagine. To avoid this, you should always make a point of making sure that anything associated with the electronic cigarettes is kept well out of their reach.

  • Tweaking with the mechanisms of the cigarette

There are times when you might be curious enough to try and tweak some of the mechanisms of the electronic cigarette in order to modify how it works. However, you need to remember that such products are normally very carefully engineered, which means that any changes could lead to damage of the entire product. It may also cause other issues such as nicotine overdose. You should therefore avoid making such changes since in addition to threatening your health, it also voids your warranty.

In summary, making sure that you use your electronic cigarettes responsibly is an issue that you should never take for granted. The above are some of the most important things you can do to make sure that this does not happen. Simply reading your user manual also provides a wealth of information that can help you use them safely.



Jay is a blogger who is committed to providing in depth reviews of electronic cigarette starter kits in his blog from personal experience and other users. So far, he has sampled majority of the products from the major e cig manufacturers.

8 Ways In Which Smoking Impacts Your Appearance

There are many reasons to stop smoking and they include the fact that it is bad for your lungs, heart and brain. It also affects your sex life and your ability to sleep among other negative repercussions. Smoking affects the way you look and can make you look fifteen years older than you really are. It is a well-known fact that your appearance plays a huge role in how you live your life. People spend huge amounts of money to enhance their appearance so that they can get ahead in the workplace and in society at large. Following are ways in which smoking affects your looks.

  1. Bags under the eyes

Smokers often get bags under the eyes and they look like they need a good night’s sleep first thing in the morning! Lack of sleep is not good for the appearance and smoking affects sleep. Many smokers will admit to feeling groggy when they wake up. The result of the lack of sleep is very evident in the bags under the eyes.

  1. The awful teeth

Many long-term smokers have stained teeth because of the nasty habit and a number of them try as much as possible not to smile. Added to the stained teeth are the bad breath and the chances of tooth loss. Unless you want your dental bill to remain high as you get constant treatment and teeth whitening, you should consider kicking the habit. A white smile dazzling will enhance your appearance.

  1. Psoriasis

While psoriasis is a skin condition that is autoimmune-related and can affect even those who have never touched a cigarette, smokers increase their risk of getting the disease. Any time you smoke, you enhance your chances of getting the scaly skin condition. The longer and the more cigarettes you smoke, the higher the risk.

  1. Thin unhealthy hair

Healthy hair will enhance your appearance as it frames the face effectively. When you smoke, you end up with thin lanky hair. The toxic chemicals in the cigarette damage the DNA present in the hair follicles and leads to the increase in cell-damaging free radicals. While you might think that there are many weaves to mitigate this situation, you cannot spend your entire life wearing artificial hair!

  1. Stained fingers

Cigarette smoke has a way of staining everything around the smoker, from the walls of the home to the teeth and even the fingers. A dead giveaway of a regular smoker is the yellow stained fingers. Even a lovely manicure cannot hide the fact that you have a nasty habit. While there are several tips available on how to get rid of the stains, quitting the smoking habit is a much better option, and it is longer lasting than the lemon juice and bleach solutions!

  1. Facial wrinkles

Smoking causes wrinkles and leads to premature aging. The smoke affects the quality of your skin as it hampers the blood flow, reducing the glow that is associated with youth. While wrinkles are a mark of maturity, when they appear on a person who is in their thirties it is just plain sad! You can save money to invest in a face-lift, but it is much cheaper to quit smoking.

  1. Stretch marks

Anyone can get stretch marks due to rapid weight gain, but the problem is compounded when you smoke. The unsightly marks on the body can be caused by smoking as the chemicals in the cigarettes damage the connective tissues and fibers in the skin, which leads to loss of elasticity. The skin loses the strength that causes it to remain firm and the result is the dreaded stretch marks.

  1. Enhanced scarring

If you smoke, you had better hope that you never get a wound or require any form of surgery. Smoking causes constriction of the blood vessels, which limits the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the vessels on the face and other parts of the body. This means that if you get a wound, it will take much longer to heal and you will have more prominent scars to deal with.

Smoking has many more negative effects on your appearance and it can even cause skin cancer. Quitting is in your own best interest and you can find many treatment options that can help you. If you have been trying to quit for a long time, switching to e-cigarettes will offer you the best option.



Jay is an avid blogger who is passionate about health matters. He has written extensively on electronic cigarettes and believes he has the answer to why E-cigs? He is fervent about sharing on how to quit the traditional tobacco smoking habit.

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