Article Marketing Tips and Tricks

We have been in the article directory business for over 5 years and have noticed some very important changes in how search engines are ranking articles lately.

Your website can experience negative consequences if you decide on using improper article marketing techniques and we want you to receive the maximum rewards for your efforts.


Here are some Tips to help get you Started:


1. Stay away from automated article submission softwares and networks. A lot of people get suckered into believing that QUANTITY is better than QUALITY, but this mindset will waste your time. In the beginning of the internet, the websites with the most content and pages had more authority than newer sites. Now that spamming has gotten out of control, search engines are taking drastic measures on cutting back the amount of duplicate content on the web.

2. Choose a Title for your Article that is Original and Captivating – You want your article to show up in the search engine for popular search terms but you don’t want to name your article something that thousands of other people did too. If you do then your chances of standing out are slim. Search on Google for your Title ideas in Quotations like “How to write a Good Article” and you will see how many people have already used that exact term. You want to modify your titles to still have profitable keywords, but much less competition.

3. Submit a UNIQUE and PROFESSIONAL article each and every time you publish content on the web. That means if you make a blog post then take the time to write out an original article. If you want to get traffic from submitting articles and guest blogs then you want to write an entirely new article. The reason is you don’t want to oversaturate your keywords and have your pages competing against each other.

4. Target your most competetive keywords and phrases FIRST with your article marketing because the page rank and authority of the directories will rank higher on search engines than if you publish the post on your blog. This is the main benefit of using article directories plus the link juice you will receive from having a dofollow backlink. Once your website starts receiving traffic and you’ve optimized your landing pages, you can start publishing content with more direct targeting using long-tail keywords and search phrases.

5. Do NOT use spun or auto-generated content. This is good only to use as a template to help you get ideas for article writing, but you want to completely rewrite the article and offer valuable information to your readers. Spun content is usually filled with bad grammar, misspellings and does not make sense. If your article is not professionally written then you will lose any chance of getting a sale or visitors to your site. People will take one look and click away.

6. Always bookmark your published articles on as many social bookmarking sites and social networks as you can. This will funnel more link juice through your backlinks and boost your article’s search engine rankings for your targeted keywords. We have included the most popular Social sharing buttons below each article to make this easier like Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Benefits of Submitting Articles and Guest Blogs


It is common knowledge that Google and other major search engines rank websites based on Content/Keywords and Links. How many other reputable websites are linking back to you will increase your site’s value to search engines.

There are many different ways to get backlinks like submitting to link directories, leaving comments, buying text ads, etc. However, writing unique articles for other websites is probably the best way to get the maximum link juice. That is because your link is on a page with quality information instead of just a page of links.

If you take the time to write an interesting article that provides helpful advice people are seeking then you stand to gain real subscribers to your lists that could turn into potential buyers down the line. If you try to take short cuts and push out a bunch of useless content then you won’t get any traffic or sales.

With a new website it is very hard to get your content ranked high in search engines. When your content is published on other authority sites this will get you more traffic for the same amount of work plus backlinks that improve your own website’s search engine rankings.


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