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Limo Service in CT

It can be overwhelming visiting Connecticut, New Jersey or New York. If you don’t have the right kind of car services available then it can become a nightmare fast. This is why planning your trip ahead time is important. When you plan your trip ahead of time then you can rent a luxury van or SUV or other affordable door to door private car services.
The Limo Service CT Car Service CT is extremely affordable and will provide almost any kind of service you need with being able to get around Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. You can also even hire them to help with taking you to the airport. Whatever your needs might be, give them a call and let them see how they can help. You will be amazed with their reliable service and their professional chauffeurs. Relax and enjoy your trip with the right kind of service.

Rental Cars

GettyImages-480777075 (800x531)If you plan on travelling this upcoming holiday season, why not consider renting a vehicle for your trip? There are many advantages of renting versus using your own vehicle on long or short travels. There are many advantages of renting a vehicle instead of using your own. One advantage is that you get to choose what type you need. Have a big family, you can rent a van. Going on a long trip solo? You can rent a fuel efficient car and save a lot money on gas. There are a couple of things to consider after you decide to rent a car for your holiday travels. One of the first things is to book early. Some of the most popular cars tend to get reserved really early. The mini vans, large sedans and certain sports cars can go quickly. So this holiday season, or any time you are considering renting a car, remember to reserve early to lock in the best prices and ensure you get the car, van or truck that suits your travelling needs. Make sure when you decide on a Car Rental visit the website , as they are the authority on car rentals. They also are offering a special deal for all of their visitors and have a PROMO CODE FOR 5% OFF – HOLIDAYS2016

A Fun Journey From Your Paris Apartment Rental

Toys and Noise, A Fun Journey from Your Paris Apartment Rental

Rouge et Noir 26 rue Vavin is a perfect destination when you set out from your Paris rental apartment with an eye toward hearing some bells and whistles – literally. Rental apartments in Paris give you access to shops where locals go, and Rouge et Noir, a classic toy store that sells a wide selection of board games, card games, and a multitude of toy selections is no exception. When you rent an apartment in Paris, it may be more than a question of gifts, a rainy day in a hotel room can be boring, but it your Paris rental apartment, you can enjoy one of those board games for an afternoon before heading out for dinner. .Chic toys for all ages may this shop a special destination from you rental apartment in Paris. And speaking of noise, line up at Oysho 144 rue de Rennes for some fireworks when you selecty from this Japanese brand of lingerie, pajamas and women’s clothing. With prices ranging from 10 to 20 euros, you can find some great stuff for linger around your Paris rental apartment. No one will be bored, board games or not! Pizzazz, sizzle, and fun, your rental apartment in Paris is just the beginning.

Home Sweet Home – Bring the Dessert Home to Your Paris Holiday Apartment

Ladurée 21 rue Bonaparte, produces what is arguably the best macaron in Paris, Dining out is one of the great joys of life in Paris, but a late evening dessert in your Paris Holiday Apartment is unrivaled. Bring home their signature pale-green box with heavenly macaron, make coffee or pour cognac, and you can turn your holiday apartment in Paris into a patisserie lover’s palace of delight. Of course, many American visitors who are enjoy their holiday apartment in Paris still long for that bottomless cup of coffee. Enter Sugarplum Cake Shop 68 rue Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris +33 01 46 34 07 43 When you head out of your Paris holiday apartment rental, amidst the plethora of traditional French bakeries in Paris comes Sugarplum Cake Shop, an American inspired bakery and coffee shop is owned by two French ladies. Their cakes are very fluffy and delicious and are often visited by locals and tourist alike. Sugarplum’s ambience is very cozy and relaxing. They also offer an unlimited number of re-fills for their coffee which is a real luxury in Paris where coffee comes by the cup and isn’t cheap. The service is very good as well. The store accepts credit cards. Definitely a great place to stay and talk with friends over some terrific snacks.

Vacation Rentals in Paris: Eat Local

A vacation apartment rental in Paris is the first step toward great meals and great memories. For inexpensive high quality local dining, there is nothing like Au Père Louis 38 rue Monsieur le Prince 75006 Paris +33 01 43 26 54 14

With your Paris short term rental, you want to pace yourself to enjoy both your vacation apartment rental in Paris and some great local food. Au Père Louis is a great example of a small French bistro near the metro station which offers cheap yet excellent food. You will be welcomed by the friendly staff member who will escort you to your seat. They immediately serve hot bread and butter. Ordering their delicious entrees is easy because the staff speaks English. The place itself is very intimate so you can spend a lot of time dining here. The best thing about it is that even if you stay here for hours, the staff will not rush you. They accept credit cards and has a full bar. Central Paris is chock full of culinary opportunities, but another of the sort the compliments your Paris apartment holiday is L’Écurie 2 rue Laplace 75005 Paris +33 01 46 33 68 49 You might be a little hesitant at first when you enter L’Écurie because it looks like a dungeon. The stone walls and stairs that lead you downstairs to the dining area may deceive you into thinking that this is all show and no substance. However, once you taste their perfectly cooked steaks and the fresh and juicy salads, you will immediately understand this is the real thing. Their home-made sangria is also a must. The prices are relatively cheap at around 17-20 euros but the food will satisfy the most discerning taste buds. Spots like these make vacation rentals in Paris a great memorable experience.

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Ron Katz is famous author who writes about travelling experiences by visitors and stay in rental apartments in world’s best locations like Paris. The articles are mainly focused on the vacationers who need information about Paris short term vacation rentals and Paris apartment rentals.

Things to do Using a O’Hare Limousine Service

There are different vehicles of airport limousine at your service. The different vehicles which are provided to customers are stretch Hummer , Mercedes Benz , Lincoln town car , Lincoln stretch limos  , MBW 7 – series , H2 Hummer limo , limo party bus , SUV limos , limo van 6 , Rolls Royce and Stretch Chrysler 300. Limo is a long, luxury and executive car. Limousines are not only meant for one person or couple, but it is also meant for groups. For example if there is a group of 10 or 20 passengers, Stretch Hummer have the capacity of 20 passenger and if there is the group of 10 passenger, Stretch Chrysler 300 vehicle is sufficient.

These limousines are drive by chauffeurs and the specialties of these chauffeurs are, they are well dressed and punctual .These limos spark like a diamond. There is not a single dust particle which stays on it. It means it is well maintained from inside as well as from outside. Whenever if we ask anybody which color do you prefer in limousine? The answer is pure and shining white and black color. Today an ordinary man can also hire a limousine service from airport.

There are many advantages to hire a limousine from airport. They are

Less stress: – Driving is always a stressful job especially if you are going to airport from your house and you have stuck in traffic or parking. The best option is hire a professional limo and you will reach before time without stress.

Travel is comfort: – Travelling in limousine is always a comfort journey.

Concentration on other important work: – suppose you are driving a car and suddenly you have to pick your call, you have to stop your vehicle because while driving we cannot talk to anybody. But if you hire a limousine you can easily pick your business or personal call.

Professionalism: – The airport limousines are very professional, reliable, trustable and affordable. These private limo companies and chauffeurs are very professional.

Availability of varieties: – There are various model and styles of limousine at your service.

Facilities for customers: – There are many facilities in limousine which are provided to customers like LCD, DVD, Music system, comfort seats, mini bar etc. The other special services are Internet with telephone, fax machine, satellite connection, and climate control.

For business, pleasure, New Year eve party, bachelor party, corporate events, marriage party, weddings, anniversary party, Christmas party etc., O’Hare limousine provides excellent services.

Limousine Service O’hare

Paris Vacation Rental: Easy Local Eating

If you are looking for a Paris apartment to rent, think food! Dining out is one of the great complements to your Paris vacation rental. And if you are in central Paris, tapas at Dans les Landes 119A rue Monge 75005 Paris +33 01 45 87 06 00 is a top choice.

Paris short term vacation rentals give you the opportunity to explore local dining options and this is one of the great ones for fun and ambience. With a very large menu that changes on a regular basis, Dans les Landes is one of those places that you will keep going back to once you’ve settled into your Paris vacation rental.. Their delicious tapas are served in the traditional way; in clay pots and wooden clogs. It is no wonder that they are always full. The service is fast and exceptional. You might want to sit outside if the weather permits. The price is not too expensive at around 20 euros for their high quality and delicious tapas. They accept reservations and credit cards. Another favorite choice for your central Paris apartment rentals is Brasserie Balzar 49 rue Ecoles 75005 Paris +33 01 43 54 13 67 Brasserie Balzar is a very busy place that has excellent food and great service. If you plan to eat here, make sure that you have a reservation to avoid waiting. The prices are fairly reasonable for the high quality food they serve. They offer excellent versions of traditional French cuisine that are comparable to top tier French restaurants. Their foie gras is very tender and delicious and their escargots are excellent as well. It is a great place to linger and make contact with locals. They accept credit cards.

Breakfast Near Your Apartment in Paris

La Salle à Manger 136 rue Mouffetard 75005 Paris +33 01 55 43 91 99 is the best way to start your day from your day once you’ve decided to rent an apartment in Paris. La Salle à Manger is a very good spot for breakfast. The atmosphere is cozy and agreeable. They serve bread and croissants with a multitude of spreads to choose from. They also sell these spreads in jars inside the restaurant. La Salle à Manger is located in a very nice area so you could spend hours just sitting outside the restaurant and enjoy the morning breeze. Their salads are also very good and are a must to try. The prices are very affordable and they accept credit cards.

When deciding on a Paris apartment to rent, keep in mind that eating out is going to be a great part of your experience. But wherever your apartment in Paris is located, make your way at some point to De Neuville 108 rue Mouffetard 75005 Paris +33 01 43 37 51 70
De Neuville, with its fleet of chocolatiers offers a wide selection of various chocolate confections at a very affordable price. Once inside, you might be overwhelmed by the wonderful scent of the different chocolates that they sell and you will find the staff very helpful in getting you the type of chocolate that you want. The packaging is also very nice which makes them perfect gifts because after all, who doesn’t love chocolates, right? De Neuville also sells an assortment of macaroons. They accept credit cards here. And while we are on the subject of dessert, your apartment in Paris is likely either an easy walk or a short metro ride to Aux Anysetiers du Roy 45 boulevard St Germain 75005 Paris +33 01 43 25 06 81.

Aux Anysetiers du Roy is something that is unique to Paris. This place is dedicated to different types of fondue but what dominates is their chocolate fondue. There are simply a myriad of different chocolate dips from white to dark and even alcoholic. They have chocolate with rum which is very delicious. There is also cinnamon, coconut milk among others and they are all mixed in with chocolate. The prices are also affordable so you will be able to try them all. You can even take some of them home if you want to. They accept credit cards.

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Ron Katz is famous author who writes about travelling experiences by visitors and stay in rental apartments in world’s best locations like Paris. The articles are mainly focused on the vacationers who need information about Paris short term rental and apartment in Paris.