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Corporate travel specialist CIRE has embarked upon a new era under the helm of President Eric Hrubant in several different ways. The company now is offering our customers even more access to distant destinations such as Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries. The company has always strived to provide excellent customer service and Mr. Hrubant is ready to make sure that aspect of personal dedication with the customers prospers even more so. If you are looking for a company that goes beyond the industry standard, then CIRE is the one to go with. By leaving the pain of travel arrangements to these professions, your employees can focus on the task at hand, leaving you a more productive business travel experience.

Find Cheap Flights Online

Imagine being able to book a flight cheap and not spend a lot of money on the vacation of your dreams. It’s now possible to do just that regardless of where you might want to visit. Just simply put in your destination on the website and see what cheap flights come up in the search. Within just a few seconds you’ll be able to see just how much money you can save.
Finding cheap air fares use to be a very difficult task but not anymore. You can go to Paris, France, London and even to Moscow and not have to spend a lot of money on your flight. Find cheap flight tickets and save your money. Book up your hotel at the same time you book your flight. You’ll be glad that you did. The money that you save can go towards a very exciting activity on your trip or towards other expenses.

8 Tips for Finding a Cheap Flight to Key West – or Anywhere – for Your Next Fishing Trip

What could be better than a fishing trip to beautiful Key West? A fishing trip to Key West that starts with an inexpensive flight, that’s what!

Thirteen airlines run services to Key West International Airport with Delta and American being two of the busiest transporters. There are always deals to be had, especially if you are flexible with your itinerary.

  1. Search engines are great, but never rely on just your favorite.
    What’s the most common way people look for flights? They look on what they perceive to be independent flight search engines. Over time I came to notice that my favorite search engine started favoring certain airlines.It turns out that quite a few of these seemingly independent websites are now owned by major airlines. If this is the way you look for cheap flights, always check a few different search engines. Try if you’ve never used it before, says Bill Hollingdger, an angler who frequently fishes with the captains from Charter Boat Row.

    panorama of fishing fleet

    Historic Charter Boat Row on Key West’s Garrison Bight offers more than 30 charters and captains and everything from party boats and deep sea charters to light tackle charters.

  2. Don’t tie yourself down to one airport. Often you’ll find you can get a cheap bus ticket to fly out of a different airport and save a considerable sum on your airfare. Smaller, no frills airlines often operate out of smaller airports and not the big one you’re used to using. Try flying into Miami or Key West and renting a car. The drive down the Overseas Highway is picturesque and there are countless great places to stop and taste the local seafood before you catch your own!
  3. Avoid the most popular flight times. Try not to fly when everyone else is hoping to start their Key West holiday too, namely Friday after work. The best time of the week to fly is midweek. This is great for fishing as you won’t have as many weekend fishermen in the water to compete with. Midweek boat hire may even be less expensive and getting a seat on a party boat will be easy.
  4. The early bird gets the worm. No one wants to start their vacation with a super early morning or a red-eye flight. That’s exactly why you should. These early morning/late night flights are usually a great way to save money.
  5. Consider a budget airline. There are plenty of no frills airlines opening up that offer great prices but no food or drinks. When priority is getting there cheaply and you don’t have a long flight ahead of you, you may want to give them some serious thought. After all, eating lots of carbs and drinking alcohol seated in a chair 35,000 feet in the air is not that great for your body. Going no frills is actually good for you.

    Runway approach for landing at Key West

    Runway approach for landing at Key West Airport (EYW).

  6. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Don’t discard looking directly at an airline’s website in favor of outside search engines. Often airlines offer discounted flights that won’t be advertised in other places. Expedia, Orbitz, and Hotwire all want to make you think they’ve got the hottest fare in town (and sometimes they do), but double-check every flight with the airline’s main page.
  7. Apply for a frequent flier card. It’s easy and membership is often free. Most airlines are in air point alliances which means your membership card is valid for a few different airlines. Along the same lines, some credit card companies offer free points if you sign up for a new card and make a pre-set number of purchases. Often these free points are enough for a free or heavily discounted domestic flight.
  8. Check alternative flight paths. Sometimes the cheapest way from A to B is not necessarily a straight line. If you are a little more flexible with time, you may want to look at flight paths to Key West via other major centers. For one thing, a Key West airport shuttle runs to both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, so there are two easy alternatives off the bat.

In short, whatever the most desirable flight is will also be the most expensive option. If you are flexible and not fussy about who you fly with, there’s no reason your fishing trip to Key West can’t start out with an inexpensive flight.